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"WHO DO YOU THINK the new level five is?" Amaya asked as she threw the ball in the hoop

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"WHO DO YOU THINK the new level five is?" Amaya asked as she threw the ball in the hoop.

They had returned to the basketball court when Mr. Olsen had started his usual speech.

"I think it's blondie," Enzo answered taking the ball after it went threw the hoop.

"Or the other boy, the one looking all smug," Julian answered.

"He seems like the type to look for a fight," Maddox added.

Enzo grinned at that.

"I think it might be Enzo's girlfriend," Amaya then said stealing the ball from Enzo and going for a layup, "Or the other girl but I'm convinced it's one of the two."

She was about to add something when a voice interrupted her.

"Maddox Knight."


Her room was simple, a bed, a desk, a tiny couch near the window, a closet and a bathroom. As Mr. Olsen had said, she had her schedule and locker number on her desk. Sapphire took out the cellphone and knife she had hidden deep in her pockets and put them on her bed before lying down on it.

She missed her mother, she missed her terribly but at the same time she was angry. Angry at herself, angry at her mother, angry at him.
Her door swung open revealing a grinning Aviva preventing her from thinking about it more.

"There's a fight outside!!" She almost yelled.

Sapphire smiled and forgot about her gloomy thoughts, "A fight?"

"Yeah! It's pervy boy with some of his friends against the ones that were playing basketball outside," Aviva said.

Sapphire got up on her feet and ran after Aviva who had already sprinted outside the dorm. They arrived outside the school and immediately saw the group of people. The four that had been playing basketball earlier were glaring at the four boys in front of them. A blond boy had a protective arm around the girl with a murderous glare and Sapphire could only feel sorry for whichever motherfucker would try to touch his girl.

The one who caught her attention was the one in the middle, he wasn't glaring but instead barely interested by the boy with only a glint of amusement in his eyes.

"Boy-whom-I-do-not-know-the-name," he said in an amused tone.

"I'm Adrian, I've heard about you Maddox and what happened to your sister," Adrian/pervy boy said smirking, knowing he had struck a nerve.

Maddox's knuckles turned white as he clenched his fists and in one second he had Adrian on the ground, a hand pressed to the back of his neck pushing the side of his face in the ground.

Sapphire didn't catch what he said after that but with the way his face turned as white as snow and how he seemed paralyzed to the ground when Maddox got off him, she could only imagined it wasn't compliments.

When the Adrian and his other friends got out of their trances they jumped on Maddox and his friends. They could all fight except the girl. Sapphire could see she knew basic self defence moves but it wasn't enough against the boy that was attacking her. The blond desperately tried to get to her but couldn't with another boy continuously throwing punches at him.

When the boy punched the girl, Sapphire seethed in anger and ran to the her, Aviva behind her.

What the fuck is wrong with people?!

Sapphire kicked him in the back of the knees making him kneel before punching his temple, knocking him out.

She was always down for a fight, but an equal fight. Not just attacking someone for no reason.

"Are you okay?" She asked to the girl who was getting her breathing back to normal.

The girl smiled, "Thank you, I wouldn't have been able to keep up for long. I'm Amaya," she extended her hand.

Sapphire grinned and shook her hand, "I'm Sapphire."

"Hey!! I had him!!" A tall boy with blue eyes scowled at Aviva who was grinning.

"Then how come you look worse than him mmh?" She asked.

"Whatever, you only knocked him out because you had the element of surprise," he mumbled.

The blond guy rushed to Amaya examining her jaw, "Shit Maya, I'm so sorry, fuck you're hurt, is your head spinning, do you need water, we should go to the nurse right? Of course we should go to the nurse, shit you need ice and-"

Amaya smiled softly at him, "Julian, I'm fine, you know I'm though."

Julian wrapped his arms around her, "I know, but I was supposed to protect you."

"You did, when you taught me self defence," she answered quietly with a small smile.

Julian unwrapped his arms from around her gently before his gaze rested on Sapphire, "Thank you."

Sapphire simply nodded before her gaze drifted to Maddox who was making sure they were all knocked out.

His dark hair was disheveled from the fight giving him a 'just woke up' look. His eyes were golden in the sun and roamed among his friends when they finally landed on her.

He analyzed her for a second before his gaze drifted to Amaya's jaw and his eyes turned dark.

In one second he was straddling her with a hand around her throat, "Did you punch Amaya."

His voice is hot

Wrong moment Sapphire

In one move she changed their position and she was now straddling him with her hand over his throat.

She brought her face closer to his, "No, I didn't touch your friend."

"She helped me Maddox you don't need to go all Alpha male on her," Amaya clarified with a smirk.

Sapphire smirked before getting off him.

Maddox continued glaring at her as he got up, "Whatever."

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