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a shorter chapter this time, thank you for reading lovely humans xx

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FORD LAUGHED, "I AM not doing that, good luck losers!"

He started walking towards the door with his friends following him closely and just as he was about to cross it, a football hit him in the back of the head causing him to scream.

"That doesn't count," Sapphire scowled, "We said a soccer ball."

Amaya shook her head, "No, you said a ball."

"She's right Sapph," Aviva said nodding before giving Amaya a soccer ball, "Here she can try again with the soccer one if you want."

One of Ford's friends spoke angrily, "What the hell do you think-"


The soccer ball hit him straight in the nose.

"Told you!" Amaya yelled proudly.

Sapphire shook her head in defeat, "Goddamn it."

"OWWW!!" The boy shouted while holding his red nose.

"Huh," Sapphire raised her eyebrows, "They've even mastered the fake injuries that come with soccer."

"What do you mean FAKE?! You crazy people just shot balls at us!!" The unscathed boy next to them said.

Sapphire paused for a moment before speaking, "Fair enough."

"You girls are insane," Ford sneered.

"Took you long enough to realize it," Aviva chuckled as she started to take out all the volleyballs from the big box.

"Well while you do that, we," Ford gestured to his friends, "are leaving."

In a few moves Sapphire was blocking his way with a smirk, "We all got detention and you boys are helping."

His friend on the left raised an eyebrow, "What are you going to do? Make us?"

A cynical smile formed on her lips and the boys took a step back.

"Yeah, I wouldn't have asked that," Aviva commented with a smile while putting the footballs in another box.

"I don't like them," one of Ford's friends whispered.

Amaya sighed, "The feeling's mutual jerk boy."

Ford raised his hands, "Fine we'll help, just don't kill us."

Sapphire frowned, "Why would I kill you, do you know how much work it is to hide a body?"

"For some reason Sapph," Amaya opened one of the box keeping the polls, "I don't feel like that's reassuring to them."

"It isn't?"

One of the boys shook his head vigorously.

Sapphire simply shrugged and went to help Aviva with the balls, two boys following behind her and another going to help Amaya.

After thirty minutes of organizing and bickering the girls decided to take a break and went in the gymnasium with one of the basketballs.

Amaya started dribbling and went for a layup while the Sapphire and Aviva watched her.

"What did Enzo ask you?" Sapphire asked Aviva before stealing the ball from Amaya.

A small blush covered her cheeks as she remembered the earlier events.

She'd been walking to the library to grab a book as she often did to get her mind off of her father and instead had run into Julian. He had asked her to follow him and had kept her eyes closed with his hand while leading her throughout the school.

Minutes later they'd arrived in the same room where all the underground fights occurred only this time it was different. Julian had asked her to keep her eyes closed for a few seconds before opening them. And what she saw once she slowly opened them made her heart flutter. Maddox and Julian were holding a sign with nine words that infused her cheeks crimson and Enzo stood before her, as handsome as he always was, his turquoise gaze fixated on her. He was wearing the beige pants from the Vela uniform with a black leather jacket he wore quite a lot in the school she'd noticed. In his hands a bouquet of orange unique roses rested as the few words he had revised so many times delicately spoke to her heart. She could still see the beaming smile which appeared on his face at the single syllable she answered.

"He asked me to be his date for the Autumn Ball," Aviva answered.

Sapphire grinned and in a flash was hugging her, "Aaaahhh, Avie I'm so happy for you!!"

Amaya smiled as Aviva tried her best not to choke under Sapphire's hug.

"It's just a ball," Aviva chuckled.

Amaya smirked, "You know Avie, he cares even more for you than he did for Jinoa, and you're not even together yet."

"Yet?" Aviva raised an eyebrow.

Amaya gave a proud smile, "I can predict the future."

Sapphire rolled her eyes playfully, "Saying they'll get together is a certainty, not a prediction."

"Same thing," Amaya waved her off.

"Is it like an actual ball?" Aviva asked changing the subject.

Amaya stopped dribbling and thought for a second.

"Well they call it a ball but girls don't have the big poofy dresses and boys don't wear a suit, we're criminals after all. Girls wear something more sexy, usually not allowed in the dress code and boys casual clothes added with leather jackets usually showing off which gangs they belong to."

"I already love it," Sapphire grinned.

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