c h a p t e r XXXIV

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who cares about math when you can write,
and anyways when are we ever going to use that stuff in life?

shorter chapter but enjoy people xx

"HOW MUCH TIME BEFORE they're done you think?" Sapphire asked Aviva from the bench in front of the small convenience store

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"HOW MUCH TIME BEFORE they're done you think?" Sapphire asked Aviva from the bench in front of the small convenience store.

The boys were now rolling on the ground as they hit each other while the girls calmly waited for them to be done, Sapphire sitting on the bench, making her knife twirl between her fingers and Aviva sitting on the ground watching Enzo.

"I don't know, but I'm getting candy," Aviva replied getting up and going inside the store followed by Sapphire.

Sapphire's face lit up, "You have money? Can you please buy me some too, I'm starving."

Aviva nodded, "You got us out of jail at about four in the morning Sapph, take what you want."

Sapphire grinned and sprinted off to the chips and chocolate section as Aviva chuckled at her eagerness.

Aviva took a look out the window to find the boys chasing after each other and a small smile made its way to her lips at the sight.

Lorenzo, who was now getting chased by Maddox again, had found a way to take her mind off of her father during the past few days and for that she was grateful. This boy whom she had only known for two weeks was now one of her closest friends and someone she trusted immensely. Aviva didn't trust easily due to her past, she could get close to someone without ever trusting them fully, but this boy had weaselled a way to her closed off heart with his overdramatic reactions and lighthearted attitude.

She hadn't noticed when the boys had entered the convenience store, only realizing once she felt him play with her curls resting on her back.

"You okay?" He asked, his voice soft as his gaze searched her face for an ounce of sadness.

Her gaze went to his face, those turquoise eyes mesmerizing her as they always did, a myriad of blue hues seeming like they carried the playful warmth of life in them. The brown locks of his hair falling over his face, disheveled from the fight as a smile played on his lips, his eyes flickering between her eyes and lips.

She merely nodded in response, but it was enough for him to see her father was not the cause of her wandering thoughts. He didn't insist, instead putting an arm over her shoulders as they started walking towards their friends.

"Too bad I don't care if I get diabetes, I'll eat all the candy I want Maddox, and there's nothing you can do about it," Sapphire said taking three bags of candy and a chocolate bar.

Maddox scowled at her words, "You could at least take something more healthy, you're going to get sick with all that sugar."

Sapphire narrowed her eyes and stared at him for a couple of seconds, before slowly and reluctantly putting one bag back.

Enzo chuckled, "You guys argue like a married couple."

Both of them glared at him at the same time, neither denying anything.

"I hate you, I hope you know that," Sapphire said to Maddox her eyes still narrowed.

He rolled his eyes before grabbing her hand and pulling her to the checkout counter, "Whatever, come on I'm paying."

"I'm only letting you pay because I left my stuff at school, but I'm paying you back once we get there," she said raising her index.

He chuckled, "It's like two dollars Sapphire, I think I'll manage."

They paid followed by Aviva and Enzo before leaving the store and walking back to the police station where the car was parked.

"What time is it?" Maddox asked as he tried to steal some candy from Sapphire.

She slapped his hand away as Aviva answered, "Four thirty."

A spectrum of pink and purple was starting to make appearance in the sky, like a warning the sun was about to rise.

Maddox got in the driver's seat, Sapphire next to him and Aviva and Enzo in the back. They decided to drive Aviva home first then Enzo and the two others would go back to the school.

"If my mother noticed I was gone, I'm getting my ass beat," Aviva muttered staring out the window.

"I think my parents will send me back to jail, probably saying how I didn't spend enough time there," Enzo said making her laugh quietly.

Soon enough the car stopped near her house when Enzo's face lit up.

"This is where you live?!" He exclaimed grinning.

She frowned confused, "Yes?"

"I live two streets away and Maddox does too!!" He said excitedly.

"Who would've guessed?" Maddox then said, "Now Aviva, not that I don't like your presence, but do you plan on getting out or?"

"Excuse him, he's grumpy when he's tired," Sapphire said tapping Maddox on the shoulder in a sad manner making him scowl, "And who's fault is that?"

"I'll walk you," Enzo told Aviva while getting out.

She followed his suit and they started walking to the door. They stopped once on the porch, just gazing at each other, orange highlights from the sky giving a golden allure to the scene.

"Thank you," she said quietly and just as he was about to speak, she took a step closer and placed a delicate kiss on his cheek.

As she pulled back, a soft rose blush infused his cheeks, his eyes shining as he gazed over her.

"Buona notte bellissima," he smiled.

Her eyes twinkled, "Good night Lorenzo."

And with that, he made his way back to the car, a smile he couldn't get rid of on his lips.

"Awwww, you're blushing Enzo," Sapphire grinned.

Enzo barely heard her as looked out the window, catching a glimpse of Aviva carefully closing the door as she got in.

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