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THEY DROVE FOR ABOUT thirty minutes before changing from the asphalt road to a sandy path

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THEY DROVE FOR ABOUT thirty minutes before changing from the asphalt road to a sandy path.

Ten minutes later they parked the car in a small clear area and got out to start heading in the clearing's direction. The sun was beginning to set already, a small breeze flying around them making leaves twirl.

Hunter was walking with Ayla in the front, Lachlan in the middle and Maddox and Sapphire in the back. From time to time Lachlan would make Hunter trip, his actions leading to a fight where Ayla had to separate them.

"How long until we're there?" Sapphire asked as she jumped over a root.

"We're getting closer," Hunter answered.

"We've been getting closer ever since we left Hunter," Lachlan replied before making him trip for the sixth time in the last minute.

Hunter fell to the ground before getting up glaring at Lachlan, "AYLAAA!!!"

"God what did I do to deserve this torture?" Ayla mumbled looking up at the sky in exasperation.

"AYLAAAA!!" Hunter shouted, "Lachlan's being a bitch again!!!"

Lachlan rolled his eyes, "Hunter, for the last time, it's not because someone's smarter than you, that they're a bitch, because that would make the rest of the global population bitches."

Hunter gasped, "Ayla do something!"

"And I have to get involved why?" Ayla asked sighing.

Hunter thought for a second, "Who cares? He's still being a bitch."

Ayla glared at him, "Sure let's tire out Ayla so she'll start having white hair before she's even 18, who cares about her? Maybe with enough luck she'll even get an early menopause."

Hunter frowned, "How will we be able to have babies if you have an early menopause."

"Hunter!!!" Ayla scowled.

He shrugged, "It's okay, we'll adopt."

Sapphire didn't catch what Ayla said afterwards when she turned towards Maddox smiling in amusement, "Are they always like that?"

"Yeah," he sighed, "unfortunately."

"We're here!!!" Hunter shouted as a clearing came to view.

It was a not too small area surrounded by the rest of the forest, the orange sunset giving a golden glow to the nature around them. Leaves and grass dancing in the cool wind, gleaming like constellations on a dark night.

At that moment Sapphire noticed the way Hunter looked at Ayla. He was smiling softly at her as she admired the nature around her. It was more than love, it was eternal adoration and passion, it was infinity, all the stars of the universe in one glance, one second.

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