c h a p t e r XXXVIII

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THE REST OF THE day passed in a blur and they all spent Sunday sleeping in, due to carrying desks and chairs for hours the day before, and finally, it was Sunday evening. Maddox, Sapphire, Julian and Amaya were eating with Enzo and Aviva who'd came back earlier in the afternoon.

"I don't understand why they're coming," Sapphire said, "The Hayward students, if they're rich they don't need awareness, they'll just bribe people. I mean don't get me wrong it'll like an early Christmas gift but still."

"What you say is true, but there are still morally unbiased people who won't bend because of their money, and this visits is also a parental request." Maddox said, "Their families are worried about the consequences of their acts now so they think if they send them to a school like Vela, it'll prevent them from tarnishing their reputation and legacy in the future."

Enzo took a bite of his pizza, "I'm still convinced it's because Mr. Olsen loves to see the look on the parents faces when their child comes back traumatized."

Julian and Amaya nodded in agreement, "That too."

"And anyways they deserve it," Enzo continued as he ate, "You wouldn't believe some of the things they say, pure cruelty."

"You put two of them in trash bins Enzo, they weren't about to give you a medal," Maddox deadpanned.

Enzo gasped, "They give medals?! How was I not informed of this?!"

The rest shook their head and continued on eating.

"Oh. My. God. PEASANTS LISTEN TO THIS!!" Enzo shouted as he looked at his phone, startling Julian so much he fell from his chair.

"I will go deaf because of this voice one day," Aviva mumbled.

"Moretti, if you shout like this once more I will not hesitate to ki-"


She got up from her seat and started moving towards him, "Consider. Yourself. Dead."

And she jumped on him.

They rolled on the floor when Enzo decided to pour orange juice on her head and of course she counter attacked by throwing pieces of food on him and soon enough, a food fight exploded in the cafeteria. Delinquents were running around laughing as they threw food not only on their friends but on the teachers and guards too.

A loud whistling sound made people wince and they stopped.


The students huffed in discontent as they went back to their seats and tried to take out the food from their clothes and hair, Enzo being the only one laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" Maddox asked frowning.

"Miss Wrong," Enzo burst out laughing.

When he realized no one was laughing with him he stopped and looked at Julian, "Julian?!How offensive!"

They shook their heads before resuming their diner. Once they were done they decided all together to go on the roof to admire the view.

Maddox was sitting on the edge, Sapphire's legs over his thighs as she leaned on the wall to the side, Julian and Amaya sitting beside each other, her head on his chest while his arm was wrapped around her and Enzo was sitting next to the door, leaning on the wall with Aviva next to him.

And Enzo decided to speak.

"My father used to say when you don't know the answer to a question in an exam, just put White-Out on it, the teacher can't correct what he can't see."

Sapphire blinked incredulously, "I have no words."

Julian sighed, "Why? Just why?"

He smiled proudly, "I know, my wisenest is amazing."

Aviva stared at him, "That's not- Nevermind."

A silence engulfed them once more as a peaceful atmosphere took place. No one spoke, the silence of nature the only sound to their ears. Amaya and Julian left first, their yawning having become often and Aviva and Enzo followed not so long after, leaving Sapphire and Maddox.

She moved her legs, letting them dangling instead and sat beside him.

"I can still see some pink highlights in your hair," Maddox chuckled as he stared at her.

She moved her eyes to him, "And who's fault is that?"

"Well technically yours, but," he started, before Sapphire hit him in the chest.

"You are such an annoying human," she shook her head, a small smile playing on her lips she locked eyes with him.

"Ouch," he said smiling, "that hurt my feelings."

"I'm sure it did," she chuckled.

Sapphire's eyes fell to his lips and together they fell in a trance, both leaning towards each other, Maddox's gaze too on her lips as he moved a golden strand away from her face. His hand lingered on her cheek and she could feel a few scars on his knuckles.

And out of nowhere the screeching sound of the door opening interrupted them.

"Miss Cain!! Mr. Knight!!! You need to go back to your dorms, you're not allowed here after curfew!!" Mr. Olsen whisper-yelled to them.


"Thank you Mr. Olsen," Maddox said, sarcasm like venom on his tongue.

Mr. Olsen didn't catch it, instead nodding as if they were actually grateful, "You're welcome, now back to your dorms, chop chop."

He kept the door open for them to pass, and closed it once they had.

"Goldilocks, you're lucky you're my favourite ginger," Sapphire sighed as she went down the stairs.


i am in need of your opinions people, what do you think of the cover below (it's a little blurred but if i upload it on here it'll look normal)

i am in need of your opinions people, what do you think of the cover below (it's a little blurred but if i upload it on here it'll look normal)

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