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THEY HAD BEEN RIDING the bus for three hours when it stopped for the final break before arriving at Vela

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THEY HAD BEEN RIDING the bus for three hours when it stopped for the final break before arriving at Vela. Sapphire had fake escaped the last two breaks with the help of Aviva, forcing the guards to keep a closer eye on her and tightening her cuffs, just in case she tried to slip them off. "You know tightening them won't stop my legs from running, right?" she had said smirking, earning herself a glare.

They were dragging her off the bus, the boy from earlier behind her, when a pinching sensation hit her butt cheek.

He did not just do that

The boy got off the bus winking at her and she glared at him, ready to beat his ass, which she could've done without the two guards on her sides.

They'd stopped at a little convenience store pretty secluded from the rest of the world. The only thing besides the store being trees and dirt around them.

Sapphire entered it accompanied by two guards on each of her sides making the person behind the checkout counter pale by the minute. That's when she spotted the thing she craved for, chips.

They seemed to be glowing in a halo of light with angels singing beside it when a frame blocked her vision. The smug boy was eyeing the chips with the same look in his eyes.

Oh hell no

Her scowl changed into a grin when an idea popped in her head.


She started moving her legs weirdly as she walked to a guard that had been escorting her.

"Hey, bud, my period is starting and I really need to go the bathroom, like now," she whispered.

The guard's eyes widened, "Okay, but make it quick."

She frowned as he started to walk away.

"Well you have to give me money dude, these things aren't free," she clarified, going next to him as if it were obvious.

The guard seemed even more horrified by that and practically pushed a twenty dollar bill in her hand.

Well I was talking about cents but that'll do just fine

She grinned, "Thank you."

And rushed to the bathroom. She squatted down on the floor looking for the small object that'd help her regain blood circulation in her hands.

Come on there's got to be at least one

"Ah hah!" She raised the bobby pin proudly.

She started bending it weirdly so it would fit in the small hole before twisting it and pushing in certain directions until she heard the click.

Thank you Genesis

The cuffs opened and she took them off and in the pocket of her black cargo pants.

She kept her hands behind her back as if still cuffed and got out of the bathroom. The boy was still eyeing the chips hungrily and she narrowed her eyes at him.

She started walking in his direction dangerously, the guards too busy to pay attention as they were drooling in front of the candy section. She stopped next to him and pretended to fall.

He smirked before speaking, his voice like nails on a board to her ears, "Already falling for me?"

She got back up and smiled sweetly at him before sweeping his feet from under him making him fall hard on his ass.

"Looks like it's the other way around," she smirked before grabbing the chips he was eyeing.

His fist clutched tightly, his gaze becoming murderous and anger in his veins.

And he jumped on her.

Or tried to.

He hadn't noticed that while Sapphire was 'falling' she had taken the opportunity to cuff his ankles together, making him fall on his face when he tried to go after her.

She laughed before going to the cashier with the twenty dollar bill in her hand.

She brought her face closer to his smiling softly, "If you tell them," she pointed at the oblivious guards, "what happened, I will find you and I promise you won't be happy with what I'll do."

The cashier simply nodded excessively as he passed the chips through his scanner, his hands shaking.

"Have a good day," she grinned.

A loud voice boomed, "What the hell?!"

The guards took off the boys cuffs from his ankles, "Who did that."

The boy kept silent.

Guess snitches get stitches everywhere

"Just get back on the bus!" Another guard said obviously giving up.

"Every year they come up with some new bullshit, every year man."

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