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did you know that hunting unicorns is legal in Michigan?!

what kind of human would legalize something like that?!

anyways enjoy my guys xx


"WHERE DO YOU THINK they went?" Enzo asked as he played with his pink Play-Doh.

They'd all went to the roof while the girls did their own thing somewhere.

"Maya probably wanted to show them the tunnels or something," Julian said, his legs dangling from the roof before looking at the boys with a worried expression, "I hope she won't get lost like last time."

Enzo waved him off, "She's with Sapphire, the girl has an excellent sense of direction... most of the time."

"Speaking of Sapphire," Julian smirked as he turned to Maddox who had stayed silent as he leaned against the wall smoking, "Anything you want to tell us?"

Maddox gave them cold gaze and Julian raised his hands in defeat.

Enzo spoke, "Can you at least tell is why you beat up Adrian, I mean he is a fucker but he hadn't done anything. LOOK I MADE A SNAIL!!!"

He raised his pink dough proudly and Maddox glared at him.

"He had done something that fucking bastard and he's lucky I went easy on him," Maddox answered keeping his eyes on the scenery.

Julian knew that when he was in a bad mood asking him questions was like carrying a sign that said punch me. Last time he was this mad, well lets say there are three permanent memories in his dorm room.

Enzo knew that too, he just cared less, he had been friends with Maddox since they were six so he knew he could do or say somethings that others couldn't without getting their head smashed in a wall.

"You have to be feeling something for her right? I mean Sapphire, because if anyone else did half the things she did," he thought for a second, "I mean even I don't know what you would do and that says something."

Julian gave a worried look between the two, Enzo was serenely playing with his dough as Maddox gave him dangerously cold glares.

"Let's change the subject, hmm?" Julian said laughing nervously.

"BAM DINOSAUR!!" Enzo raised his dough in the air again, before he tripped on a small rock making him drop his dinosaur all the way to the ground.


"Are you shouting at a rock?" Julian frowned.

No matter how long Julian had known these guys, he would still be amazed at the shit Enzo managed to say.

"Shush don't interrupt me. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT YOU MURDERER?!"

Maddox sighed shaking his head, "You have five identical pink Play-Dohs in your dorm Enzo."

Enzo's sad expression changed and he grinned, "Oh right!"


"Amaya I like you okay, but if you don't tell us where we're going I'm going karate kid on your ass," Sapphire said as she looked around the unknown tunnel.

"Are you really really really sure there aren't any rats here?" Aviva asked.. for the eleventh time.

"Yes Avie I'm sure and Sapphire we're almost there so I would really appreciate if you didn't," Amaya answered before turning right and stopping in front of a metal door.

A small slit in the door slid letting a pair of eyes appear, "Who is it?"

"Are we getting initiated to a gang or something?" Aviva whispered to Sapphire.

Sapphire frowned, "I can't I'm already in one," and then she grinned, "Do you think there's still a chance they'll still accept me?"

Aviva sighed and shook her head.

"It's Amaya."

The door opened.

"ALCOHOL!!!" Aviva yelled running in.

Sapphire observed the dark room. A blood red bar was on the right side taking up all the wall and a few pool tables and other games were on the left side.

"It's a woman cave," Amaya grinned, "The boys are always in like one of their dorms and being the only girl with them is.. I mean you wouldn't believe the shit Enzo can say sometimes, so me and some girls created this," she explained.

"How did you get all of this in here?" Aviva asked taking out a bottle of Tequila.

"Connections," Amaya said smiling as she went behind the bar.


okay this was a little shitty but the next one'll be better

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