c h a p t e r VIII

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AND THEN SHE COLLIDED face first with a wall.

"Ouch!!" She yelped rubbing her forehead.

"I got you," Ricardo said approaching her dangerously.

She turned, "Ricky, I'm sure we can resolve this with communication like the responsible adults we are."

"You're sixteen."

"I have the mental age of a twenty five year old," she nodded to herself.

No you don't

"What happened here!?"

Her face lit up, "GOLDILOCK MY SAVIOR!!"

"It's Mr. Olsen, Miss Cain. Mr. Isidro can I please know why you're... pink," Mr. Olsen said making a face.

"Exactly, why am I pink Sapphire?" Ricardo glared at her.

"I honestly thought you had a makeover, Ricky," she answered lying.

He narrowed her eyes at her, "Then why were you running when I called your name?"

"I thought we were playing tag?" She smiled innocently.

"Miss Cain, do you know how many complaints I had about you?" Mr. Olsen inquired.

She was about to make a comment but decided staying silent was safer.

"How many riots did you start again?" Mr. Olsen continued.

"You started riots?!" Ricardo exclaimed.

"No, I just gave a little push," she said.

"Getting up in class and yelling 'RIOT' while throwing paper balls at the teacher is not a little push," Mr. Olsen stated, "Go to the cafeteria, we'll talk about the consequences during your detention."

Ricardo glared at her as she passed by him and Mr. Olsen shook his head.

She arrived at the cafeteria and was happy to see that the new students didn't have to sit together. She had nothing against Charlie but the odds of her punching Adrian if he came near her were very high.

She took a tray and took her food before trying to spot Aviva. She ducked to dodge a few plates that were flying around as she looked. A lot of student were running after each other with plastic knives in their hands and wicked grins on their faces. Few guards could be seen and the ones that were there were trying to stop the delinquents from attacking each other with the plastic weapons.

"Sapph!!" Aviva's voice called out.

Her friend was sitting with Maddox and his friends. Sapphire glared at Maddox as she walked to their table making him glare back.

I'll get back at the little fucker

She hadn't forgotten how he had prevented her from running away from Ricardo.

"So what happened?" Enzo asked as he took a bite half the size of his sandwich.

"Yeah, why was your guard pink?" Amaya asked.

"I put a bucket full of dyed water and pink glitter above the door of his office," she grinned.

Julian frowned, "Where did you find that?"

Enzo chuckled, "The local next to the janitor's closet?"

"There's everything there!! I think I even saw barbies and Play-doh," Sapphire said the last part frowning a little.

"Barbies and Play-doh?" Maddox said giving Enzo a pointed look.

Enzo smiled and took a last bite of his sandwich.

"Is there a fight tomorrow?" Amaya asked as she ate.

"Yeah," Maddox answered.

"A fight?" Aviva asked as she duck to dodge a plate flying her way.

"Yeah Maddox organizes two fight nights a week, people bet and all," Enzo answered.


Thank you so much Enzo

Maddox took an annoyed expression, he knew Sapphire would want to fight. She just had this glint in her eyes every time someone mentioned fighting.

Sapphire turned her head in his direction,
"You organize the fights?"

He narrowed her eyes at her, "Why are you saying it like that?"

She smirked, "It's surprising that's all."

"And he's really good at organizing them," Enzo added, "People from every sections

"Can we participate?" Sapphire asked.

There it is

"I don't think there are any girls that have fought in a long time, it would be refreshing," Amaya smiled.

"You don't like seeing me fight?" Julian frowned.

"Yes I do, I mean seeing a girl beating boys up
would be a change from all the testosterone," Amaya clarified.

"Who's fighting tomorrow?" Aviva asked.

"I am, plus some other guys," Enzo said proudly, flexing his muscles.
His gaze changed as he looked at Aviva, "Would you like to come?"

"Sure," she shrugged making Enzo grin widely.

He's so holding back from fan girling

The rest smirked at him before Julian spoke keeping his gaze on Enzo, "You too Sapphire."

Sapphire smiled at him as she hummed, "Aviva and Enzo sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G," until Enzo threw a glare at her making her laugh.

I like her laugh

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