c h a p t e r XII

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They were both walking side by side to the elevator and got in.

"Look I'm sorry," Maddox said surprising her again.

"I know I was a jerk, you reminded me of someone and yeah," he added keeping his eyes on the elevator doors.

"Sorry I threw a slime bomb at you," she sighed as a ding resonated and the elevator stopped on their floor.

They stayed silent for the rest of their walk to their dorms before going in them.

Sapphire texted Aviva asking her where she was and her friend responded saying she was coming into her room at that moment.

"SAPPHIRE OPEN UP!!!" Her friend's voice boomed.

That was fast

Sapphire got off from her bed and opened the door.

"What's going on?" Sapphire asked returning to her bed.

Aviva plumped on the small couch, "What happened earlier, cause mama knows you were not lost. You're the person with the best sense of direction I know."

Sapphire sighed, "Pervy Adrian ambushed me in the bathroom."

"Did he try anything, like that?" Aviva asked clenching her fists.

"No, fortunately, but he had me against a wall for a few minutes, and let me tell you it is not a comfortable position," Sapphire chuckled trying to lighten the mood.

Aviva got up, "That's it, I'm hurting the motherfucker."

Sapphire stayed on the couch laying supine as she observed the ceiling, "You know I can defend myself, Avie."

"I understand that Sapph but the guy has issues and someone needs to knock some sense into him, preferably hitting him, hard," Aviva completed.

"We've talked enough about him for the day," she said as she sat up on her bed before smirking, "Sooo, what's going on with a certain Italian."

Aviva groaned, "What about him."

"Avie, do you not see the way he looks at you?! The guy's basically making a love declaration with his eyes."

"We've been here for a day Sapph!"

"That's how much time it took Romeo and Juliet to fall in love."

Aviva scoffed, "Something stupid if you ask me and what about the other girl before, Rosaline, the dude was in fricking love with her and then saw Juliet and was like 'I don't love her anymore I love you,' I bet your ass if he hadn't killed himself, a week later he would've found another woman."

Sapphire shrugged, "Maybe, but we don't know, anyways what time is it."

Aviva checked her phone, "Time to eat."

And so they did and spent some more time talking before heading to bed.

Waking up earlier than usual and with a smile on her face, which was quite the miracle, Sapphire decided to get dressed and leave her dorm. She got in the elevator and was wandering in the quiet halls when her stomach growled loudly. She walked down a few corridors before she stopped in front of her favorite wooden doors.

Please be open, please be open

She tried the handle turning it slowly as she pushed the door quietly.


Heading to the kitchen on her tippy toes, she checked if the coast was clear. Seeing no one who could disturb her during her illegal breakfast, she headed to the freezer and took out two pints of ice cream.

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