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The Bad Boy and The Cheerleader |✔| by littletroublemaker_
The Bad Boy and The Cheerleader |✔|by Chloe
Highest Rank - #1 in Teen Fiction - 29/04/18 ~~ Annabella Stone lived in a normal house, in a normal town with a normal family. She was quite a shy girl yet she loved to...
  • school
  • fights
  • love
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I Fight For Her by EverlarkCatoniss
I Fight For Herby Liz
*A Wattpad Featured Story* *Completed* *A Spin on Cliches* Her life seems perfect. His life is tearing at the seams. She's the pride of the school. He's the scum other...
  • wattys
  • badboy
  • football
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Texting Him. | COMPLETE ✔️ by sage_reed
Texting Him. | COMPLETE ✔️by sage
❝what was your first clue?❞ * Copyright © 2017 - #676 in Teen Fiction 2/04/2018 - #317 in Teen Fiction 10/04/2018 - #...
  • teenagers
  • badboy
  • dialogue
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The bad boy saved me|✔ by QuaintBookWorm
The bad boy saved me|✔by SmallThoughts
{Complete} Avalon Jones is a shy girl in a toxic relationship that has lasted three years. She's tried breaking up with her abusive boyfriend but there's the threats th...
  • violence
  • fiction
  • love
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Senior Year Checklist by thebarbiegirl95
Senior Year Checklistby Barbie
Rose and Natalie have been best friends forever, as senior year approaches they realize they been missing out on all the fun high school memories that everyone has and b...
  • boys
  • teenfiction
  • crush
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Oakleaf Academy For Boys (BxB) by Pixie022
Oakleaf Academy For Boys (BxB)by Pix
Treat them like prisoners and they'll behave like prisoners. Oakleaf Academy was a prison. No matter how you described it, no one would believe it was a boarding school...
  • romance
  • teens
  • gaylove
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The Rockstar Chronicles by LeahPriceAuthor
The Rockstar Chroniclesby Leah Price
Lindy Madison is just a normal, everyday teen. A normal, everyday teen who happens to have a stage mom and a famous brother, that is. When her brother is signed as part...
  • romance
  • audition
  • music
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His Deadly Girl by crystally_rain
His Deadly Girlby Crystal
"L-Listen, buddy, I-I don't do l-love and a-all that c-crap," I breathed, willing my knees to not give up under his intense gaze. He gave me one of those rare...
  • chicklit
  • action
  • romance
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Meaningful Mistakes by hannahmcapper
Meaningful Mistakesby Hannah Capper
Hunter Kings despised 'the perfect girl' Lolita Brown as soon as their paths collided at school, and him living in the apartment next her and her best friend. Everyone...
  • mistakes
  • lgbt
  • boyfriend
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The Boy Next Door by Eatinqwut
The Boy Next Doorby Isabelle Snyder
Something hit the side of my laptop screen and fell onto the floor. It was a paper airplane. There was a message written inside. "You look pretty hot in a towel. Yo...
  • neighbors
  • boynextdoor
  • adventures
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London's Bad Boy. (Slowly Editing) by MoonlightScribbles
London's Bad Boy. (Slowly Editing)by MoonlightScribbles
Moving to another town, acceptable. Moving to another state, understandable. Moving to another country, that was complete torture. Nicole Andersini, a seventeen year old...
  • wrong
  • youre
  • teenage
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Chasing Katherine  by abenaaddai
Chasing Katherine by abenaaddai
Highest Rank: #1 in self-defense ___________________ "The fact that I don't break down in front of you doesn't mean I'm made of stone. The fact that I don't come co...
  • katherine
  • self-defense
  • love
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Opposites attract by luann16
Opposites attractby luann16
"You're so bad for me". "And you love that". I gulped as he lent in closer, trapping me between his body and the wall behind me. The worst part of t...
  • badboy
  • cute
  • highschool
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Truce by Fiapie
Truceby Sofia
"You don't want me, you just don't want to see me with anyone else." - COMPLETED
  • mystery
  • bết
  • heartbreak
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Take the Risk by blissmarissa
Take the Riskby Marissa Gabrielle
After meeting each other one fateful night, Kara Lexington is thrown into Jason Kade's world. A world full of flirty comments and spontaneous moments. Jason lives for th...
  • school
  • party
  • youngadultreads
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His Girl by xoxots
His Girlby QueenBee’
Jaden And Mitchell Met Long Time Ago When They Were 6, they used to live next to each other and with the time became bestfriend, years after Mitchell Moved to another co...
  • humor
  • highschool
  • drama
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My Best Friend's Brother by m_n_erickson
My Best Friend's Brotherby M.N. Erickson
Sammi is just an average teenage girl - well, except for the fact that she attends a boarding school with her best friend, is in love with her best friend's brother, and...
  • teenagers
  • loves
  • teen
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Exceptance by xX-Redd-Xx
Exceptanceby Redd
"It's a difficult life, being hunted down at all times. You're never safe. Are you sure you could handle it?"
  • humor
  • ghoul
  • teenagers
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teenage rants  by cloudhyskies
teenage rants by sydney sage
where a teenage girl rants about random stuff recommended for ages 13+ (some chapters are more mature)
  • thoughts
  • rants
  • teens
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Untold. by importthismonster
Untold.by importthismonster
He was 15 years old when his mother decided to quit her job and move. He was 15 and free, until one action turned into a life sentence.
  • mystery
  • fun
  • crazy
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