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SHE BLINKED AT HIS answer, her heart stopping for a quick second before she regained composure and shook her head as they got in the elevator

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SHE BLINKED AT HIS answer, her heart stopping for a quick second before she regained composure and shook her head as they got in the elevator. Walking side by side their hands brushing each other from time to time.

Maddox opened the wooden door and what was inside surprised them. Two boys looking a little older than them were chasing after each other, the one in front laughing while raising a phone in his hand and the one behind him glaring at him. At a table on the left sat a girl, her too looking older, her caramel skin shining under soft sun rays and her platinum blonde curls resting on her shoulders while her grey eyes observed the boys with a malicious glint. On her neck, in a dark black ink the word 'Warrior' was tattooed on her neck just behind her ear.

Sapphire observed the scene amused when the grey eyes spotted her.

The girl smirked as her gaze drifted between Sapphire and Maddox, "Knight, now I see what took you so long to come."

"Ayla, I texted you not to wait for me," Maddox ignored her comment as he replied frowning.

The girl sighed throwing an annoyed glare at the two boys, "I know and I would've gladly stayed in bed, but those two idiots insisted."

The boy who was chasing the other stopped at her words and scoffed, "Who are you calling idiot Ayla?"

She rolled her eyes at him and continued on eating her waffle as she scrolled on something through her phone. The boy who had continued running alone finally noticed them and stopped.

"Maddox!! What took you-" he stopped when he saw Sapphire and smirked, "Score man!"

Maddox scowled at him, "She's my friend Hunter."

Hunter kept his smirk and nodded, clearly not convinced and the other boy took the opportunity to take his phone back.

"Sapphire those are Hunter, Lachlan and Ayla, the Level Five of Section 4," Maddox introduced.

Ayla got up from her seat and walked in Sapphire's direction as she observed her, "You're the girl that beat him aren't you?"

Sapphire smiled, "Yes."

Ayla's mischievous expression changed into a smile, "I like you already."

"Well the feeling's mutual, now if you'll excuse me, I have to eat, because apparently I'm not allowed to sleep," Sapphire said giving Maddox a pointed look as she walked away to get some food.


"Not allowed to sleep huh, I've never seen you take this much interest in a girl, even with your exes," Ayla told him smirking.

He groaned, "Shut up Ayla."

"You're not denying it," Lachlan who was getting a seat at the table said raising his eyebrows.

Hunter grinned and started singing, "You have a crush, Maddox has a crush."

"Really Hunter? How old are you?" Maddox said as he sat down.

"Older than you buddy," Hunter answered stealing a bite from Ayla's waffle.

Sapphire came back at that moment with a tray in each hand, full of food making Hunter almost drool.

She grinned sitting down, "The first one that tries to touch my food will lose a limb."

"I don't like her," Hunter whispered with horrified expression as he moved his chair away from Sapphire.

"I do," Ayla smirked.

Me too

"So what are we doing today?" Lachlan asked.

Hunter's face lit up, "Oo oo can I choose??"

"No," Lachlan answered sternly.

Hunter scoffed, "And why not?"

Lachlan gave him a fake smile, "Because I don't feel like dying today."

"What are you talking about?? My plans are always great," Hunter replied nodding to himself.

"You started a fight between bikers at a drive-in theatre last time and almost got us killed, twice, in the same minute," Ayla deadpanned.

Hunter waved it off, "So what? It's not my fault they don't have any humor."

"You said their dicks were stinky like their attitude," Maddox added, his words making Sapphire choke on her food.

"You wanted me to lie to them?" Hunter inquired taking another bite from Ayla's waffle.

Lachlan sighed in exasperation, "I'm not listening to you anymore."

"Well I'm not letting you listen to me anymore," Hunter replied sticking out his tongue.

Ayla spoke at that moment grinning, "My friends found this new place one time in this kind of forest where there's a clearing, they went there to play Ouija, we could do the same," she proposed.

"Sounds good," Maddox agreed and the rest nodded.

"Where are we going to find a Ouija board?" Lachlan asked.

Sapphire grinned taking the last bite of her food, "I know."


"Woww, how did I not know about this??" Hunter exclaimed as he looked around the small room.

She'd led them to the room next to the Janitor's closet where she'd found the material for her pranks.

So this is where Enzo finds his stuff

"Found it!!" Lachlan yelled as he took the Ouija game from a shelf before removing the dust on it.

Sapphire and Ayla grinned already thinking about contacting spirits.

"Let's go then," Hunter opened the door, leading them out. They discreetly left the school by the door near the stairs since they weren't allowed to leave.

They continued walking until they arrived before the tall metal fence.

"This is the only space where there aren't any cameras," Maddox explained as Hunter and Lachlan climbed it expertly.

Maddox followed with Ayla before Sapphire did. In a few agile movements Sapphire was on the other side walking beside Maddox as she observed some trees around them.

Hunter turned back to Ayla, holding out a hand and she threw him some keys allowing him to open a grey car that was parked on the grass.

"How did you get a car here?" Sapphire asked looking at Ayla confused.

She's cute when she's confused

What the hell am I thinking

Ayla smiled, "I know a guy."


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