c h a p t e r XXXIII

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double update, enjoy dear humans and aliens and thank you for your support xxx

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THE NEXT MORNING, CONTRARY to the weekend before, it wasn't Maddox who woke Sapphire up, but the ringing from a call coming from Aviva at three AM.

The annoying ringing of her phone was now echoing for the third time in her room.

"If I didn't answer the first two times, THERE'S A FUCKING REASON!!" She yelled in the phone without checking the ID.

"Really Sapph, could you scream any louder," Enzo's voice said.

Sapphire frowned and checked the ID, "Why are you calling me from Aviva's phone? OH MY GOD ENZO DID YOU GUYS-"

"SAPPHIRE!!!" Enzo interrupted, "WE GOT ARRESTED!! GOD!"

She chuckled amused, "Whatever you say."

"You know what, I was going to ask for your help, but I won't deal with those comments," Enzo said with a scoff.

She laughed, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, what do you need help with?"

"As I said we got arrested-"

"How?" She interrupted.

Enzo groaned, "It doesn't matter, we-"

Sapphire interrupted him again, "And how did you end up with Aviva? Are you really sure you didn't-"

"SAPPHIRE!! Will you listen for fuck's sake!!" Enzo yelled.

"Fine, fine, let me just wake Maddox up, now I have a legitimate reason," Sapphire said grinning evilly before jumping off her bed and running to Maddox's dorm.

"Great so now he'll kill you for waking him up and we won't have anyone to help us," Enzo muttered.

She scoffed as she knocked on the door loudly, "Because you not getting any help is worse than me dying."

"Well you wouldn't know," Enzo said, "SINCE YOU WON'T LET ME TELL YOU WHAT THE PROBLEM IS."

"I'm pretty sure I'm not preventing you from doing anything Enzo," Sapphire replied.

Maddox came out, that same murderous glare on his face as he spotted Sapphire.

Shirtless. Hot.

"What did I do this time to earn this?" Maddox asked rubbing his eye lazily.

She walked in not waiting for him to tell her to come in.

"Sure, come in Sapphire," Maddox said sarcastically.

She smiled, "I'm already in, but thank you. Your friend needs our help."

"NO, I SAID YOU, NOT MADDOX," Enzo shouted through the line, "Now he'll kill us both."

Maddox frowned, "Is that Enzo?"

"NO!!" Enzo shouted as Sapphire replied yes.

"Putting you on speaker Enzo," Sapphire said as she did so.

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