c h a p t e r XVIII

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THEY WERE ALL WALKING to art class together, Ricardo had let Sapphire walk alone because he was taking care of something in his office, when suddenly he popped out of nowhere with Gigi in his arms

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THEY WERE ALL WALKING to art class together, Ricardo had let Sapphire walk alone because he was taking care of something in his office, when suddenly he popped out of nowhere with Gigi in his arms.

"Sapphire, I need a favor," he started.

"Anything for you Ricky, we're besties," she grinned and he rolled his eyes.

Ricardo put Gigi on the ground, "I need you to take care of Gigi during your art class."

"Like the baby would be with us in class?" Julian asked confused.

Gigi walked in Julian's direction with a frown, "I am not a baby, I am four!" She said raising five fingers in the air.

Julian backed away slowly as if she was a dangerous predator and hid behind Amaya.

"Of course it would be my pleasure," Sapphire answered to Ricardo who was just eyeing the delinquents, skepticism in his eyes.

"Why can't she go to daycare or wherever she goes?" Enzo asked eyeing Gigi.

"They said they couldn't let her come because she has a little fever, but it's nothing, I just need someone to watch her. I don't trust the other guards and my husband can only leave his work to get her in an hour," Ricardo explained as he rethought his decision.

"Is it even allowed to take her to class?" Aviva asked as she took Gigi in her arms.

Ricardo scowled at her, "Since when do you people care about the rules?! Just tell me you'll take care of my little girl."

"Sure, just give the sick girl to the delinquents, who cares if they get sick, they're just criminals," Maddox said sarcastically.

Ricardo smiled, "I knew you'd understand," he kissed Gigi on the forehead, "Daddy'll be here in an hour to take you home okay?"

And he left.

"Well then, let's go," Sapphire said taking Gigi's little hand and walking with her inside.

They all sat at the back, Sapphire between Maddox and Amaya, Maddox on her left and Enzo and Aviva in of them.

She had Gigi on her legs as she played with her arms while Gigi looked around the class curiously. Some students would look at them weirdly but Maddox gave them glares making them cower in their seats.

"Okay class, today we're going to paint still-life and," the teacher was about to add something when her gaze landed on Sapphire and Gigi. She stared at them, confused to why her student had a four year old on her legs but decided that not asking questions was better for her mental health. "And that's it."

They all started painting while Sapphire built a catapult with paint brushes and elastics.

"Why are you not painting?" Gigi asked to Sapphire.

"Because I'm using my talents for something even better," she answered putting some red paint in the bucket of her catapult.

"The slime bomb was getting too boring for you?" Maddox asked as he eyed the catapult.

She grinned at him, "You know me so well."

She placed the catapult in a precise position trying to aim at some boy in front of her that had been throwing paper balls at Charlie.

"Gigi, want to do the honors?" Sapphire asked.

"Yessss!" Gigi squealed as Sapphire put her hand on the catapult.

"And three two one."

The red paint flew over a few desks before landing on the boy's pants, on his manhood.

The guy next to him laughed, "You started your period Joe?"

Soon enough the whole class had noticed the red stain on the boy's pants and most were laughing at him even Gigi.

"What's a period?" Gigi asked to Maddox when everyone had sobered down.

Maddox turned a shade pinker before turning to Sapphire, "Sapphire is way more qualified to answer that."

Sapphire narrowed her eyes at him before she looked at Gigi, "Your period is this really annoying time when you uh, bleed a little every month."

A horrified look appeared on Gigi's face and she looked like she was about to cry.

"Don't cry, don't cry, it doesn't hurt, it's just annoying and anyways you're only going to have that in a long long time," Sapphire tried to reassure her.

Gigi frowned, "If it doesn't hurt then why does it bleed?"

"Okay! Enough period talk for today let's go back to pranking people yeah?" Sapphire changed the subject.

Gigi simply nodded and started painting a side of Sapphire's catapult.

The bell rang and they all rushed outside. Sapphire, Gigi and Maddox went to the front of the school to wait for Gigi's father that was supposed to come.

Five minutes later a black car entered the gates and stopped before the school. A blond man came out and walked inside.

"DADDY!!" Gigi yelled as she sprinted to the man.

He took her in his arm hugging her when she spoke again.

"Do you have a period daddy?" Gigi asked her father and the man turned to the delinquents scowling.

"It was nice meeting you sir," Sapphire chuckled nervously before grabbing Maddox's arm and sprinting away heading to her next class.

"Why were you running," Aviva asked them when they walked in math.

"Gigi asked her father if he had a period," Maddox answered taking a seat.

Aviva laughed at that and was about to say something when the screeching sound of the intercom interrupted her.

"IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT, as you know, we have the visit from the Hayward Academy students coming up in a week and they'll be staying for two days like usual for the juvenile awareness program. The direction is asking you to be more considerate of them and not traumatize them like last year," Mr Olsen's voice said, "That's all, have a wonderful day," he said the last part in a monotone tone.

Aviva turned to Sapphire smiling wickedly, "You hear that Sapph? We get to traumatize snobs, without getting in trouble."

Sapphire mirrored her friend's expression,

"This is going to be fun."

The screeching noise came back, "And I almost forgot, we have the Autumn Ball at the end of the month, have a wonderful day."

A ball?

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