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Togetherness by writerscrafts
Togethernessby dusk
[I marched up to him, "Where the hell were you? I thought something happened to you? Did you not care enough to..." My rambling was cut short when a pair of wa...
  • newadult
  • love
  • hot
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Fight Me by bubblygirl9721
Fight Meby Bri
Jessica Westlake is unknown, while Black Lightning is a famous underground street fighter. What most don't know is that they are the same person. After her mother dies...
  • wattys2015
  • fighting
  • teenfiction
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The Chase by LiviP628
The Chaseby Olive
(This story was originally called 'The need can fight?!?' And had a different cover but that's all I changed the story is still the same) Hadley is know as the schools...
  • betrayal
  • gắng
  • streetfighter
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Endless Fighting by CPearl89
Endless Fightingby C
Stone Fox. The name that people always cower at. She is a ruthless and undefeated fighter and the fastest racer in her city. I would know because I am Stone Fox. My name...
  • badass
  • love
  • teen
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The nerd can fight by lilly_065
The nerd can fightby lilly065
  • badboy
  • love
  • action
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Beauty in Disguise #wattys2018 by CPearl89
Beauty in Disguise #wattys2018by C
"Who are you?" the guy asked. "Why don't you look a littler closer?" I asked and his eyes immediately widened. "You are H-huntress, the a-assass...
  • romance
  • badass
  • assassin
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Fighter Chick by woahitsjackie
Fighter Chickby woahitsjackie
"Hey babe" "Fuck off" ------------------------------------ Roxy Burns, a.k.a Spotty Roxy is a chick who loves to fight. All she wants to do is gradu...
  • box
  • sisters
  • generalfiction
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The Fighter and The BadBoy by HaLoLiNiZa1D
The Fighter and The BadBoyby Samantha Acosta
WARNING: This Story Has Very Vulgar Language
  • racer
  • badboy
  • gangs
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Project CEO #wattys2018 by CPearl89
Project CEO #wattys2018by C
"People think that I am only an agent because my mom is one of the recruiters, but they are completely wrong. I am an agent because I have the skill, dedication, an...
  • fighter
  • girlpower
  • girlfighter
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Gone by aweewoo
Goneby aweewoo
Sage Winters is a broken girl and an undefeated street fighter. Xander Johnson is the school's bad boy. He participates in gangs and does illegal things. Xander hasn'...
  • adventure
  • action
  • depression
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Fight Me  <canceled> [Spin offs with creds welcome] by Coffee_filled_souls
Fight Me [Spin offs with creds -G.F.
New acc DastardlySoul is where i will be revising, editing and reposting my novels check that shit out. im starting with Hidden Behind an will move onto Fight me, BPFOF...
  • badboy
  • girlfighter
  • fights
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THE FIGHTERS by xo_carola_xo
~Completed~ She's been ditched and hurt. But she's a fighter. He's the new fighter in town that got it bad for the girl. Do they get together? And if they do is it gonn...
  • happyending
  • newboy
  • baby
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The Girl Fighter  by sxrpreame_erxca
The Girl Fighter by sxrpreame_erxca
"Teach me Cole." I said. "I can't teach you Marley. You'll get hurt." He said. "Cole please." I said. I knew I would get hurt but it's the...
  • fighting
  • badboy
  • readplease
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Hunting Fractures by adellewoods
Hunting Fracturesby 𝑨𝒅𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒆
Zena Fuentes has been alone ever since her family was murdered when she was thirteen. Armed and deadly, she is a Hunter who hunts Horde, the malevolent creatures that pl...
  • romance
  • girl
  • pain
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Girl Fighter by girlfighterbook
Girl Fighterby
Aliyah is a cage fighter. Subverting the stereotyped idea of a Mixed Martial Artist, she works as a software engineer in London. Her life in a male dominated environment...
  • trauma
  • psychology
  • boxing
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Married To The Bad Boy(Slow Update) by KristineSy5
Married To The Bad Boy(Slow Update)by cutie_tine
When the nerd and a bad boy arriage marriage and learn about each others secrets. (Sorry I'm not good in wrinting description) follow the story of the two different peop...
  • teenfiction
  • love
  • secrets
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The Raven Blood by ILoveIce-Cream24
The Raven Bloodby ILoveIce-Cream24
Lynne Smith has lived her life in a lie up until now without her even knowing it. But when she unleashes her true potential and her true identity, she's been thrown in a...
  • featured
  • fighting
  • supernatural
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Aife by I-May-Surprise-You
Aifeby riends
Run, it's all you can do. There is no place for you anymore, so keep running, run until your heart can take no more. But still, you must go on!
  • warrior
  • sniper
  • courage
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Please Don't Go  (ON HOLD) by Carlaya_Theater
Please Don't Go (ON HOLD)by CarleighAnne
Theodora Young is a first timer to a public school. She befriends the school klutz and the bad boys of Silver Lake High School. Example from Chapter Four: "Do you...
  • italian
  • cliche
  • badgirl
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Mister Gray Eyes by Selena_Ramirezzz
Mister Gray Eyesby Selena Castanon
She was just your everyday girl. Long blue hair, green eyes, about 5'10. She worked in a small coffee shop in town. She lives with her mother, younger sister, and twin b...
  • girlfighter
  • strong
  • mentalabuse
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