c h a p t e r XLIX

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i was really busy with exams coming that's why the updates came a little late. enjoy loves xx

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And ten minutes later, they sat in front of Mr. Olsen, Enzo frowning in confusion and Sapphire smiling as she always did.

"Can one of you tell me why the toilets are overflowing with stool."

Sapphire frowned, "Because they're toilets?"

Mr. Olsen rubbed the bridge of his nose, "I am aware of that Miss Cain, my question is how come almost every Hayward student from your section can't seem to control their bowels this morning."

"I think that's something you should ask them," Enzo answered.

"Miss Cain, Mr. Moretti, are you aware of the consequences of your actions?" Mr. Olsen asked.

"You know Gingey," Sapphire started, "Assuming we had anything to do with this poop thing is offensive, maybe they just all have some sort of condition."

"That made them all poop all morning?" Ricardo said with an eyebrow raised from where he stood next to Mr. Olsen.

Sapphire narrowed her eyes at him, "Whose side are you on Ricky?"

"Why don't you ask them what happened," Enzo suggested.

"They are too uncomfortable to talk about what happened, do you realize fifteen students left their class crying because of how embarrassed they were?" Ricardo asked.

"Did Ford cry?" Sapphire asked grinning.

"Oh my god," Mr. Olsen mumbled to himself, "I will ask this one last time, did you have anything to do with this incident?"

"No, of course not," Sapphire exclaimed, "We're not heartless."

"Aren't you?" Mr. Olsen muttered.

"I suspect Miss Wright, she looked suspicious to me," Enzo whispered, his eyebrows raised.

Mr. Olsen took a deep breath before pointing at the door, "Get out of here, both of you."

"With pleasure," Sapphire smiled as she pushed the door open.

"Time for part two of the plan, rainbow-rain," Enzo whispered to her as they left the office.

They walked back to their English class to their teacher's discontentment.

"Oh, you're back," she groaned.

"Of course, we didn't want to deny you the blessing of our presence," Sapphire said as she took back her place followed by Enzo, "Don't stop your lesson because of us, go on."

The teacher threw her a glare but continued nonetheless.

"I'll explain the second part of my master plan," Enzo began to Sapphire, "I have gathered some people and together we have filled balloons with colored water. We'll skip class and go on the roof and from there we'll aim at the students having PE on the ground."

"I like it," Sapphire grinned.

He beamed, "It's awesome right?"

"Mr. Moretti, if you keep talking, I will send you back to the principal's office," The teacher threatened pointing her index at him.

"I'm pretty sure he just kicked us out of his office," Enzo replied before smiling, "But you can try."

The teacher shook her head in exasperation and went back to her teaching.

They continued talking for the rest of the class and soon enough the bell rang. Sapphire realized it was time for her next therapy session and she wasn't sure how to feel, she had felt like they'd made progress last time, but she saw how that turned out. Hesitantly, she started walking down the hallways until she arrived in front of the glass doors. Her hand went to her earring as anxiety creeped in her heart making it beat twice as fast. Slowly, she pushed one door open and walked in, the curtains were open as they were last time letting the faint rays illuminate the room.

"Hi Sapphire," Mr. Dubois said with a warm smile making some tension in her shoulders fade away, "Take a seat."

She sat on the couch opposite to him as he took some notes on his notepad.

"How are you doing today?" He chuckled, "I heard about the little incident with the students from Hayward, that's one special prank that's for sure."

Sapphire chuckled, "Yeah, I risked my life for that."

"Would you be ready to talk about your family?" He asked calmly.

Sapphire took a sharp breath in and nodded.

He flipped through some pages before speaking again, "Your mother could you describe her to me? What do you feel when you think of her?"

And she told him. She told him how her mother was the most generous person she knew, she told him how her mother's naiveness was the reason they stayed with Frank for so long and how that made her angry. How she felt like her lungs were on fire, as if oxygen disappeared from her lungs and her heart was being crushed. How grief and anger were tearing her soul apart and she was doing her best to keep it in one piece.

"Have you ever visited her tomb?" He asked.

Sapphire chuckled, "How? I can't leave this place."

Mr. Dubois tilted his head, "I think we both know that's false, you're a smart girl, you must've left a few times."

Sapphire didn't reply.

"I won't tell anyone Sapphire," He reassured, "don't worry I would leave here too if I had to stay 24/7."

She shook her head, "No,  I haven't visited her."

"And at her funeral?"

"They said I wasn't allowed to attend because of the trial," Sapphire answered as she looked away so he wouldn't see the tears forming in her eyes.

Mr. Dubois paused, "You need closure, have you ever thought of writing her a letter?"

Sapphire blinked, "A letter?"

He nodded, "Yes, last words you would've liked to tell her, how you felt..."

"No, I hadn't thought of that."

"How about you try it," he suggested, "and when you're ready to visit her, you can bring it with you."

Sapphire thought about it and nodded, if it would help diminish that feeling of choking every time she thought of her mother, she would gladly try.

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