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"WHAT DO YOU MEAN you forgot Sapphire?!"

"I saw a blue pen on the floor, you can't blame me!" Sapphire replied, raising her hands. "It even had glitters!!"

Enzo scowled, "You had one task, Sapph. Bring. The. Balloons. How difficult can one task be?!"

They were standing on the roof, Sapphire, Aviva, Amaya, Enzo, Maddox, Julian and other Vela students, cardboard boxes laid next to them, near the edge, and they had everything ready to throw water balloons at the group of Hayward students below them having Physical Education. Everything, except the balloons.

"Enzo, I dare you to tell me that if you saw Play-Doh in the hallway you wouldn't have picked it up," Sapphire challenged, narrowing her eyes.

Enzo narrowed his eyes back, "Fair enough. But you still have to go get it."

She stared at him with her arms crossed for a few seconds and huffed, "Fine!"

He smirked in satisfaction, "Well go on."

She turned on her heels and yelled as she opened the door, "I don't like you!"

"Well go on," she mimicked as she went down the stairs.

She continued walking through the hallways all the way to the small room near the janitor's closet and grabbed all the balloon boxes she could find before closing the door on her way out.

"You had one task Sapph," she continued mimicking Enzo when suddenly she accidentally walked into someone.

"Sapphire? You're supposed to be in class!" The someone said.

She closed her eyes when she recognized the voice.

Damnit Ricky

"Hey Ricky, how have you been??" She gave off her most charming smile as she hid the box behind her back, "How's Gigi?"

Ricardo frowned, "She's well, Sapphire, why aren't you in class?"

"I- uh have been um looking for..." she looked around and spotted the bathroom door, "the bathroom! The bathroom, I have been looking for that!"

He raised a brow, "And what's behind your back?"

And she yelled the first thing that came through her mind.


And then she coughed before repeating it more calmly, "I mean, um tampons."

"Tampons?" He repeated unconvinced.

She nodded, "Yeah, you know those little-"

"I know what's a tampon thank you," he interrupted her, "just make sure you get back to class after."

"Yeah, sure don't worry," she replied with a wave as he walked away, not before giving her a last glance.

She made sure no one was around as she sneaked back to the stairs and the moment she opened the roof door Enzo spoke.

"What took you so long?" He exclaimed.

"You're welcome," Sapphire scoffed, "do you know what I had to go through to get that?"

Enzo narrowed his eyes, "It better be a life or death issue because we are eight minutes behind schedule on my master plan."

"Lorenzo chill," Aviva said as she took the box from Sapphire and started taking out the balloons.

"Thank you Aviva," Sapphire said, giving Enzo a smirk.

"Sapphire, you got distracted by a pen," Aviva deadpanned, "don't talk."

Sapphire gasped, "This," she gestured to Enzo with her hand, "is lunacy. I almost sacrificed my life for this cause again and this is the thank you I get."

"Right because getting balloons is such a challenge," Enzo said, shaking his head.

"Well you wouldn't know, since I had to go and get them," Sapphire replied.

"Well maybe if you-"

Maddox covered Enzo's mouth with his hand, "Let's all focus on filling the balloons, okay?"

And so they did. Fifteen minutes later the balloons were filled with water, Aviva was wet because Enzo had thrown one on her and he was wet too because Aviva had thrown one on him as revenge. Below, the Hayward students were playing soccer on the grass and a few were sitting on the side, talking.

"Okay, so all we have to do now is throw them, and get out of here before Mr. Olsen arrives," Enzo whispered.

"Ladies and gentlemen, let the Hunger Games begin!" Sapphire whispered before grabbing a balloon and throwing it on the gym teacher.

"AAAAHH!!" He yelled in panic when the balloon hit his butt, "WHO THREW THAT?!"

Sapphire grinned, "I love this."

The rest followed her lead and soon enough half of the group below had received a water balloon on their head or body.

"My hair!!" A boy shouted when Sapphire threw one on him.

"SHABOOYA!!" She yelled with her fists in the air.

"BAAM!" Amaya then yelled as a girl ran around the field like a headless chicken.

"I HATE THIS SCHOOL!!" Another boy yelled when Enzo threw two at him.

"WHAT KIND OF FUCKERY IS THIS!" The teacher yelled with his fists in the air before Maddox threw him one right in the face.

"That felt oddly satisfying," he said afterwards with a nod.

Fifteen minutes later, Julian threw the last balloon they had on some boy that was trying to hide behind a tree and Enzo clapped his hands before speaking.

"Perfect, now all we need to do is get rid of the boxes without an adult seeing us-"

The door swung open.

Mr. Olsen stood there, crimson, Miss Wright behind him, her face revealing no emotions and Ricardo standing tall behind them with his hands rubbing his eyes as he muttered, tampons.

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