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"OKAY CLASS, AS YOU all know we are having the students from Hayward Academy for the annual juvenile awareness program who will be staying with us today and tomorrow." The teacher started when he entered the classroom, "I have made groups for the tour of the section, three students of Vela will be guiding three students from Hayward. I ask the students of Vela to refrain from burning their hair, throwing stones at them, or verbally assaulting the students of Hayward. Oh wait, I meant physically. Actually just refrain from assaulting them at all."

Amaya raised her hand and the teacher sighed, "What Amaya?"

"What if they start it?" She asked.

The teacher frowned, "Start what?"

"Well fights, I'm not going to just stand there while someone insults me," she explained.

The teacher pinched the bridge of his nose, "Amaya, I don't have time for this."

"Right, no time to answer legitimate questions, not like that's your job or something," she shrugged, giving him a smile.

He was about to reply but the door was thrown open, interrupting him.

"Sorry I'm late guys," Enzo said panting.

The teacher shook his head, "Just take a seat Mr. Moretti and don't disturb the class."

Maddox chuckled, "I think we all know that's not possible."

"Awww," Enzo placed his hands over his heart, "You know me so well."

"Go take a seat, Moretti, I don't have all day," the teacher said pointing at a seat next to Maddox.

They didn't have assigned in their classes but in a way they did. Well Maddox and his friends did. No one dared trying sitting in the seats they occupied in fear of getting punched or having a shoe thrown at them. Some did, they were criminals after all, but once the consequences hit them in the face, they cowered down.

Enzo took his time as he walked before plumping on the chair.

"What did I miss?" He whispered as the teacher started listing the groups.

"The info about the tour, nothing important," Maddox answered and Enzo nodded. "Where were you?"

Enzo's eyes lit up, "I got an important phone call, I'll tell you about it later."

The teacher continued listing the groups and finally it was theirs, "Maddox Knight, Enzo Moretti, Amaya Reyes with Zeo Jitjang, Nym Price and Ilaria Daher."

Maddox's eyes surveyed the room looking for the foreign faces.

Enzo had already risen from his chair and was asking around for the said names when finally he found them.

Two girls were sitting peacefully next to a boy near the left side of the classroom when Enzo started walking in their direction followed by Amaya. Being too lazy to get up, Maddox stayed in his seat until Enzo started shouting 'MADDOLINE' out loud.

"I'm Nym," the girl in the middle said once he had reached them with a smile that could only be described as evil, "That's Zeo and Ilaria."

They were part of that group Sapphire had seen, and differentiating them from the rest was easy, they weren't looking down on anyone, nor were they looking afraid, a mix of joyful and intrigued would correspond best.

"Well let's get on with it," Enzo said cheerfully as he walked towards the door.

"He's another Jairo," Maddox heard one of the girls say as they followed.

What's a Jairo?


"AND FINALLY SAPPHIRE CAIN, Aviva Rossi, Julian Roy with Elias Gabris, Xander Leos and Ciara Moreau."

"We're going to make new friends!!!" Sapphire heard a girl say excitedly.

"New victims," Aviva coughed.

A brown haired girl popped in front of them with a beaming smile. Her brown hair flowed down her back, white flowers adorning them. She seemed to be soft lullabies and misty dreams with that calming aura around her.

"I'm Ciara," she spoke, her voice as delicate as silk.

Two boys arrived next to her, and she pointed to the blond one, "That's Elias," she turned to the brown-haired one, "And that's Xander."

Elias seemed conflicted between bored, intrigued and scared while Xander seemed to be in his comfort zone.

"I thought they would be scarier," Xander whispered to Elias.

Aviva smiled, "They told us to look friendly because students left with ptsd last year."

Ciara chuckled nervously at her words, "Why don't we start the tour."

Julian sighed, "Let's go then."

They started by the cafeteria, one of Sapphire's favorite places in the whole school as she said.

"This is where teachers and guards have no authority," Sapphire beamed, "Also a place where a few altercations happen."

"Very entertaining room," Julian added nodding.

Sapphire then led them near Ricardo's office where he was sitting as he filled out some paperwork.

"Here, we can observe a guard in his natural habitat," she whispered, "This is a very rare species of Ricky, very violent when they are angry so no sudden movements."

Ricardo's head snapped up in their direction, "Seriously Sapphire?"

"Shit, he has spotted us," she whisper-yelled, "Back away slowly."

"Sapphire, go annoy someone else I'm trying to work."

"Are you really though?" She asked with a smirk, before sprinting away when he feigned getting up.

One of the boys spoke once they had walked far enough away, "He seems pretty tired of you."

Sapphire waved him off, "That's how they show affection."

The blond one, Elias, was about to comment on that, but the girl put a hand over his mouth, "He seems lovely."

"I know," Sapphire grinned before clapping her hands, "Now let's check out the dorms."

Aviva smiled wickedly, "Then we'll go on the roof."

Elias took a step back, "I am not going on a roof with delinquents, even less crazy ones."

"I really don't see what you're talking about Elias," the other boy said smirking, "I think you're even worse than them."

Ciara gave them both a glare, and Xander laughed, "Who knew Ciara could look threatening."

"You people are so slow," Sapphire shook her head and began pushing them towards the elevator, "Come on, if we start walking now we might arrive tomorrow."

Some bickering later they had finally reached the fifth floor after stopping on the fourth, the others getting deemed unnecessary by Sapphire, making Julian gasp since he was on the third.

The blond boy, Elias, sighed in sudden relief and ran out of the elevator, "Oh thank god, there are bars on the windows, I won't get pushed out of one today."

"Don't worry, we still have time," Sapphire beamed making Aviva and Julian laugh.

The rest of the teenagers followed them out.

Sapphire spoke as she started walking through the corridor, "There are only two people living on this floor, and this is your lucky day because I'm one of them."

"I don't even want to know why," Elias shook his head before his eyes widened at the sight of the broken door lying before him.

"Oh, that, Aviva knocked it down this morning," Sapphire answered casually.

The blond boy's eyes widened and he took a step back from Aviva while Julian frowned, "Remind me never to get you angry."

"What do they feed the kids here?" Elias whispered to himself.

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