Chapter 24. Meeting Bethany

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Meeting Bethany

Song: Bad Romance covered by Artist vs. Poet

Picture: Bethany Moore and Mason Henry


'What are you doing right now?' Blu texted me as Kellin and I drove silently to Beth's house. 

'About to meet Beth.' I texted back. 

'Ouch! I hope she isn't the bitch I feel like she is.' ~Blu

'She cheated on Kellin basically throughout the whole relationship. So, I'm guessing she is a bitch.' I texted. I sighed and turned my phone off, setting it in the cup holder. 

Kellin looked over at me and gave me a reassuring smile. "You okay?" he asked. 

I nodded and gave him a fake smile. 

He exhaled. "I know when your smile is fake or not. I thought you wanted to meet her."

"I do, I'm just nervous. If she doesn't like me-"

"She will, trust me." Kellin told me as he pulled into the driveway. 

Her house was small but two stories. We got out of the car and walked over to the front door. Kellin knocked and some guy with black hair and face piercings answered. 

"Kellin! Hey buddy!" the man greeted Kellin before giving me an odd look. 

Him and Kellin seemed to have already met. "Hey bro, is Bethany here?" Kellin asked. 

The man nodded. "Yeah, come in." he offered. We stepped into the house as they led me to the living room. "By the way, I'm Mason. Beth's boyfriend." he told me. 

I slowly nodded in understanding. "I'm Summer." I mumbled. 

A young woman with a bloated stomach area was sitting on the couch when we walked in. Once we came into view she smiled. "Kellin!" she cheered happily. She got up to greet him. 

Kellin rolled his eyes and gave her a small hug. "Hi Beth. I wanted you to meet Summer. My girlfriend." 

I waved a small, awkward wave to the pregnant woman in front of me. 

She gave me a fake small and waved back. "Hi… I'm Bethany."

We all say down and began small talk. Well, it was more like Beth and Kellin making small talk. I gave Mason an annoyed look, which he gave back without hesitation. This was going to be awhile. 

~Kellin's POV~


I kissed Beth's hand as we walked back to my house from hanging out with the guys and their girls at the park. She blushed. 

"You're so beautiful baby." I said to her in a hopefully sexy tone. I felt buzzed, considering the guys had brought beer to our midnight party at the park. 

She grinned. "Thanks. And you are sexy."

I smirked. My voice dropped to a low and quiet growl. "Not as sexy as you." 

She smiled as we made it to my front door. "I'm gonna miss you when your at Warped Tour." she whispered. 

I unlocked the front door and we walked in. "I'll miss you too."

"I love you Kellin." Bethany said with a smirk. 

"I love you back." I said. On the outside I looked happy, but on the inside I felt… unsure. Very unsure. She was the first girl I had ever said I love you to since… 


I need proof that I love this girl standing here with me, in my dark, empty house. I slowly took a few steps ever to her and wrapped my arms around her waist from behind. 

She moaned quietly. "Kell, I think it's about time we…"

I kissed her neck. "I think so too."

We walked up the stairs slowly. We barely made in to my bedroom. I kissed her hard on the lips then pulled away. I forgot, I have no condoms. 

She took the message. "It's okay Kellin, I'm on the pill." Beth reassured me. 

That was all that was said for the rest of the night, besides each others' names. 

*End of Flashback*

I couldn't help but think of that night while talking to Beth. Seeing here so big… I never thought someone only six months pregnant could look that big. 

I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would. I thought Beth would get to meet Summer and then we would leave. But no. Summer hasn't said a thing, Beth hasn't shut up, and Mason looks annoyed that Beth has been flirting her ass off with me. It's kind of gross. 

"You know Kellin, I'm really happy that we are having this baby. I know it's hard to forget someone who meant so much to you, and I was worried I would have to do that. Now I don't have too." Beth said while smiling at me. 

I was shocked. Did she really just say that in front of Mason and Summer? 

Summer and Mason both stood up. "Umm… I'm gonna go order pizza for lunch." Mason said before walking into the kitchen. 

"I'll come help you with that." Summer hissed. 

Before I knew it they were gone and Bethany's hand was on mine. "You know what? Our baby is going to have a broken family." 

I nodded. "Yeah, I know. That doesn't mean I won't try to be there for her though. I want to be there all the time."

"But isn't that going to be hard since you're always touring or with Summer?" She had an evil smirk on her face. 

I shook my head. "No, because Summer is going to be apart of Scarlett's life too."

~Summer's POV~

I knew this was a bad idea ever since Beth's eyes first landed on me. I knew that this was all a mistake. But everyone encouraged it. "Stay with Kellin, he loves you not Beth!" they all told me. But now she's trying to get him to take her back, using her "boyfriend" in the process. 

I watched as Mason ordered the pizza. He looked at me. "What kind of toppings do you want?"

I thought about this. Then a memory flashed into my head. 


"I'm not hungry." I told Steve as made us sandwiches. 

"Summer, you haven't been eating a lot lately. You've gotten skinnier. Are you sure that there is nothing wrong?"

I wanted to tell him, but I couldn't. I'm doing this for a reason, I told myself. To get my mind off of things. All the shit that has been happening. I'm going to die someday, why not someday soon?

"I'm fine Steve." I lied. 

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm just not hungry!" I basically yelled at him. 

He looked shocked. "Summer… are you not eating just because you think you are fat?"

I looked down at my feet and shook my head since the lump in my throat restricted me to speak. 

"Good, because you aren't fat. You know that right?"

"I know I'm not fat," I whispered, looking up at him. "But I still have fat too lose."

*End of Flashback*

Memories from when I became anorexic back in Canada with Steve have been coming back lately. For a reason, probably. 

I shook my head at Mason. "It's okay, I don't want any food. I'm not hungry." 

He eyed me suspiciously. "You seem like you are lying." he said. 

"I'm not." I lied. Look at me, lying about lying. 

He looked into my eyes. "I know I haven't known you for long, but I think of us as friends. So as friends, answer this truthfully. Does this whole situation with Beth and Kellin bother you as much as it does me?" Mason asked. 

I faked a smile. "Even though I'm smiling right now, I'm hurting badly on the inside. I hope that was an okay answer." I muttered. 

He nodded. "It was. So, we should probably go back to the living room, shouldn't we?" he wondered. 

I nodded in agreement. "Yeah."

We walked into the living room to see a shocked Beth and a pissed of Kellin. He stood up and grabbed my hand. "Come on Summer, let's go." Kellin said as he kind of dragged me to the door. 

"Wait, why?" I asked quietly so Beth and Mason couldn't hear.

He shook his head. "We just… need to leave."

And with that we were out the door and getting into his car. What happened while I talked to Mason?

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