Lena Finds Out (One shot) by KaraFanficAndStuff
Lena Finds Out (One shot)by KaraFanficAndStuff
||SEQUEL IS PUBLISHED:BROKEN HEARTS|| What if when Supergirl saved Lena from Cadmus a tiny bit of kryptonite gas managed to make it's way into her lungs and when the aff...
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  • luthor
  • fanfic
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A Supercorp story by emmafangirl
A Supercorp storyby Currently_fangirling
A Supercorp fanfic
  • kara
  • supercorp
  • lena
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Multifandom Characters x Fem Reader imagines/one shots by Twinkel52
Multifandom Characters x Fem Reade...by Twinkel52
I turned this into a multifandom book. Fem x fem reader only and it also includes unapreciated celeb's that don't get the love they deserve. Hope you enjoy and let me kn...
  • multifandoms
  • avastarr
  • alexdanvers
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Cold Hearted Blame by imastupididyut
Cold Hearted Blameby imastupididyut
He was cold hearted as he blamed her for something another person did. It was not until after he abandoned her alone in a part of the country that was nearly barren and...
  • twins
  • abandoned
  • riordan
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Supercorp: Oneshots by attemptships
Supercorp: Oneshotsby attemptships
As the title says, a bunch of supercorp one shots (includes mostly AU's or headcanons). Hope you enjoy!
  • oneshots
  • supercorp
  • lenaluthor
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Reyes y Reinas G!P by Carloss555
Reyes y Reinas G!Pby Carlos555
Yulia una princesa ansiosa del sabor de la batalla, Lena una joven que cambiara el futuro de su gente, de su vida.. y de su corazón..Dos mundos en guerra, una sola victo...
  • lenakatina
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Candid // SuperCorp by xxCandidFangirlxx
Candid // SuperCorpby Mik
"Kara had to be careful around Lena and her eyes. Kara out of all people was all too familiar with the idea of how something could be someone's Kryptonite, but she...
  • danvers
  • kara
  • nianal
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No hack required  by lezgetlost
No hack required by lezgetlost
You guessed it dva, sombra fanfic. Hana/ sombra. Few other of my ships
  • dva
  • tracer
  • overwatch
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Jesus and Mariana's little sister by BeautyBestie27
Jesus and Mariana's little sisterby BeautyBestie27
There was one more secret Ana was hiding from the twins and this will change their life forever. I own none of the characters except Maria ***
  • stef
  • lena
  • mariana
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The Sister?  by Jules231
The Sister? by Jules231
This is the sequel to "A Supercorp Tale", I decided to make one, since you guys liked the first one so much. This story will go around Reign, but it will also...
  • dreamer
  • supercorp
  • alex
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Random-ness one shots by nightmarewritten
Random-ness one shotsby Cindy
One shots about stuff mostly supercorp
  • chloe
  • supergirl
  • alyabug
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Supercorp One Shots by number-9-is-my-shet
Supercorp One Shotsby number-9-is-my-shet
Here are some one shots of mine involving Supercorp (Kara x Lena - Supergirl). I also have a full Supercorp story coming soon but wanted to get some practice before the...
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Dr Luthor - Supergirl AU by _Wild_Youth_
Dr Luthor - Supergirl AUby Wild Youth
What if I told you that Clark Kent and Kara Danvers aren't aliens. They are doctors working at Danvers Hospital. They were fostered, Kara did go to the Danvers family an...
  • doctors
  • kara
  • luthor
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Overwatch Son Scenarios(Female Members) by TinoraMayra
Overwatch Son Scenarios(Female Mem...by "I broke the Fridge"
This is my female son scenarios book. The characters are: Moira Mercy Brigitte Widowmaker Tracer Symmetra Sombra Pharah Mei Ashe Zarya
  • freeha
  • lena
  • amari
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Supergirl imagines by RaelynnXD
Supergirl imaginesby RaelynnXD
lena x reader Kara x reader Alex x reader Sam x reader Ruby x reader Maggie x reader will take request and I can add guys
  • reign
  • maggie
  • sam
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9 Months Later (Under Work) by keriiix33
9 Months Later (Under Work)by Keri
They say that you'll always remember your first love. For 17 year old Collette that statement couldn't be any truer. Vince, her first love left her with something so she...
  • collette
  • mafia
  • baby
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What Will Be, Will Be by -cysdiary
What Will Be, Will Beby 𝓆𝓊𝑒𝑒𝓃
whatever comes, let it come. whatever stays, let it stay. whatever goes, let it go.
  • teripolo
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What Are You? [Ducktales x Human! Reader] slow updates  by simplescribbler
What Are You? [Ducktales x Human...by scribbler of sorts
Humans were just a myth that nobody in Duckburg believed in. Just because something is a myth doesn't mean it isn't real... Includes: Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera/Gizmoduck...
  • fethryduck
  • beagleboys
  • gladstonegander
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 THE PLAYER (Kyree Myers Love Story)*Completed* by India_6211
THE PLAYER (Kyree Myers Love Stor...by India🤩
Read to find out
  • jaden
  • river
  • nadia
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Why Does a Spider Kill? by TeaQueen2112
Why Does a Spider Kill?by Katherine
On a special Overwatch mission Lena Oxton (AKA Tracer) goes M.I.A and her new wife, Amelie Lacroix, must help the Overwatch get her back.
  • widowtracer
  • overwatch
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