Chapter 2

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Your POV:
I tried to end that call as quick as possible. I didn't really expect her to call. But now I'm going to get coffee with her.

The next day
Katie's Pov:
I woke up to the alarm on my phone. As soon as I woke up I remembered to text Y/n

Me:hey if or when your up just text me when your ready and I'll meet you at the coffee shop downtown

Y/n: I thought I said I was picking you up?

Me: well how do I know your not going to kidnap me

Y/n: you just got to trust me ;)

Me: fine pick me up whenever your ready my address is 890 courthome drive

Y/n: ok I'll see you in about 7minutes

Y/n Pov:
Well I'm ready now and I'd be lying to myself if I said that I was nervous. I'm afraid that I'm going to say something stupid. This one time I went on a date and I started talking about toenails which was just flat out weird. I don't even know if I can call this a date. But we'll find out because I'm 3 minutes away.

Katie's Pov:
I heard a knock on the door and I knew it was y/n so I automatically opened the door. I opened it and I just fell in love with her. Yesterday she was wearing sweatpants and today she's wearing a dress she looks absolutely amazing. "Hey are you ready" she said as she blushed a little. "Yeah just let me grab my purse". I grabbed my purse and then we left.

In the car
Your POV:
"So I hope you don't mind but we're not getting coffee" I said as soon as we got in the car. "Yeah that's fine but where would we be going then". "You'll see it's a surprise". I don't think this was a date but I was sure as hell going to use this as a opportunity to turn it into one. So before I left my house I got stuff for a picnic and I was going to take her to my favorite view of the city.

I stopped the car because we were there. "We're here sorry it was kind of a long drive". "Oh I didn't mind" she said while winking then getting out the car.

"We only have to walk a little just let me get some things out of the car". I walked to the trunk of the car and got a blanket and the basket with food. "So I didn't know if you wanted to go on a date so I turned it into one myself but it doesn't have to be one if you don't want it to. Do you want if to?". "I would want nothing more".

So when we get up their I set up the stuff and we sit down. "So tell me what you do as a job" she said. "Well I'm a chef and a business owner of my own restaurant. I would ask what you do but I already know so what do you do for fun". "Well I like to watch Netflix but I also like to play basketball but no one ever wants to play with me". "Well I like both those things so whenever you want to watch Netflix or play basketball you can call me"I said with a wink.

The sun was going down and I could tell she was getting tired we'd been up there talking for about 6 hours. "Do you want to go home?". "Yeah". "Ok then help me clean up and I'll take you home". "Ok".

At Katie's house
Still your POV:
"Do you wanna come in" she asked. "Yeah I guess so" her house is really nice it was average but really nice. "So do you want to watch Netflix". " I mean I can't say no so what are we watching". "Well we could watch Grey's Anatomy or Bates Motel". "Well you can choose because I'll watch just about anything".

"Ok I'm just going to go change real quick"she said while walking into her room. When she walks out she hands me a pair of shorts a shirt and a sweatshirt. "You can go change if you don't think your going to go home" she said nervously. "Well I'll stay if you want me to but if you don't then I'll leave once you fall asleep".
"No I.... I want you to stay" she said shyly. "Ok then I'll go get changed".

She put Grey's Anatomy on in her room and I didn't want to just lay down on her bed so I sat in the chair in her corner. "You know you can come lay in the bed with me" "oh ok I just didn't want to lay there without your permission or anything".

While we were watching the show she kept hiding her head in my shoulder every time their was some type of blood or body part they were operating on. Eventually she started to fall asleep on me. "If you didn't like stuff like this then why did you put it on" I said while laughing quietly. "So I could lay on you like this"she said tiredly. But before I could respond she kissed me and said "goodnight promise when you wake up that you won't leave". "I promise". Then we fell asleep.

A/n I'm sorry I kept switching the POV I'm just new at writing stuff like this but I hoped someone out there liked this I'll write the next part by next week I'll try to update weekly

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