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Jailbird by rainkissed10
Jailbirdby 𝐤.
« Every year they come up with some new bullshit, every year man. » ~~~ -highest rankings- #1 in badgirl 10/1...
Togetherness by writerscrafts
Togethernessby dusk
EDITING [I marched up to him, "Where the hell were you? I thought something happened to you. Did you not care enough to..." My rambling was cut short when a pa...
Fight Me by bubblygirl9721
Fight Meby Bri
Jessica Westlake is unknown, while Black Lightning is a famous underground street fighter. What most don't know is that they are the same person. After her mother dies...
You And I by xxxUniqueWriterxxx
You And Iby χχχUηιqυєƜяιтєяχχχ
Young and beautiful, 17 year old Dixie Clarkson's life isn't stable. Since her Mom passed away when Dixie was at a young age of 12 years and her Dad came home half uncon...
Gone by aweewoo
Goneby aweewoo
Sage Winters is a broken girl and an undefeated street fighter. Xander Johnson is the school's bad boy. He participates in gangs and does illegal things. Xander hasn'...
Playing with Knives by mynameisnotjeff3442
Playing with Knivesby Stevie the Cow-Dog
Carmen loved to fight. She loved how the movements felt like a dance, she loved the adrenaline rush she got, and most importantly, she loved how it kept her alive. Comin...
Underestimated  by Toastedmarrshmellow
Underestimated by Toastedmarrshmellow
Addison has been boxing since her dad left to help support her family little does she know she will get a new family and a new boxing buddy but could that buddy turn int...
Dragons of Marak: Book 1, Wings & Sword by ccotarobles
Dragons of Marak: Book 1, Carl Cota-Robles
[Revised as of 10/01/2020] Ana Perez comes from wealth and power. But her father, a business tycoon in the land of Marak, hates dragons. That makes things a little compl...
The Good, The Bad And The Beauty by sarcasm_since_birth
The Good, The Bad And The Beautyby PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS DANCING...
Hi! My name's Carly. Soon, I will be in a mental hospital or jail for murder. "Ermergerd, Why?" you may ask. Or you may not, but that's not the point. See, It'...
Messy Situations  by spacegazer
Messy Situations by rose☽
Alyssa Miller, FBI agent, well ex FBI agent since she failed a vital mission. They didn't think she had it in her anymore. Now Alyssa is trying to live a normal life. It...
Bugged by Lenaedybug2416
Buggedby Tyler Lenae
"Let them go. You said you were a man of your word. You said you wouldn't let me down. You said-" He interrupted me mid-sentance "I lied. You're mine now...
The Gangleaders bitch by clichewriter13
The Gangleaders bitchby Sharon Okhiria
Olivia Miller, a funny, sarcastic and witty girl, not to mention pretty, who returns home after getting fired from her third job in a row. Hunter Hall, a brooding, bipol...
Aife by I-May-Surprise-You
Aifeby riends
Run, it's all you can do. There is no place for you anymore, so keep running, run until your heart can take no more. But still, you must go on!
Geek With Three Men by raven_queen117
Geek With Three Menby raven_queen117
Her past, Her Present, Her future Three different people Three different important people Meet Alice your ordinary nerdy girl The girl who can't never pick a fight Wit...
Fighting The Infected by AWanderingGhost
Fighting The Infectedby Kat L.
Bex Weston has a choice to make. Fight for her life against the Infected or die. With everyone else being infected she only has a small group of survivors and fighters w...
His Indian Shewolf by phylinexo
His Indian Shewolfby phylinexo
katrina Batia. successful 21 year old ,beautiful British Indian bollywood actress ... who is an alpha daughter . who refuses to find her mate . katrina lives with her...
The Fighting Butterfly by shawnmendes-princess
The Fighting Butterflyby Keziah
She was like a monarch butterfly beautiful but fatal to hungry preditors. He was like Milkweed toxic to all but just beautiful enough that she couldn't stay away. He was...
The Fighter and The BadBoy by HaLoLiNiZa1D
The Fighter and The BadBoyby Samantha Acosta
WARNING: This Story Has Very Vulgar Language
Teach Me by Pumpkinc0okies
Teach Meby WattpadAddict
He groans not bothering to look up. "Look, if you're another one of those girls claiming to be pregnant, and I'm supposedly the "baby daddy" I am telling...