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THE BELL HAD RANG a dozen minutes ago causing the hallways to be empty when Sapphire and Aviva walked side by side as they went to the cafeteria. They'd made a quick stop to the bathroom and their gossiping had made them take way more time then usual.

As they continued talking, Sapphire noticed a group of girls from Hayward had been following them ever since they'd left the bathroom. She had seen them before they even walked in the bathroom, but simply assumed they were waiting for someone.

"Avie," Sapphire whispered, jerking her head to  the back.

Aviva took a quick glance and frowned, "Are they following us? What are we in a movie?" Aviva stopped and turned towards the girls, "If you have something to tell us, fucking say it or stop following us like lost dogs."

Sapphire chuckled and a blond girl threw her a glare.

"Yeah, we do have something to say," the redhead girl in the middle said as she walked towards them with a hand on her hip. "You bitches gave us all diarrhea, this morning and you will pay."

"Pay?" Aviva frowned, "It's not my fault you can't control your bowels girl."

Sapphire muffled a laugh with her hand.

The girl scowled at Aviva, "It is! I saw the blonde put some shit in my food!"

Sapphire scoffed, "I don't like to be falsely accused."

"Diarrhea, hallucinations, seems to me like you're coming down with something," Aviva replied shrugging.

The three other girls continued walking towards Aviva and Sapphire, "We know what we saw, and we saw," the girl gestured at Sapphire, "your friend here, put something in our food. And we're not leaving until you admit it."

Sapphire frowned, "Well you'll stay here a long time then. Bye now."

She grabbed Aviva's arm and started running but before she could get very far, hands grabbed her arms and colourful nails dug in her skin.

"Not cool," Sapphire groaned as her back was slammed in the lockers.

Two girls restrained each of them.

"Just admit it, and we'll let you go," the redhead said with a smirk.

Sapphire glanced at Aviva, "What are we supposed to admit again?"

Aviva chuckled and the girl scowled, "Just admit you dared putting something in my food!"

"Yeah, I did add something in your food," Sapphire finally said, causing the girl to smile in satisfaction, "I added love."

The girl's nostrils flared as her face slowly turned red like her hair.

Sapphire shook her head in disappointment as she spoke, "Which you clearly didn't deserve, I mean really, I do the effort to-"


"And I get interrupted?!" Sapphire scoffed. "Haven't you hurt me enough already?"

The girl inhaled loudly in bewilderment, "I can't believe you dare to speak to me like that, do you even know who I am?"

"No, and we'd like to keep it that way," Aviva answered with a nod.

The girl  took a step towards Aviva, raising her hand in a threatening way and just as she was about to strike, Sapphire kicked her in the stomach.

"AND STRIKE!!" Sapphire yelled victoriously as if playing bowling.

Aviva shook her head at her friend before kicking the girl on her right and shoving the one on her left in the lockers.

Sapphire stepped on the blonde girl's toe and elbowed the girl on the left in the nose as she got out of their grips.

The five girls were all on the floor either sitting or laying in agony as they held the body part which Sapphire or Aviva had injured.

Sapphire was about to speak but a voice stopped her.

"Wow, I've been wanting to see that happen for a while."

A brown haired girl was leaning on the wall opposite to them with a smirk. Her caramel skin gleamed under the rays of sunshine creeping through the barred windows and her eyes shone with mischief as she eyed the five girls on the ground. She wore the Hayward uniform with a unique elegance and held herself with confidence.

Aviva narrowed her eyes at her, "Are you here for revenge too?"

The girl laughed, "No, I didn't touch the food when I saw her," she tilted her head towards Sapphire, "put something in it."

"What are you doing here then?" Aviva asked, skepticism laced in her tone.

The girl smirked, "I was going to go meet my friends and then there happened to be a show on the way."

Sapphire nodded but Aviva still eyed her suspiciously.

"Anyways, I have to go now," the girl said as she checked her phone before looking back at the girls with a smirk, "thank you for beating Octavia up, I would've done it myself, but I'm not allowed to get in fights anymore."

And with that final sentence the girl turned on her heels and walked towards the elevator.

Aviva and Sapphire looked at each other in confusion, but waved it off and continued walking as they had originally planned to the cafeteria.

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