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"THAT WAS.. INTERESTING, I guess," Enzo said frowning as he walked up to Maddox and Sapphire, Aviva still next to him and Amaya and Julian behind them.

"That explains a lot," Amaya sighed sadly as she watched the black car roll away. Julian put an arm around her shoulders and kissed her temple.

"Jules, Amaya, your parents are here," Enzo said pointing at two couple chatting together.

Amaya glanced in the direction he pointed, "Time to go home," she turned back to her friends with a small smile, "We'll see each other Sunday, don't have too much fun without us."

They all waved goodbye before Julian and Amaya walked away.

Amaya hugged tightly a woman who Sapphire assumed was her mother while Julian did the same with his parents. She couldn't help the pang of jealousy in her heart as she saw them.

Aviva turned to Enzo, "Their parents are all friends?"

"Yeah, they were neighbours growing up and they went to high school together, except for Amaya's mom, she went to school here," Enzo explained before something caught his attention.

An older version of him was leaning against a white car, a small crowd of girls surrounding the guy.

"What?!" Enzo exclaimed, "But mamma assured me he wouldn't come to get me."

Maddox chuckled, "It's just your brother Enzo."

"Oh we both know he's the devil incarnate," Enzo glared at him.

"He's hot," Aviva added checking him out shamelessly.

Enzo gasped, "Not you too."

"Don't worry I think you're hotter," she said chuckling.

Enzo blushed a little and looked away.

"Great my mom's here," Aviva sighed as she looked at a woman who was anxiously staring at the crowd of delinquents around her, "I have to go before she has a panic attack," Aviva turned back to Enzo with a smirk, "I meant what I said."

His blush turned a few shades darker as she walked away before an angry expression replaced it when his older brother walked in their direction.

"She's one hot troia," he whistled looking at Aviva's ass. (troia=slut)

Enzo didn't think twice and grabbed him by the throat. They were the same height so it was easy.

"You call her that one more time, giuro su Dio Diego, che ti prenderò a calci le palle in gola, poi te le legherò al collo e ti strozzerò con loro," he threatened in a dangerously quiet tone.

His older brother, Diego, simply chuckled, "Chill man, I won't touch your girl no need for the threats."

Diego's gaze went over Maddox before stopping on Sapphire, "Well, well, well who are you?"

She smiled skeptically, not sure if she liked him yet, "Sapphire Cain."

Diego paled, "I heard your name before, you're part of the Scorpios."

Sapphire frowned before smiling and turning to Maddox. "Did you hear that?? I'm a celebrity!!" She turned back to Diego, "Do you want an autograph??"

Diego took a big step back and grabbed Enzo's arm before whispering, "Don't make any sudden movements."

She frowned, "I can hear you."

And Diego sprinted off dragging a reluctant Enzo with him.

"Okay then," she said still confused by what had just happened.

"What did you do to earn a reaction like that?" Maddox asked confused too.

"I honestly don't know, I've been in a few fights I guess?" She replied trying to find what might've caused that reaction.

She looked around them and realized the parking lot was almost empty the only persons remaining being few parents, Mr. Olsen and some guards.

Maddox gently grabbed her hand, "Come on I want to show you something."

If she didn't know any better, she would almost say he looked at her with fondness.

He led her up the familiar stairs before opening the door to the roof.

"Umm, Maddox I've already been-"

She stopped when the astonishing view engulfed her eyes. The shining stars were all that was visible in the darkness of the blue sky. Hues of different shades of purple in the sky added to its mesmerizing effect.

"Wow," she said observing it before sitting on the edge of the roof her legs dangling above the ground.

translation: (I swear to god I'm going to kick your balls into your throat, then tie them around your neck and choke you with them|
i think, i don't speak Italian)

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