c h a p t e r IX

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THEY SPENT THE REST of their lunch talking until the bell rang. Ricardo was walking with Sapphire as they went to her locker and she checked her schedule.


She smiled, the number of things you could do in a chemistry.

"I know that smile, what are you planning to do Sapphire?" Ricardo asked looking slightly scared.

"Aww, you can differentiate my smiles, told you I would grow on you," she put a hand over her heart.

"Whatever, I don't want to know anyway," he shook his head.

Sapphire took out her books before starting to walk with Ricardo to her class.

He stopped her as she was about to get in, "Sapphire, I don't want to get a call saying you blew up the lab, wait no, I'm giving you ideas crap."

She chuckled, "Don't worry, blowing up a lab is boring and anyways I've already done it once so."

Ricardo sighed, "I don't want to know, just don't cause too much trouble."

Sapphire laughed, "You're funny you know, don't cause too much trouble," she laughed again as she went in.


"Maybe it's not too late to go in engineering," the person who Maddox recognized as Sapphire's guard mumbled.

Maddox was passing by him to get in the class but the guard grabbed his arm.

"You, you're one of Sapphire's friends right?" The guard asked in an almost a pleading tone.

"An acquaintance would be more accurate," Maddox corrected.

The guard waved that off, "Yeah, yeah, acquaintance friends same thing, just could you make sure she doesn't blow the lab off or something?"

"I think her blowing up someone would be more her type," Maddox answered.

"Crap I hadn't thought about that," the guard said, worry painted on his face, "Can you make sure it doesn't happen."

Maddox chuckled, "I doubt I'll be able to stop her."

"Goddamn it," the guard said before walking away.


When Maddox walked in everyone was already seated and the teacher had started the lesson.

Because of his reputation teachers would never ask him why he was late something he was grateful for.

He took his usual seat next to Enzo who was staring at Aviva as usual.

"You should ask her out," Maddox proposed as he took out his book.

"What?" Enzo asked still staring.

Maddox chuckled, "Aviva, you should ask her out."

"I'll ask her out when you'll ask Sapphire out," Enzo replied mixing two weird substances together.


"Why the hell would I ask her out?!" Maddox exclaimed scowling.

Enzo finally looked at him, "Did you get nightmares last night?"


"What does that have to do with anything?" Maddox scowled harder.

"Ever since she arrived, you've been showing more your emotions," Enzo answered putting the weird substance in a ring stand above a burner.

"She's been here for a day Enzo, I highly doubt she has anything to do with it."

Enzo smiled at him, "I don't."


"Sapph, I would usually support you for almost anything, but are you sure that making a bomb is a good idea?" Aviva asked, again.

"Pffft, a good idea, as if I had any of those," Sapphire replied as she placed a few more things inside the small cardboard box she had found.


It was her payback time for what Maddox had done when she was running from Ricardo. Her mini bomb contained green glitters she had found and a weird green substance resembling slime.

"You know it's going to explode on Enzo too right?" Aviva added.

Sapphire smirked, "Do you care?"

"No, I don't," Aviva frowned.

Sapphire closed the cardboard box with some tape before holding it proudly, "Un chef d'oeuvre."

Aviva just smiled as she shook her head.

Sapphire drew a butterfly on it before turning around to look at Maddox who was sitting next to Enzo at the opposite of the room. He was concentrating very hard to stop the weird substance from overflowing on his desk.

Here we go

She shook the small box a few seconds before throwing it across the room on his desk. Unfortunately for her it was at that moment that the teacher decided to check on the boys desk blocking her view.

"No get out of the way," she muttered.

Aviva smirked already knowing what was about to happen, "Oh oh."


The cardboard box exploded sending the green slime everywhere in a radius of two feet.

"Goddamn it I missed it," Sapphire said shaking her head, "The best one I've ever made and I missed it."

"SAPPHIRE CAIN," the teacher's high pitched voice shrieked.

I didn't even sign it this time?!

"I think she recognized the butterfly, you know, like the ones you draw everywhere," Aviva said answering her thoughts.

"Butterfly you betrayed me," Sapphire said in a dramatic was as the now green teacher walked aggressively in her direction.

"Can I please know why the hell would you throw a bomb at me?!" The teacher asked in a really loud voice.

"Well you were more collateral damage if that makes you feel better," Sapphire replied.


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