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"LITTLE BITCH, GO BACK to your mommy and get the fuck out of my face," the man roared at her

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"LITTLE BITCH, GO BACK to your mommy and get the fuck out of my face," the man roared at her.

She clenched her jaw, trying very hard not to lose her cool, but the moment the man pushed her and slapped Nina's tray full of glasses to the ground, she snapped.

She gave him a roundhouse house kick to the back of the head making his forehead smash loudly on the bar and smiled at him as he got up. His forehead bleeding as he seemed a  little disoriented but when his gaze landed on Sapphire pure rage emanated from him in waves.

In a few movements he threw himself on her missing her by a hair as she moved at the last second. A cracking sound came to her ears as his nose collided with the wooden ground.

"You bitch," he sneered getting up.

"I prefer Sapphire, but whatever little lady," she smirked knowing the effect of her words.

If the man had been seething before he was on the verge of exploding now, his face being as red as Ayla's top.

And he lunged himself at her trying to puch her

"It's funny how the worst insult a man can be called is a girl," she thought out loud as she dodged another of his punch.

She frowned as she ducked, "I mean seriously, being called a girl is not an insult, it's a compliment. Do you know how hard it can be to be a girl?!"

"SHUT UP!!" He yelled throwing a bottle of beer at her head.

Her eyes widened before barely dodging the bottle, "Okay, not cool."

Sapphire kicked him in the right knee making it bend in a weird direction before kneeing him in the ribs as she punched his already injured nose. He bent over from the pain as a yelp escaped his mouth before landing unconscious on the ground.

She went to Nina and made sure she was okay before helping her pick up the shards of glasses on the floor and disposing of them in the trash. Getting back up she looked around the diner and saw that most people were looking at her or her friends with either scared or impressed expressions. A few other men were unconscious on the floor with Hunter, Ayla and Maddox standing over them, Lachlan sitting calmly on a chair as he sipped some tea.

"Aww man, I broke my nail," Ayla said genuinely upset as she tried to fix the red painted nail.

A hand went under Sapphire's chin holding it up gently as golden eyes examined her, making sure she wasn't hurt.

She smiled at Maddox's worry and was about to make some witty remark but stopped herself.

"I'm not hurt," she simply said, amusement in her tone.

He looked back in her eyes, "I'm just making sure."

"You know I can protect myself?" She added smirking.

A smile played on his lips, "I know."

"OKAY!! Not to interrupt your PDA but some of us are actually still hungry here!!" Hunter yelled, eagerly going back to their table with Ayla on his trail.


In that moment he was wondering very hard why he was friends with those people. Sapphire simply chuckled at Hunter's comment and grabbed Maddox's hand, gently pulling him back to their seats with the rest.

They all ate calmly as if they hadn't been in a fight a few moments earlier before paying and going back to the car.

"I think that was enough adventures for the night," Lachlan said already falling asleep in the car.

Ayla nodded in agreement while Hunter whined, "Aww are you sure? Because we can still go to the drive-in theatre, it's not too late."

God no

That woke up Lachlan in a second, "Nuh uh, we are going back to Vela and that's nonnegotiable."

"Whatever," Hunter rolled his eyes.

They spent the rest of the ride arguing, Maddox thinking of his sister while the rest talked between themselves.

Ayla parked the car at the same place it was earlier and they climbed the fence before sneaking back inside.

Maddox was walking by Sapphire as they walked to their dorms. He was about go in when she stopped him putting her hand on his wrist.

"Are you okay?" She asked, her eyes holding the same worry his had earlier, "You haven't talked the whole ride."

He smirked, "Are you worried?"

"Not anymore," she said rolling her eyes playfully, "But seriously."

He sighed, "I'm fine, just thinking."

Sapphire gave him a last glance before nodding and going in her room as he did the same. That night Maddox slept better than he had in a long time, recently the nightmares didn't happen so often making him less scared to go to sleep. Whereas usually he would stay up until the sun was up, unable to fall into slumber, that night the stars whispered lullabies to his ears, as soft dreams carried him in a serene galaxy.

He was sleeping peacefully until loud and unceasing knocks woke him up.

"Who the fuck is it!!" Maddox shouted at the door.

I'm going to kill someone

He got off his bed, his intentions murderous as he opened the door.

"I swear to fucking God I- Sapphire? What are you doing here? Is something wrong?" He asked looking around in worry.


Hehe it's payback time

"You thought you could just wake me up yesterday from my sleep and there wouldn't be any consequences?" She asked smiling deviously pushing him to the side as she went in his room.

He rubbed his eye leisurely glaring at her, "Sapphire, I just started hating you less."

She smiled, "I'm glad the feeling's mutual. Ooo what's that?"

She grabbed a golden bracelet that was on his desk.

His eyes widened, "Okay, let's put that down," he tried to grab it but she moved away still holding it.

"Remember yesterday when you threatened my dear knife?" She smiled tilting her head evilly.

Maddox groaned, "Fine."

And he went to his bathroom to get ready as she continued observing his room. His cellphone was resting on his nightstand when she realized he didn't have her number.

"MADDOX!! I'M BORROWING YOUR PHONE!!!!" She yelled taking it and opening it.

"BE CAREFUL!!" He yelled back.

She opened it and went in his contact to add her number, making sure to name herself 'The Awesomest Person in The World'. She was about to take a picture to add when she noticed he already had one of her in his phone. They were both glaring at each other, Sapphire drenched from when he had poured water over her just before detention.

Ahh good memories

"Sapphire please tell me you haven't deleted anything," Maddox said as he got out of the bathroom in a pair of grey sweats and a black hoodie.

She smiled at him, "Don't worry."

He sighed, "What are we doing today?"

A smirk played on her lips, "We are painting."

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