Chapter 43. If I'm Cliché, You Read Too Many Fan Fictions

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A/N: I am obsessed with tattoos… maybe that's why I keep giving Summer so many. Anyway, I can't even begin to explain how long I've waited to write and post this chapter! You guys are going to love it. Also, this chapter is dedicated to my wife Alexis because she helped me a lot with this chapter and, well… she's my wife. Kinda. It's hard to explain. So… read on! :D P.S. Sorry for all the time lapses…

If I'm Cliché, You Read Too Many Fan Fictions

Song: Let Love Bleed Red by Sleeping With Sirens

Picture: Summer's concert outfit and new tattoos. 

*Friday 14, 2014*


I was awoken by the wonderful sensation of Pursie licking my face. Opening my eyes, I found buddy laying at the end of the bed. I pushed Pursie off my torso gently and wiped my face. My dog licked all over my face. Gross! 

What a rude awakening! I groaned and sat up. I looked over to Kellin's side. His side was empty. The alarm clock on the nightstand said it was 9:34 PM. He was probably already gone, and he probably took Scarlett with him. Beth and Mason are gone visiting his mom in Oregon, so Scarlett stayed with us for the week. Tonight he has a local show here in Michigan. He hasn't been on tour lately and since it's Valentine's Day the boys thought it would be cool to play a show. Plus its a big event thats raising a lot of money for something. So all of their girlfriends, wives, and family that live in Michigan are coming. And, my bandmates, Hailee, and mother are coming. I haven't seen my bandmates in person since late December, when our most recent tour ended. 

I've been living with Kellin ever since November. Not visiting, legitimately living with him. We moved most of my stuff here, even my dogs. I couldn't dare leave my babies in California! Fortunately, Scarlett absolutely adores Buddy and Pursie.

I pushed off the blankets and comforter and trudged to the bathroom. I rubbed my tired eyes, closing and locking the bathroom door. I stripped down to my bra and underwear before turning the shower on. I waited for the water to get warm before stripping completely and getting in. I washed my hair and body before getting out. I dried off and grabbed the ointment the tattoo shop gave me. I gently rubbed in on my new tattoos and finished sleeve. I got them done recently. 

I finally finished my rose sleeve. It's all shaded in. I have to say, my arm sleeves look good together. And my other rose tattoos look great with the sleeve. 

The first new one I got is on my left foot. It's a black and white dove holding a banner that says SCARLETT. I love her so much it's like she's my own daughter, not Beth's. So, I decided to get her tattooed on me. I get tattoos of things and/or reminders of things that will be in my life forever. I plan on having Scarlett in my life forever, till the day I die. Maybe even after that. 

The second new tattoo is on the outer side of my lower right leg. It's of a tremble clef with music notes around it. I got it tattooed on me to symbolize my love for music. 

Another new one is an infinity sign with the word "hope" in it. It's on the left side of my waist, next to my rose tattoos on my side. It's a reminder for me to forever have hope in myself. If I don't, who will?

My last new one is on my upper left thigh. It's one of my most important tattoos. No one can see it, even if I'm wearing shorts. The only people who have seen it are Kellin, and I sent pictures to my band and mom. It's a quote. It says, "Everything has beauty," in black ink and under it in white ink it says, "But not everyone can see it." You can only see that part if its under white ink. 

After that I walked into the bedroom, straight to the closet. I got dressed in a black bra and underwear, my black sparkly TOMS, dark purple skinny jeans, a dark grey tank top, and a black leather jacket. I wore my promise ring, my long silver key necklace, my shorter heart necklace, and silver stud earrings in all three of my ear piercings. I left my nose, lip, and wrist ringless. I shoved my iPhone into my back pocket. 

I put my wavy hair into a black pony tail, leaving my side bangs in my face as usual. The tips of my hair are still red. I've grown to really like the red in my dark hair. It's cool. It makes me look rebellious and sexy, but also not like a complete slut. 

I walk downstairs to the kitchen. I can hear Pursie and Buddy following me by there small footsteps and jingling collars. They are at my feet when I stop in front of the kitchen table. I stood their smiling and shaking my head. Kellin is too good to me. 

On the table was a small bouquet of red roses, a small heart-shaped box of chocolates, and a cheesy Valentine's Day card he probably got at Save Mart. I opened up the card and on the left side, the side with no cheesy Valentine's Day jokes on it, Kellin wrote something. 

Happy Valentine's Day babe! Love ya! I'll be out all day with Scarlett and the guys, trying to get stuff put together. Your band, mom, and Hailee will (hopefully) be at the airport at seven tonight. We'll pick them up in the venue's van. The concert starts at eight. Don't forget! Love ya!

I smiled at the cute little note. I grabbed a glass, filled it with water, and put the small bouquet of my favorite flowers in it. I put the chocolates in the fridge so they could get cold. I left food and water out for my pups before grabbing my phone from my pocket. I dialed Kellin's number, hoping he'd pick up. I wanted to tell him thank you. He treats me too well. I didn't even get him anything, and he gets me three things. I'll have to make it up to him soon. Maybe after the show we could go out to dinner with our friends and family. A lot of close people to us will be there tonight. 

I'm incredibly lucky my bandmates, Hailee, and my mom will be at the show. Kellin thought it'd be fun to invite them. I don't know why, but I don't care. It was an amazingly sweet thing of him to do. 

"Hello," Kellin said over the phone. His voice snapped me out of my thoughts. 

"Happy Valentine's Day, babe!" I exclaimed, giggling. "Thanks for the roses, chocolates, and card. It was all so cute."

He chuckled. I could hear the guys' muffled voices on the other end. It sounded like they were laughing. "Ah, no prob Sum. I'm sorry I headed out so early. I dropped Scar off at my mom's place. I figured you could go out for the day, have a day to yourself. You could get your hair cut, nails done, shop, I don't know," he rambled. 

I smirked at his nonsense talking. "Kellin," I interrupted. "It's okay you had to leave early. You have band stuff to do. It's cool. And thank you for the day to myself. I think I might go walk the pups then face time with Pinto."

"Who?" he asked, confused. 

I chuckled. "Ellie, my friend in Scotland. Remember?" 

"Oh, yeah. I'll have to remember that…" he mumbled. 

I don't think I was suppose to hear that, but whatever. I shook it off. "Okay, we'll I'm going to go. I'll meet you at the venue thirty minutes before the show."

"Okay, bye babe!" 

"Bye." I hung up and grabbed Pursie's and Buddy's leashes that were laying on the kitchen table next to some business papers. Some were about Anthem Made. Some were about my bands upcoming record company. 

I pocketed my cell and called over the dogs to put their leashes on. Walking my dogs is always a relaxing, calming thing for me. Now that there is now ocean around I can't surf to calm myself. Instead I walk the dogs my sister gave me. 

I grabbed the ends of the two leashes and walked out of the house with my dogs. 

It's going to be weird having Kellin and Mom in the same place. The last time they talked in person was almost a year ago at KC's memorial service. And they didn't talk much. 

Speaking of a year ago, it's hard to believe that a year ago I was suffering from anorexia and depressed thoughts. A year ago Kellin proposed to me at Steve's wedding. A year ago Scarlett wasn't born yet. A lot has happened in the past year. 

A lot to be both happy and sad about. I'm happy that I got help, but sad that I still sometimes believe I'm not attractive or skinny enough. I'm happy that I am back together with Kellin, but still sad that KC is gone. I'm happy that Beth allows me to see Scarlett now, but sad that with band and record company stuff I don't get to see her as much. And I'm happy I'm promised to Kellin, but sad that we had to go through so much bull crap. 

But all that shit was faced is over and done with now. Kellin and I are going strong, and will be going strong for as long as we can. 

Purise walked a little farther ahead of me and Buddy, tugging on her leash. I sighed at my pup and made a turn into the park. I love this park. It's so beautiful and calming. The breeze feels nice, there's a lot of soft grass to walk on, and there's a little pond with ducks and frogs. If you bring bread then you are permitted to feed the ducklings and their momma. It's too cute. 

I sat down on a bench and took off Buddy's and Pursie's leash so I could let them run around. They play fought with each other while I grabbed my phone out. I checked time. I knew it wasn't even close to show time, but I wanted it to be. I love watching them live and I can't wait to see my band, Hailee, and most of all, my mom. 

11:03 AM. 

Too far from 8:00 PM. Can't it just be show time already?

The high pitched bark Buddy made screamed out no. Great. 


I drove down the highway, jamming out to Sleeping With Siren's most recent record. I gotta say, it's amazing. Plus, it's getting me pumped for the hour long show that's going on in only forty minutes. Luckily Kellin and I live only about ten minutes away. 

I got home about an hour ago and changed into a lacey, black, mid-thigh length dress and some nice red flats, showing my foot tattoos. I had my hair in a wavy pony tail, my bangs curving to the left in my face. The red in it went great with my shoes. I was piercingless, all except for my nose. I had my promise ring on and the gold K necklace Kellin gave me when I was seventeen and then twenty-six. My shoes and hair weren't the only red things around. 

I pulled up to the back of the venue in my red corvette I got last September. I saw the venue's van and instantly knew Hailee, Mom, Blu, Riv, Ian, and Zacky were already here. I hopped out if my car and basically skipped up to the guard that was in front of the back door. He smiled at me and I knew he knew who I was. He opened the door for me and told me were SWS's dressing room is. I said thanks and walked down the thin white halls. Finally I found the door that read "Sleeping With Sirens". I knocked lightly, probably not loud enough for them to hear. I could hear their boyish screams through the door. 

I heard Jesse's laugh get louder as he opened the door. He had one hand around the silver doorknob, the other around his beer. Typical. "Summy!" Jesse exclaimed happily.

I giggled. "Jesse!" I exclaimed back, in the same tone. I gave him a small hug and stepped into the dressing room. I saw Kellin, Jack, Justin, Gabe, Ian, Blu, and (oddly enough) my mom… talking to Kellin. They were smiling, laughing, and Mom was even holding Scarlett. 

I'm guessing River, Zack, and Hailee are already on the side of the stage. I don't know. 

They noticed me quickly and shouted things like, "Hey, she's finally here," or "We've been waiting for you, the shows starting soon."

I chuckled at them. "I'm sorry to keep you all waiting," I joked. 

Kellin grinned widely at me. He stood up from the couch him, Mom, and Scar were on. He came over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me into a hug. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck. I missed him today. "Hey baby," he breathed into my neck. "Happy V-day. I love ya."

I kissed his cheek and pulled away a couple of inches. "I love you too, Kells," I whispered. I quickly kissed his lips, making a loud and obnoxious kissing sound. The boys told us to get a room while the ladies smiled at our cuteness. 

"You look beautiful," he mumbled, his eyes fixated on my own. His eyes are so beautiful…

"Thanks…" I swear, I could get lost in those blue oceans of his if I had the time. But tonight, I do not. I kissed him once more before grabbing my phone from my bra (weird, I know) and went to the camera on it. I held it up to our faces and smiled towards it. Kellin did the same and I took a pic. I posted it on Twitter and Instagram with the caption "Me and @kellinquinn and I before their show. Happy V-day everyone. Hope your nights are filed with fun!" We smiled at the picture. 

Soon enough it was time for the boys to go on stage. We all gathered on the side of the stage, even my mom holding Scarlett. There we saw some of SWS's family. We saw Jesse's wife and daughter, Gabe's girlfriend, Justin's girlfriend, Kellin's mom, and Kellin's sister. His mom stood near mine. One by one the guys each went on stage, making the fans scream. "Good luck," I told the five. 

Kellin was the last to go on. He turned to me and grinned. "Quick kiss for good luck?" Kellin asked. I giggled and obliged. We kissed briefly then he ran onto the stage. 

As they began their first song I turned to my mother. She was nodding her head in rhythm with the song and grinning at Scarlett. 

This made me elated. She doesn't hate Kellin, she loves Scarlett, and she seems to enjoy SWS's music. 

After a few songs yet slowed down and did a few acoustic ones. The first one was All My Heart, the next one was Roger Rabbit, and then Let Love Bleed Red. But it wasn't exactly like the one he recorded with his acoustic guitar. This time the song had a few different lyrics. It'd sound beautiful no matter what. 

He stared at me from his spot on the stage as he sang. "You deserve much more, and I'll give until I'm all gone. Forever know your face, and ever take your place here by my side, like a ghost into the night. The poison apple to my bite, I'll be the shadow at your door, I'll be the moth into your light, 'cause you deserve much more. Yeah! You deserve much more… Lay me down, and tell me everything will be alright! Thunderstorms could never shake us…"

His words were so amazing. It doesn't matter if he's wrong or if he's right. Maybe he is right. I don't believe I deserve much more, but I think he does. 

I took out my cell and began taking pictures. Soon enough they were done with acoustic stuff and back into the louder stuff. I took videos and pictures of them performing all until the last song. 

"This is our last song of the night!" Kellin said. The crowd booed. He chuckled at them. "So, I would just like to dedicate this song to all of you, my family, Jesse's family, Jack's family, Justin's family, Gabe's family, my daughter, and my girlfriend Summer!" I blushed. He's so sweet. "I wrote this song about her, so this song is incredibly important. I hope you all sing as loud as you fucking can!" he shouted. 

"They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need. Please stay as long as you need. Can't promise that things won't be broken, but I swear that I will never leave. Please stay forever with me… Lets go!

"Stay, for tonight. If you want to I can show you what my dreams are made of, as I'm dreaming of your face. I've been away for a long time, such a long time!
And I miss you there. I can't imagine being anywhere else.
I can't imagine being anywhere else but here!

"How the hell did you ever pick me? Honestly, I could sing you a song, but I don't think words can express your beauty. It's singing to me. How the hell did we end up like this? You bring out the beast in me. I fell in love from the moment we kissed. Since then we've been history…

"They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need. Please stay as long as you need. Can't promise that things won't be broken, but I swear that I will never leave. Please stay forever with me!

"It goes to show, I hope that you know that you are what my dreams are made of! Can't fall asleep, can't fall asleep! I lay in my bed awake, in my bed awake at night as I dream of you! I'll fall in love, you'll fall in love! It could mean everything, everything to me! I can't imagine being anywhere else!

"They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need. Please stay as long as you need. Can't promise that things won't be broken, but I swear that I will never leave. Please stay forever with me!

"The way that we are, it's the reason I stay. As long as you're here with me I know we'll be okay. The way that we are, it's the reason I stay. As long as you're here with me I know I'll be okay!

"They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need. Please stay as long as you need. Can't promise that things won't be broken, but I swear that I will never leave. Please stay forever with me!

"They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need. Please stay as long as you need. Can't promise that things won't be broken, but I swear that I will never leave. Please stay forever with me!" Kellin sang. 

The crowd went insane. I was expecting Kellin to tell everyone goodnight and then go off stage, but that's not what happened. 

That's not what happened at all. 


After we finished If I'm James Dean, I had something to say, something to do. This was the perfect time for it. "Hey Jesse?" I said. My grin was hurting my face. It was so big. 

"Yeah man?" Jessie's grin was equally as big. He's done this before with his wife, he knows how fun this could be. 

"I gotta say, that song really makes me wanna do something!" 

The crowd cheered. 

"And what is that buddy?" Jesse asked, knowing what I was going to do next. 

"Well, first I'd like to point out that today is Valentine's Day. Also, tomorrow my baby daughter will be one year old!" I said into my wireless mic. 

The crowd cheered louder. 

"And," I continued. "I'd like to point out that a year ago today I proposed to my beautiful girlfriend. But at the time we weren't ready to be married. We weren't in that stage in our relationship. But now I'm ready. I love her more than anything. You guys might have heard of her, her name is Summer James Parker. I'd like her to come out on stage!" I turned to see her standing on the sidelines, smiling, shaking, nervous as hell. I grinned evilly, looking at Jesse and Jack, signaling them to bring her out on stage. "Come on out baby girl, meet the fans!" I told her as the guys made her come out here. Justin whistled for her to come on stage as if she was a dog. 

Finally, she was on stage. I silently thanked my band mates. 

So there we were, Summer and I, standing in the middle of the stage, smiling at each other. The fans cheered. It was very, very loud. 

I brought the mic up to meet my face. I winked at her. She blushed. "Summer James Parker. That's a gorgeous name. Rolls off the tongue beautifully. But you know what I think sounds better?"

The crowd cheered a chorus of "What?"s while she smiled at me. "I think I might." Summer replied back with a grin. Her cheeks were as red as her shoes, hair, and car. 

"I think Summer Quinn sounds a lot more fitting!" I said loudly. I turned to the crowd. "Do you guys feel me? What do you think of the name?" I asked them. 

They all shouted back with positive things, except for a few fangirls who shouted, "No! You're mine!"

I turned back to Summer. Instead of saying something I pulled out a small velvet box from the inside pocket in my leather jacket I got down on one knee, setting the mic on the stage floor next to me. This is all too familiar, but at the same time so different. "Summer, will you do me the honor of marrying me and being my wife?" I asked. I pulled the ring out of the box and held it out for her. 

The ring was silver. It was in the shape of a rose. I thought she would love it. Her mom helped me pick it out. 

She smiled widely, covering her mouth. "Kellin, I-"

"Sum," I interrupted. "We can make it this time, I swear. But, I can only show you if you marry me." My heart was beating out of my chest. Hers probably was too. 

"Kellin… you better not make me regret this," she joked. 

"So… is that a yea?" I asked.

She giggled and l nodded. "Of course," she murmured so only I could hear her. I didn't have time to think. I just slipped off her promise ring, put it on her right hand, and placed the new ring on her left ring finger, the one that had a "K" on it. The tattoo that proved she was mine forever, whether she liked it or not. 

I picked her up in a hug and spun her around while everyone else, even the band, cheered. Summer placed her lips on mine during mid-spin, causing sparks to fly for the millionth time. She pulled away, still giggling. I set her down and picked up my mic. "She said yes!" I exclaimed. 

"Duh!" Jesse yelled. 

I flipped him off. "Good night Michigan!" I yelled. We all made our way off stage and to our family and friends. All I could hear was the same word over and over again: congratulations. 

After about a half an hour we went back to our place, along with everyone else. There we drank, talked, kissed, and celebrated. Summer and I are once again engaged. 


"Thank you babe, for everything. Tonight was awesome, even though proposing on stage is a little cliché. I still thought it was very romantic." I mumbled before kissing his forehead. We sat on his couch as everyone else was up and talking. Kellin had Scarlett wrapped in his arms. 

"Cliché?! It was 100% romantic! Nothing cliché about it!" Kellin defended with a small laugh. Scarlett giggled against him, reaching out tiredly to pull his raven-colored hair. 

I rolled my eyes. "Oh come on Kellin! Proposing on stage is so common that even Jesse did it!" I laughed right back. 

Jesse turned to us. "Hey! Ash liked it so what does it matter?!" he yelled jokingly to us before turning back to his conversation with Blu and River. His wife held their daughter on the other couch. 

"And also," I continued, ignoring Jesse's stupid interruption. "You do that why too much in fan fictions already!"

Kellin sighed. "True, true. And you read too many fan fictions! But that's not what matters!"

"Then what does?" 

"We're engaged. That's all." Kellin caressed his daughters soft cheek as she shifted in his arms. She was getting comfy, probably about to fall asleep. 

"Agreed," I nodded. "I'm so happy were engaged." I didn't know what to think when he asked me again. I couldn't say no! We were in front of so many people and I want him to prove to me that this time we can make it. 

"Yes, and this time we're going to make it work," Kellin stated mater-a-factly. 

"Lets hope!" I prayed. 

He leaned his head down to kiss Scarlett's forehead. Her breathing evened out and her eyes were shut. She was asleep. 

I admired the beautiful ring on my finger. It was a rose… my favorite flower. He knows me so well. 

This has officially been the best Valentine's Day ever. 

A/N: Yes, they're engaged again! Yay! Tell me your thoughts in the comments below! Can I get fifteen comments on this one? If so, I'll post a picture of the ring on the next chapter. 

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