c h a p t e r XXVII

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THEY HAD EACH WENT to their own dorms, seeing as they had all been covered in thick paint

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THEY HAD EACH WENT to their own dorms, seeing as they had all been covered in thick paint.

Enzo had had the brilliant idea to throw paint at both Aviva and Maddox making them chase after him for a good minute while Sapphire observed them amused. When Maddox had noticed she was simply observing them since no paint had landed on her from Enzo, he took the matter in his own hands.

She wasn't happy.

So now all of them were cleaning up themselves, trying to get rid of the rainbow of colours on their bodies.

Sapphire got out of the shower frowning at the hues of pink still noticeable in the golden waves. She would've been mad had it not been for the purple paint she had poured in Maddox's hair. She still had his cellphone too and slipped both their phones in her pocket as she got dressed when her stomach growled loudly.

Texting Aviva she would be in the cafeteria, Sapphire headed there almost sprinting.

She opened the door, making sure Gloria had left before entering, she had no plans on getting her ass whooped by the Russian chef.

Slipping in the kitchen on her tippy toes, she opened the fridge searching for anything that could fill her growling stomach. Finally she found some leftovers from a pepperoni and cheese pizza and warmed it in the microwave.

"Hmmm, what smells so good?" Enzo's voice chirped as he got closer to the appealing smell.

"Why God?" Sapphire whined knowing very well what was about to happen.

Enzo's face appeared in the kitchen, "Hey Sapph."

She narrowed her eyes at him, "Enzo."

He gave a quick glance at the microwave and before she could move he sprinted to it screaming, "AAAAAHHH!!"

She shook her head pinching the bridge of her nose as he took the pizza out and stole a bite.

"Enzo, darling would you please shut up for once," Aviva asked walking in.

He frowned, "Is my constant yelling annoying you?"

Aviva smiled, "That's one way to put it."

"Do I want to know the other way?" He asked taking another bite.

Aviva tilted her head as she thought for a second, "I don't feel like traumatizing you today, maybe some other time."

Maddox then walked in, "What's going on?"

How can someone be this hot?

"Enzo stole my pizza," Sapphire answered as she walked slowly in Enzo's direction.

Maddox gazed over Sapphire before resting his eyes on the pizza and Enzo, "Is it good?"

Sapphire gasped, "You traitor."

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