c h a p t e r XXXII

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LORENZO WAS NOT SOMEONE serious. He grew up laughing and carefree of the consequences his actions brought. He was playful laughters on the beach and beaming sun rays grazing a meadow, serious only when his family or close friends were involved, so as he was trying to get in contact with an old friend, he did his best to sound mature.

"Well, well, Lorenzo Moretti, how's everything going, how's your mother?" The man asked.

Enzo chuckled, "Everything's great Cam, I um, I have a small favour to ask you."

"Shoot Enzo, I don't got all day kid," Cam said with a booming laugh.

Enzo laughed nervously, "Do you- do you have some information on a certain Antonio Rossi?"

The line went silent.

"Ah yes, I do," Cam said, making Enzo sigh in relief, "I can't tell you though, it's classified."

Enzo grunted as he passed a hand through his hair, "Are you sure Cam? He's the father of my friend, I want to make her a surprise and bring him home for a couple of days, it's been a year since she's seen him."

He heard Cam sigh on the line, "Look kid, I'll see what I can do okay? But no promises, I'll call you when I have some more news, good?"

"Okay, thanks Cam, bye," Enzo said before hanging up.

That's better than nothing right?

"What are you doing?" Sapphire asked, stopping when she saw him in the hall, "And why do you look so worried?"

Enzo frowned, "Why aren't you in class? Did you start a riot again?"

"No," she laughed, "I got bored so I left, and you what are you doing out of class?"

"I was trying to get information on Aviva's father, I want to bring him back for a few days," he explained.

Sapphire's face lit up, "She will love it!! It'll make her so happy!"

"I know," he replied, "That's why I'm doing it, I called an old friend of my mom who works in the army, some high-ranked something and he's going to look into it."

"Well there's nothing more you can do about it then," Sapphire replied, "You should spend time with her, instead of worrying about something you have no control on."

"Surprisingly, that makes sense, I think," Enzo replied pensively.

Amaya then walked by before stopping as she saw them, "Oh hey guys, what are you doing here?" She turned to Sapphire, "Did you start a riot again?"

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