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I need to SLEEP but I don't want to so here we are
I have my first day of school tomorrow and it's currently 5 in the morning and I haven't gone to sleep but who cares anyways here you go my fellow humans enjoy xx

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MR. OLSEN SIGHED, "TAKE a seat Miss Cain."

Sapphire went back to her seat next to Aviva.

"Where were you?" Aviva whispered.

"I got lost," Sapphire whispered back.

Aviva simply nodded, not pressing further but still eyeing her suspiciously.

"So you will all head down to the cafeteria and start cleaning for the next hour and a half, I want it to be spotless when I come back, clear?"

"What?! Why??" Enzo exclaimed getting up from his seat.

Is that Play-Doh in his hand?

"Because Mr. Moretti, you have sent five students to the nurse," Mr. Olsen answered.

Enzo huffed but sat back.

"Any more explanations? Oh and I almost forgot Miss Cain and Mr. Knight, both of you are going to stay thirty minutes longer," Mr. Olsen added.

"That's bullshit," Maddox exclaimed.

"So is punching a teacher Mr. Knight."

Maddox scowled, "He was looking for it."

"I don't care, now chop chop," Mr. Olsen said clapping his hands.

The kids got up and headed to the janitor's closet and then the cafeteria.

Amaya and Aviva had sponges and buckets, Julian and Sapphire mops, and Enzo and Maddox the cleaning sprays.

They cleaned and scrubbed for an hour and a half, sometimes bickering and laughing until Mr. Olsen came and announced that everyone could go except Maddox and Sapphire.

Sapphire was scrubbing some of the last tables when she noticed Maddox walking away.

"Where are you going?"

"I am not doing this shit for longer," he answered and he walked through the door.

Ten seconds later he walked back in scowling.

She laughed at him, "What happened to 'I'm not doing this shit for longer," she mimicked in a deep voice.

He glared at her, " First of all, I don't sound like that, and second of all, Ricardo's on the other side of the door."

"Well not that much of a bad boy are we?" She murmured as she finished cleaning another table.

"You know you are extremely annoying," Maddox said scrubbing a wall.

She scoffed, "You are rude and mean and just plainly impossible. I mean what the hell is your problem?"

He clenched his jaw but didn't answer.

"Well look who's playing maid, glad you found your place back to the kitchen Sapphire," Adrian's voice said as he walked in from the back door.

"RICARDO!!!  THERE'S A ROACH IN THE CAFETERIA!!" Sapphire shouted before throwing a dirty wet sponge at Adrian.

"Why the fuck are you-" Maddox started but stopped when he saw Adrian.

Sapphire grinned as she looked at Adrian, "You know when I said I would put you in a coma, it was a promise."

"When did you say that?" Maddox frowned.

Adrian put his hands up, "I'm just hungry," and he went to the kitchen before exiting again.

They finished cleaning and that's when Sapphire realized she had lost her earring.

Oh nonono

"Crap! Where is it?" She muttered squatting on the ground and checking under the tables.

"What are you looking for?" Maddox asked her.

"My earring, it's a golden butterfly."

To her surprise he squatted down too and started looking with her.

Adrian the little shit, she thought as she remembered her altercation in the bathroom.


Why is she running out?

He decided to follow her but stopped when she entered the bathroom. She went in and came back out smiling with a small shining object in her hand.

She put the earring back and sighed in relief.

"I was so scared," she smiled.

He frowned, "Why?"

"One of my best friends gave it to me, Genesis," she answered.

The leader of the Scorpios?

"Carter?" He asked.

She grinned, "Yeah! You know her?"

"I'm friends with some of her... friends," he said not sure if she knew her friend was part of a gang, or even the leader.

Sapphire chuckled, "I know she's the leader of the Scorpios don't worry, she thought me how to fight, she can take me down in a second when we spar."


"I'm going back to my dorm," Sapphire said and started walking away before stopping and turning back smiling,

"You coming?"


My book Chaos is about Genesis if you want to check it out xx

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