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I tried finding my doppelganger so they could go to school for me, I didn't find them.

enjoy my guys xx

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WHAT THE FUCK IS on her neck?!

A stronger breeze had blown in their faces pushing Sapphire's hair out of her neck leaving Maddox enough time to notice the red and purple bruises around it.

She quickly put the hair back with her hand clearly hoping he wouldn't have had enough time to see, but she just managed to show him her wrist instead.

He pushed back the blond strands, his finger lightly grazing her neck before taking carefully her wrists in his hands, examining them.

"Who did that?" He asked his voice as cold as ice.

She sighed, "No one, I took care of it."

It didn't take a lot for him to connect the dots; why she was late at detention, her threat to Adrian and when she lost her earring in the bathroom.

"Adrian," he said quietly.

She turned and looked him in the eyes sternly, "Don't you dare try something with him, I can fight my own damn battles."

That made him angry.

"Are you fucking kidding me?! Look what he did to your neck and your wrists Sapphire!!"

"I was fucking there Maddox, I don't need any help," she replied clenching her jaw.

"Why the fuck not?!" He continued.


"Because I'm not going to depend on anyone, it's my own fucking business," she said her voice louder and angrier.

The last time she depended on someone that person died, leaving her alone in the world, her only family. She wasn't ready to go through that again.


Right, Ricardo


"We're not done talking about this," Maddox then said.

"We are," she replied watching the door, waiting for the it to bust open.

As she predicted, Ricardo barged outside.

"Sapphire, do you hate me? Is that why you never listen to me? Because I'm seriously reconsidering engineering," Ricardo asked.

"Of course not, I don't hate you, and what are you talking about I always listen to you," she frowned.

"I told you twenty minutes, it's been fifty minutes."

"But you said fifty minutes," Sapphire replied.

"No I perfectly remember saying twenty minutes."

"No you didn't."

"Yes I did."

"No you didn't."

"Yes I did."

"Yes you did."

"No I didn't," he replied.

"See I told you you didn't say twenty minutes," Sapphire smiled.

"No I said fifty minutes, wait what?" He scowled.

"It's okay Ricky life is confusing sometimes," she said walking past him tapping his shoulder in encouragement.

She went down to the cafeteria to eat with the rest Maddox following behind her.

They didn't talk for the rest of the day and finally it was dinner. The fights started at 9:30 PM so they still had a lot of time.

Sapphire was walking in the cafeteria talking with Aviva when Adrian passed by her and glared at her.

Is he limping?

"What happened to his leg and his arm?" Aviva asked eyeing Adrian confused.

Although she tried to fight it a small smile appeared on her face. She didn't like people helping her nor relying on people but she wouldn't say seeing Adrian limping across the cafeteria wasn't enjoyable to watch.

She turned around looking in the cafeteria for the stubborn brown head before spotting him at a table with Enzo, Amaya and Julian.

Maddox was eating his dinner and seemed very concentrated on whatever Enzo was saying.


Is she mad, I hope not, why do I even care?

He was trying his best not to look at her as she sat down with Aviva and focus on Enzo who started talking about his BJJ moves to impress Aviva, making big gestures with his arms.

"And I just learned this new move called the flying armbar, it's super complicated and it can take months to learn but I got it on the second try," Enzo said proudly.

Amaya and Julian looked at each other confused before Amaya spoke, "No you didn't, you tried it with Julian five times and when you failed you gave up."

Enzo glared at her, "Thank you Amaya."

Julian narrowed his eyes at him, "What did I say about glaring?"

Enzo just huffed and Amaya stuck out her tongue at him childishly.

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