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MADDOX AND HIS FRIENDS were observing the newbies' table

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MADDOX AND HIS FRIENDS were observing the newbies' table. Sapphire, Aviva and a boy with glasses were talking together while Adrian always seemed to say something that angered them.

"Sapphire looks ready to hit him," Enzo pointed out.

"I think she's about to do it," Julian added.

Sapphire closed a little distance with Adrian and was telling him something that scared him for a second before a pretentious grin appeared on his face.

He replied something to her and that made her laugh, a lot.

What did he say


"You couldn't even touch me," Adrian replied to her with a smirk.

That made her laugh, hard, under his confused eyes. She was now wiping tears of laughter at that.

"Y-you think that-t I couldn't t-touch-" and she burst out laughing again.

Aviva who was sitting opposite to her wasn't confused to why she was laughing, she had seem how easily Sapphire was able to get out of Maddox's grip.

Adrian, was getting angrier as Sapphire was laughing. Was she trying to humiliate him? Sparks of rage glinted in his eyes as he stared at her. It wasn't confusing anymore just enraging.

"You think you could?" He said angrily, clutching his fork aggressively.

Her laughter died and wicked expression took it's place, "Is that a challenge?"

He clutched his jaw, "Yeah."

She grinned nefariousness written all over her, "Great."

Adrian got up, "In an hour at the basketball court," and he left.

Sapphire grinned even wider before going back to her discussions with Aviva and Charlie. Once they were done they said goodbye to Charlie and the girls parted ways. They headed outside and sat next to a tree, admiring the orange sunset above them. The clouds were glowing in a rose colour, the blue of the dark sky starting to show.

"I don't understand why you have a knife, you seem like the person who least needs it," Aviva said her eyes on the sky.

Sapphire was picking some flowers she saw making a small bouquet.


Aviva drifted her gaze on her, "No, you're not the type of person to take precautions."

Sapphire looked up at Aviva and sighed, "My mother gave it to me, she was always against violence but she was more worried about my safety," she finished chuckling humourlessly at the irony.

Worried about my safety but it took her nine years to leave the monster

They hadn't heard, Amaya, Enzo, Julian and Maddox arrive and only noticed once they sat with them.

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