c h a p t e r XVI

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"WE SHOULD GO FIND the girls, the fights'll start in thirty minutes," Maddox said as put out his cigarette.

"I'll text Maya," Julian replied taking out his phone and texting her.

"I don't have Aviva's number," Enzo pointed out as he got up.

Maddox smirked, "Why do you want it?"

"I don't know, what if there was an emergency and she was the only one that could help me?" Enzo shrugged.

"An emergency and she was the only one that could help you?" Maddox repeated frowning.

Enzo shrugged, "Well yeah, you know.."

"Maya's taking them to the underground ring so we can meet them there," Julian then said.

They all started going down the small stairs and headed to the library.

"I mean what if there's like an apocalypse and aliens invade us, how am I going to know if she's alive? Or if there's like a pandemic and everyone dies except both of us, how could we-"

Julian interrupted him, "Enzo, I'm just making sure, are you sure that you don't have any meds prescribed?"

"For the last time, I lost them and I was explaining the reason why I need Aviva's number," Enzo answered.

"You, you tell her that when you ask for her number," Julian replied smiling.

They finally arrived to the underground ring and as usual when they entered most of the delinquents were already there either siting at some of the tables or standing near the ring. They spotted the girls at one of the tables and to their surprise they seemed in a very good mood. Aviva and Amaya laughing a lot and Sapphire as joyful as usual.

"We may have drank, a tinsy little bit," Amaya said to Julian slurring a little bit.

Maddox looked at Sapphire frowning, "Did you? Because I won't fight you if you did, you could hurt yourself."

Enzo's jaw dropped open, "Why don't you ask that when I drink?!"

Sapphire chuckled, "I didn't, but thanks for the concern."

"Again, why don't you ask that when I drink?!" Enzo exclaimed.

Maddox ignored him as he sat next to Sapphire. Her honey hair was put in a high ponytail and she was wearing a blue hoodie accentuating her vibrant blue eyes.


I wonder if I get a prize if I win because that would be awesome

"So how does it work exactly?" Sapphire asked looking at the delinquents laughing and drinking near the ring.

"It starts with the youngest fighters so the freshman and then sophomores and so on and we have the new fighters at the end," Julian explained.

"Yeah so you'll be last against Maddox," Enzo added trying to subtlety wrap an arm around Aviva.

"And how are the teachers not hearing anything?" Sapphire asked smiling when Aviva slapped his arm away.

"The whole place is soundproof," Enzo said before focusing on the ring where a young man was standing a microphone in hand.

"Hello, criminals and delinquents, as usual we're starting the fights with our freshmen then sophomores, juniors and seniors and our new fighters at the end. Give your money to Steve at the table if you want to place bets. Let the fights begin!"

The first to opponents were two boys looking about 14-15 year old. They started circling each other before they started giving sloppy punches and kicks without any technique making Sapphire's skin crawl.

The rest of the fights were somewhat similar to the first one except the people were older and extremely stronger in their attacks and an hour and a half later it was Sapphire's turn. She had seen tons of girls here, just none of them fighting.

She took off her hoodie and gave it to Julian before getting up and heading towards the ring.

Her red Scorpio tattoo was now visible on her back and she saw how a fright appeared in the eyes of a few people that saw it. The Scorpios were a gang with an enormous reputation throughout the country, they had many allies but it's leader was who everyone was most scared of. Genesis Carter, who was known under Kaos, which meant Chaos in Swedish. But that's a story for another time.

She walked up to the ring and jumped inside making people freeze in shock.

"She's a girl!!" An angry voice shouted.

"Well no shit Sherlock!!!" Amaya shouted back standing on her chair before Julian pulled her back down glaring at the some people that were giving her mean looks.

The guy announcing the fights came to the middle of the ring, "There's no rules saying girls can't fight, so let the young girl do as she pleases. Good luck," he whispered smiling warmly the last part to her as he got off.

"We have a new fighter as you can see, I present Sapphire Cain who tonight will be fighting our undefeated champion of section 3, MADDOX KNIGHT!!"

The crowd erupted in cheers and shouted, "KNIGHT, KNIGHT, KNIGHT."

Maddox cracked his knuckles as he walked in the ring, the mischievous glint in his eyes, "Are you ready Sapphire?"

She smiled deviously,


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