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"WHICH STUDENTS DO YOU have in your class?" Enzo asked Sapphire.

She took out her phone and started listing the twenty unfamiliar names to Enzo making him either nod or make some sort of comment when he recognized one.

"Am I bothering you Miss Cain?" The teacher asked glaring at Sapphire.


He stopped her with his hand, "Detention."

She gaped at him, "I didn't even get to complete my sentence."

"Yeah, that's unfair sir," Aviva added, "You can't treat one of your students like that."

"I feel appalled, sir," Sapphire shook her head, feigning despair, "This," she gestured to the air around her, "Is an infringement to my freedom of speech."

The teacher pinched the bridge of his nose, "Sapphire get out."

She got up and smacked her hands on her desk before starting for the door.

Just as she was about to close it behind her she yelled, "YOU WILL HEAR FROM ME AGAIN MR. DICKMAN! THIS NONSENSE WILL NOT GO UNNOTICED."

"Woooh, go Sapphire!!!" Enzo cheered earning himself a glare too from the teacher.

Aviva got up from her seat and amassed her things before walking towards the door.

"Where do you think you're going Miss Rossi?" The teacher scowled.

She turned her gaze on him, "I won't stay in a class that neglects my freedom of speech. You should be ashamed of yourself sir," she shook her head, "Didn't even let poor Sapph finish her sentence before yelling-"

"Detention!!" He sneered.

She smiled at him and closed the door on her way out. Just as Mr. Dickman was about to continue his lesson, Enzo got up from his chair dramatically.

"I too will sacrifice myself for the cause."

And he left.

The three of them roamed throughout the school, or more precisely in the cafeteria. They stole a few treats and sat at a table spending the time being until their next class talking.

And finally about fifty minutes later, the bell rang.

Sapphire grinned wickedly, knowing the sound that had just came to her ears meant the fun could begin. She grabbed Aviva's arm and rushed down the hall and to the locker section.

Red uniforms were making appearance between the beige and black ones. The students of Hayward were slowly filling in the hallway, either arrogance or horror painted on their faces.

The students from Vela were eyeing them with the same machiavellian glint in their eyes. They leaned against their lockers, gazing over them like a predator would do to its prey while the foreign student would try their best to seem courageous on what seemed like one of the worst day of their lives. Students from Vela simply had to say 'boo' to send the most nervous students running to their mother's skirts.

"You ditched me!!" Enzo yelled from behind them.

Sapphire frowned, "You were right behind us the whole time."

"How would you know?! You ditched me!" He argued.

"What are you yelling about?" Julian asked while walking towards them.

Enzo was about to rant on how Sapphire had only grabbed Aviva before taking off leaving him alone to fend for himself, but a loud shriek prevented him from doing so.


Tyson, a boy Sapphire had talked to maybe once or twice, was holding one of Hayward's students by the throat against a locker.

"What the hell did you just say?" Tyson asked, his voice dangerously quiet.

The auburn haired boy tried his best to not seem afraid while Tyson tightened his grip. He was growing bluer by the second but did his best to keep the fearless expression on his face in front of the boy twice his size.

"Hit him! Hit him! Hit him!" Aviva and Sapphire started chanting.

"TYSON, LET GO OF HIM!!" Mr. Olsen shouted as he started sprinting through the crowd that had formed around the boys.

"Come on Tyson, go for it!!" Sapphire yelled when she saw Mr. Olsen was getting closer.

Mr. Olsen reached Tyson before he made a move and made him let go of the boy who was now shaking in fear despite his efforts.

"Tyson we talked about this," Mr. Olsen started, "You can't start grabbing and punching other people. You might cause an accident like last year and I would really appreciate if I didn't have to redo a whole classroom this year."

Tyson glared at the boy he had been strangling earlier, "It's his fucking fault, the fucke-"

"No insults," Mr. Olsen scolded.

Tyson waved him off and walked away, ignoring his shouts.

"THERE'S NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG STUDENTS, MOVE ALONG!!" Mr. Olsen then shouted, making people in a six feet radius deaf.

"Seriously Gingey? He was about to hit him," Sapphire exclaimed raising her arms in the air in discontent.

Mr. Olsen shook his head, "Miss Cain, go back to class and stop disturbing the hallway."

She gasped, "I didn't even start a fight nor a riot this time!" She placed a hand over her hear and feigned sadness and confusion as she spoke, "Everyone is ganging up on me today."

Mr. Olsen pinched the bridge of his nose as he walked away muttering, "A heart attack, that's what I'm going to get for all of my hard work, crazy delinquents."

For someone who works around teenagers, he sure doesn't seem to like it that much

"Sapph are you coming?" Aviva asked pulling her out of her day dreams.

She nodded in response and caught up with Aviva who was standing beside Julian. As she walked she caught bits of conversations of that group she'd seen earlier.

"Well damn, and here I was hoping for a show."

"A show?! We could die here!!"

"Elias, are you scared?"

"What?! No, I just don't feel like dying today, that one girl said she started riots and fights regularly, tell me the people here are not insane."

"I feel at home," Sapphire heard the girl reply as she walked through the crowd.

She didn't hear the rest of the conversation as she made way to her next class with Julian and Aviva.

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