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THE SKY WAS LIKE a velvet darkness, cradling the dreams of those asleep

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THE SKY WAS LIKE a velvet darkness, cradling the dreams of those asleep. Back home, when Sapphire looked up to the dark sky, a cover of cloud was the only thing visible, the city lights preventing the stars from shining bright, but today it was as if for the first time, she had really looked up at the sky.

"Yeah," Maddox said looking up.

"I usually come here after Amaya, Julian and Enzo leave.."

She drifted her gaze over to him, "Are there any other level fives you know staying?"

"Yeah, the ones of Section Four, the younger ones I don't really know them," he answered.

He sat down next to her on the edge of the roof making their thighs touch. Her heartbeat accelerated for a few seconds before going back to normal. They stayed in a comfortable silence for a few moments, just observing the view as they enjoyed each other's company.


While Sapphire was lost in her thoughts Maddox was trying to find the right way to phrase his words.

I like you

Too blunt?

I think I like you

Too indecisive

You make me feel like a better person

Probably going to scare her away

"You know when I first talked to you I thought you were a huge jerk, but turns out you're not so bad," Sapphire said randomly with her playful smile.

He chuckled lowly, "I thought you were annoying but you're not so bad either."

A silence engulfed them once more and that's when Maddox chose to pronounce the words he had earlier spent time so carefully trying to phrase.


Her phone rang.

She looked at her phone before looking back at him.

He sighed before nodding and she answered.


Aviva's voice spoke, "Sorry Sapph, I butt-dialled you."

"It's fine, is everything okay?" Sapphire asked as she heard Aviva's sad tone.

She heard a deep breath, "I'm fine don't worry, enjoy your alone time with pretty boy."

Sapphire insisted, "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure, I have to go bye bye," Aviva said before hanging up.

Sapphire frowned, "Weird."

"Who was it?" Maddox asked.

"Aviva, she sounded strange," Sapphire answered.

Maddox looked back the scenery once more, "You'll see each other in two days so you'll be able to talk about it. We should go back inside, it's getting late."

She simply nodded, scared disappointment would be heard in her voice if she answered. They walked back to their dorms before getting in and going to bed both unable to sleep.

She had finally fallen asleep and not even 2 hours later someone knocked on her door.

"Whoever shall disrupt my sleep shall suffer the consequences," she mumbled as she opened her door with a murderous glare.

Maddox chuckled on the other side, "You don't sound like someone who has enough motivation at the moment to make someone suffer."

"Hate is a powerful emotion young padawan, powerful, now go away, I want to sleep," she replied groggily before slumping back in her bed not even bothering to close the door.

Of course, Maddox entered after her and sat on her desk chair, "You know, you're even crazier when you're tired."

"Universe what was my mistake? What did I do to deserve this?! Is sleep such a luxury nowadays?" She exclaimed, her voice muffled by the covers.

"Come on, it's already noon," Maddox continued, trying to get her out of bed.

"Not closing the door that was my mistake," she mumbled in her pillow.

Suddenly a breath fanned on her ear before Maddox's husky voice whispered, "If you don't wake up Sapphire, I'm going to throw your knife from the roof."

Her head snapped up, "You evil human, you wouldn't dare."

Their faces were incredibly close and their noses were almost touching when he pulled back and out of nowhere the knife appeared in his right hand before he started playing with it.

"Wouldn't I?" He smiled deviously making it dance between his fingers.

They had a staring contest for a few seconds before she sighed, "Fine, but if I hurt you because you're annoying me, it's your fault."

He smiled, "A risk I'm ready to take."

She narrowed her eyes as she walked past him to go to the bathroom, "And they say I am annoying."

She did her thing before picking some clothes in her closet and going back in the bathroom to change. When she got out she was relieved to find the knife back to its place on her nightstand and Maddox out of her room.

She opened the door to leave and found him leaning against the wall typing something on his cellphone.

She took the moment to observe him, his golden eyes reminded her of honey on a summer afternoon, his olive skin glowing under the morning sun and his hair like a black sea at night creating soft shadows on his face. The word handsome wasn't even beginning to describe him.

She felt like she could just look at him for the rest of eternity and never get bored, something that scared her immensely.

He noticed her gaze on him and for a slight second she could swear his cheeks were pinker.

"Once you're done staring we can go downstairs to eat," he chuckled walking to the elevator.

She caught up with him, "You are particularly annoying today, why is that?"

He smiled at her, "I get to spend the day with my favourite person, that's why."


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