c h a p t e r VII

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MR. OLSEN SPENT AN hour explaining the rules to Sapphire plus he added a small speech on the benefits of doing good actions and being nice to people.

"And finally, being nice is going to increase positive emotions and decrease negative emotions."

We eat pizza  from the inside out

"You got it Sapphire?"

She got up, still in her thoughts before answering absent-mindedly, "Yes..."

Does my stomach think all potatoes are mashed?

She got out of the office before looking down at her stomach frowning.

"Is that what you think?" She whispered.

"Are you talking to your stomach?" Ricardo frowned.

She looked up at him, "No?"

"I'm not paid enough for this," he muttered as he led her to her first class.

He stopped her when they arrives in front of her class, "I won't accompany you between classes only in the morning, lunch and dinner. So you have to wait for me after your last period, okay?"

My stomach isn't stupid is it?

"Sapphire?" Ricardo repeated.

"Yes, yes, I agree," she answered, before entering the classroom.

"I knew I should've gone in engineering," Ricardo sighed shaking his head.

Sapphire opened the door to her classroom to see that most students were already there and that the teacher had began his lesson.

The teacher scowled, "Who are you?"

"Sapphire," she answered smiling widely.

"What are you doing in my classroom?" The teacher asked still scowling.

"Answering stupid questions apparently," she frowned.

The teacher took out some papers, "Are you Sapphira Keen?"

She took a look at the board checking the name of the teacher, "Yes, are you Mr. Dick-man?"

He narrowed his eyes at her, "Go take a seat."

She narrowed her eyes back and took a seat near the window.

"Mr. Dickman, must've had a hard childhood with a name like that," a voice next to her said.

She grinned at her friend, "Avie!"

"Sapphire, where were you this morning? I had to sit with pervy boy and Charlie alone," Aviva complained.

"Ricky said I had to eat breakfast alone for the next three days, because I might be 'dangerous' to other students," she said making air quotations at dangerous.

"That's bullshit, pervy boy literally attacked people yesterday and he was there."

Sapphire sighed, "I know."

"LADIES! Am I interrupting your little chatting session?!" Mr. Dickman shouted.

"I'd say yes, but I have a feeling you're just going to shout 'detention!'" Aviva answered making Sapphire chuckle.

"Detention after school!!" He boomed before going back to his lesson.

The girls just sighed and went back to their discussions.

Sapphire had most of her morning classes with Aviva that day, which brought her joy. She had made two teachers cry, Sapphire had started three riots in class which resulted with a few injured students and had put a little surprise in Ricardo's office. The two girls were now heading to lunch laughing when a loud voice echoed in the hall.


"Run," Aviva whispered.

And that's what she did.

She sprinted in the halls, taking random turns until she was almost at the cafeteria when an arm grabbed her. She didn't believe in God but at that moment she prayed it wasn't Ricardo.

"Why are you running?" Maddox asked.


"Because it's healthy and apparently it helps with attitude problems, you should try it," she smiled.

"Are you sure it's not because there's a pink guard after you?" Enzo asked as he looked at the angry Ricardo approaching.

Sapphire paled, "What? Of course not, now if you don't mind would you please let go of my arm," she asked Maddox in a pleading tone.

He smirked, "But there's someone who seems desperate to talk to you."

"SAPPHIRE!!" Ricardo yelled.

Ricardo, drenched in pink water with glitters.

She gulped before glaring at Maddox who only let her go once Ricardo was a few feet away.

"Hey there Ricky," she chuckled nervously as she backed away slowly, "I love your makeover, brings out the pink in you."

Amaya, Julian and Aviva arrived at that moment and chuckled at the scene.

"Sapphire, the moment I catch you, you're dead," he said in perfectly calm tone.

"I'M TOO AWESOME TO DIE!!" She yelled as she started sprinting away.

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