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SHE WAS VERY PRETTY, gorgeous even, but when Maddox's eyes landed on Amaya's jaw all of that vanished

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SHE WAS VERY PRETTY, gorgeous even, but when Maddox's eyes landed on Amaya's jaw all of that vanished.

No one hurt his friends, no one.

He had her on the ground in less than a second, "Did you punch Amaya."

Her reaction was unexpected, he thought she would be scared, shaking even, but no, she had the same look of amusement he had earlier in his eyes when Adrian the bastard first arrived.

In one swift move she changed their position, her hand on his throat, and she brought her face closer to his, her blue eyes glowing in the shadows of her face.

"No, I didn't touch your friend," she said.

What was her name again? Sapir? Saphira? No wait Sapphire.

"She helped me Maddox, you don't need to go all Alpha male on her," Amaya said smirking.

I wasn't going all Alpha male

She got off him smirking and Maddox followed her suit still glaring at her, "Whatever."

She's annoying

She raised her head up silently enjoying the sunlight on her face creating a curtain of gold on her back and for some reason Maddox realized he wouldn't mind passing a hand through her the blond sea on resting her back.

What's wrong with me??

"I'm going back inside, Enzo you coming?" Maddox asked him feeling the need to get out of there.

Enzo was in a trance, just staring at Aviva, "What?"

Amaya coughed, "Whipped."

Maddox smirked, "I said I'm going inside, are you coming?"

"Yeah sure," Enzo shrugged before following. They walked back inside and took the elevator going to Enzo's dorm instead of Maddox's.

"Who was that guy Adrian thingy," Enzo asked playing with some green play dough.

"I don't know, I'll ask Adam if he knows him. I thought you got rid of that," Maddox said pointing at the play dough.

"MY PLAY DOUGH?! NEVER!" Enzo exclaimed as he put a protective arm over it before adding, "You're just jealous because only cool people use play dough."

Maddox smiled, "Yeah, it's cool to five years olds not seventeen year olds."

He didn't smile as much these days so he noticed how Enzo's face lit up when he did.

"I'm a five year old at heart dear Maddoline."


"What's wrong with him?" Sapphire asked as the two boys left.

Amaya and Julian both sighed.

"Ever since the 'incident' Maddox hasn't exactly been the same," Julian said not wanting to go in details.

Amaya then pointed at her, "Are you the level five?"

Sapphire shrugged, "I guess."

"Told you it was one of the two girls!" Amaya said raising a fist in the air.

"Damn, I really thought it was Adrian the douche," Julian replied frowning.

Sapphire and Aviva exchanged a confused look but shrugged it off.

Amaya held her jaw and winced slightly, "I'm going to put on some ice on that, it was nice meeting you, and again thank you."

"No problem," Sapphire smiled and the couple walked away.

"Are they together?" Aviva asked.

Sapphire's reply was immediate, "Did you see the way they looked at each other? If that's not love than I don't know what is."

"We should go back too, I think dinner is going to be served shortly," Aviva said.

Sapphire nodded, "You're right."

They walked back inside and Sapphire went to Aviva's dorm as they continued talking. An hour later it was time for dinner and Sapphire was getting out of the dorm laughing with Aviva when she collided with someone.


He glared at her, "Watch where you're going."

"Jerk," she mumbled and walked past him bumping their shoulders on purpose.

They all got in the elevator, Maddox and Sapphire glaring at each other, Aviva eyeing them amused and Enzo staring shamelessly at her.

It continued until they reached the cafeteria. A guard was at the entrance and pulled Sapphire and Aviva away, "Newbies sit with the other newbies."

Aviva rolled her eyes and Sapphire grinned evilly at the idea of sitting at the same table as Adrian.

The girls took their trays with food and sat at their assigned table.

"Pervy boy, how's your nose?" Aviva asked smirking.

Adrian glared at her but didn't answer. The poor boy with glasses that was sitting opposite to him seemed extremely relieved when the girls sat down with them.

What was his name again? Charles no Charlie? Yeah that's it Charlie

"So Charlie is it? What do you think of the school so far?" Sapphire asked taking a mouthful of spaghetti.

Charlie seemed very surprised but smiled a little, "I met new people."

"This is horrible," Adrian complained, talking about their conversation.

"Well maybe if you didn't do stupid shit on your first day you might've had more fun," Aviva said smiling sweetly.

Adrian scowled but didn't add anything, at first. While Aviva, Charlie and Sapphire talked he would always make mean and disrespectful comments until Sapphire had enough.

"I swear to God if you utter one more word, I'll rip off your balls and shove them so up your arse you'll be able to taste them, okay?"

That shut him up.

Or so she thought.

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