c h a p t e r XXXVI

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RICARDO STARTED LEADING THEM towards the room and once they had reached it, he opened the door, letting them in.

It was a storage room as he'd said, stacks of chairs spread everywhere and a few desks and tables too.

"Alright, criminals of sections One and Two you'll start by bringing the chairs to the classrooms and then the desks while the others will bring the chairs to the cafeteria and then the tables. Half way through you can take a break, not too long and after you'll switch places, good?" He didn't wait for their answers before leaving.


"I'm not doing this shit," some boy from one of the lower sections said, "The motherfucker can go kiss my ass."

He didn't look older than fifteen maybe sixteen.

"Watch it," Sapphire warned.

Sapphire wasn't happy to lose precious hours of sleep just so some snobby teens didn't have to sit on the floor, but it was no reason to disrespect Ricardo. No matter how much she joked around him, she truly did consider him a friend.

"And what are you going to do huh?" The boy continued.

Maddox, who had been looking at him with an amused look, took a step next to Sapphire before he spoke, "You're walking on thin ice."

A flash of panic crossed the boy's eyes but he kept his head high, as if challenging them.

Ayla laughed as he tried to look confident, "That's cute."

He glared at her, "What are you laughing at?"

Hunter got involved, "Listen kid, no one's happy with this all right so stop taking it out on everyone."

"Oh look, she needs a lap dog to defend her," the boy sneered and one of his friends laughed.

Malevolent glints took place in Hunter's eyes, he no longer looked like the playful guy Sapphire had spent a night hanging out with, there was something dangerous about him and she started understanding why he was a Level Five.

Before he could do anything, Ayla placed a hand on his arm creating an immediate soothing effect.

"Making enemies that are older and stronger than you isn't wise," Lachlan said not even looking at the boy, instead texting on his cellphone.

"We're more than you," a boy next to him said.

That was true, they were five while the younger ones were seven, all boys.

Sapphire, deciding the faster their task was done the faster she'd be free and wouldn't need to listen to that idiot speak, moved towards a stack of chairs and took three in her arms. Maddox followed her lead, while Hunter continued glaring at the boys, Ayla kept her hand on his arm, her whole attention on him and Lachlan hardly payed attention to what was happening around him.

Walking out with Maddox by her side, they made way to the cafeteria and started moving the tables to create more space before adding chairs to a few tables. They did so, going back and forth from the storage room, Ayla, Hunter and Lachlan joining them not too long after.

They did that for an hour and a half, the boys sometimes getting into short arguments and Hunter often annoying Lachlan.

"I think we can take a break now," Lachlan said, "We worked hard enough."

Sapphire frowned, "You barely did anything other than eat a croissant."

"And that took a lot of effort," Lachlan stated making Ayla roll her eyes.

"You know Lachlan, if there's ever someone even more lazy then you, you'd kill them to make sure you stay at the top," Hunter said.

"Hiding a body is too much work," Lachlan replied waving him off absent-mindedly, "I'm going to go take a nap, don't wake me up, unless you want to suffer something worse than death." And with those words he left the cafeteria.

"Typical," Hunter said.

They decided to sit at a table and simply talk together. Sapphire took the opportunity to grab some chips seeing as she was hungry, again.

A few moments later, the other boys arrived and took place at one of the tables and started talking, when Sapphire had the greatest idea to start throwing bits of chips at them.

Hunter looked at her with wide eyes, "Sapphire, you are wasting the chips, that's illegal."

"It's not if I finally land one in the boy's eye," she replied, narrowing her eyes as she tried to concentrate on her target.

She threw another piece and it landed right in the boy's mouth.

"Goddamn it!" She muttered.

The boy turned around and glanced at her before his eyes landed on her chips.

"Are you throwing chips at me?" He asked, trying to sound threatening.

"No I'm throwing them at your eye, and why are you changing your voice," she frowned.

Maddox chuckled as the boy started walking in their direction with a deep scowl.

"You don't know who you're talking to," the boy then said.

Sapphire started eating her chips again, not bothering to answer, while he moved closer.
He was only a few feet away when Maddox got up in front of him.

"What do you think you're doing?" Maddox asked. He was clearly towering over him, his frame way larger then his.

That's when the boy made the mistake to try to push him.

Maddox barely moved but his eyes turned darker than they'd ever been. In a few fluid moves, the boy was laying on his stomach on the floor, his jaw red, with Maddox crouching next to him. He whispered something Sapphire didn't catch but that obviously was enough to make the boy almost piss his pants.

Calmly, Maddox sat back next to Sapphire and stole her bag of chips as if he hadn't just floored a guy. The boy's friends had either confused or admiring gazes as they watched Maddox eat Sapphire's chips.

"Hey, hey! Those are mine!" She scowled stealing the bag back.


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