Chapter 45. Good Luck, Stay Safe, and I Love You

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A/N: Quick warning, this chapter is mostly dialogue. Also, I am in love with The Voice.

Good Luck, Stay Safe, and I Love You

Song: Can't Help Falling In Love by Jess Kellner (The Voice cover)


"But Summer," I whined, "I want to see it!"

She scoffed. "No! It's bad luck!" 

"Please!" I begged. 

Summer shook her head, shutting the closet door. "No, Kellin. You don't get to see my dress."

I frowned. "You seriously believe in all that bad luck crap?" 


I shook my head. "Summer, it's all fake."

"No, it's not. So get over it. Besides, the dress is only going to be here tonight. Tomorrow I'm taking it to your cousin Ciera's house so you don't get snoopy." She walked out of our room, her hips swaying from side to side. Mmm…

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever." I made my way to the living room, where Summer was sat on the couch, answering questions on twitter with her phone. 

I plopped down next to her, taking my phone out of my back pocket. I shot Beth a text asking how Scarlett is. It's the middle of the week, so Scar is with Beth and Mason. To be honest, I thought she wouldn't be the best mother when Scarlett was first born. I figured she'd be too busy whoring around to raise a baby. But, her and Mason are doing a great job with my girl. 

It was only a few seconds later when Beth texted back. 

From Bethany: Scar is fine. She's taking a nap with Mason right now. Nm. 

To Bethany: Okay. Text ya later. 

"Hey, I mumbled. 

Summer ripped her eyes away from her phone to look at me. "Yeah?" she asked in a whisper. 

"How far along is Blu right now?" I wondered. I tried texting her earlier, but she didn't answer. And when I texted CC he replied: Sorry Kellin, too busy to chat. I got shit to get done!

Probably stuff to do with the baby. I don't know.

"Umm… well, it's the beginning of April right now so… I think she's two and a half months along."

"And how far will she be when the first of June rolls around?" That's our wedding date. Summer said she wanted it in early June, when it's not too hot and it's not cold. So, on Sunday, June 1, 2014 is the wedding of Summer James Parker and Kellin Quinn Bostwick. That day, Summer will become Summer Quinn. 

"Four and a half."

"And she's your maid of honor?" I asked, making sure. I keep forgetting if it's Blu or Hailee. 

"Yes," she huffed. "Do you even know who my bridesmaids are?"

I nodded. "Yeah! Not all, but some!" Okay, so maybe a couple. I know Blu, Hailee, Sierra, and maybe… my cousin? Probably not. The thing is… I don't know. 

She exhaled. "Okay, I have seven bridesmaids and one maid of honor. Blu is my maid of honor. My bridesmaids are, in order, Brenda, Libby, Ivy, Willow, Honor, Carolyn, and Hailee. My sister isn't one of them. Your cousin Ciera is working as one of the photographers. Marina is playing bass for the wedding. Got it?" 

I nodded. So that's the order, huh? As my groomsmen I've got (in order) Ian, Zack, River, Jack, Gabe, Justin, Jesse, and then Matty as my best man. We aren't having a flower girl or page boy. We don't want to. 

"You know, I can't believe this is actually happening," I mumbled to her. 

She shrugged. "Why?"

"I don't know. I just can't believe we are getting married." It never really sunk in the we're getting married until the other day when we went shopping for rings. When we picked out the ones we wanted, it all became so real…


Black and silver, those are the colors of our rings. We found mine first. It's mostly black with a silver brim. Summer found it first, actually. She saw it and thought it was perfect. It is, really. I like it a lot. After picking it out we went searching for a ring that would look nice with mine. We ended up picking one with a silver band and black diamonds shaped to look like roses. 

The rings were expensive. Summer's is about $6,000 and mine is $1,200. 

"I can't wait to wear these rings," mumbled Summer.

I smiled at her. "I feel ya. We only have to wait two more months before we start wearing them everyday for the rest of our lives."

"Yep! Only two more months. Thank God." Summer fumbled with and twisted her engagement ring around her finger. It was like she wanted it off and the wedding ring on already. She's going to have to wait and be patent though. It's not like she's going to be waiting a year. It's only two months…

Holy fuck! Two months? And then we'll be married? She's only two months away from becoming a wife. I'm only two months away from becoming a husband. How is it only two months?

I think reality just slapped me in the face, because it didn't seem like a big deal until now. It's a really big deal! She's becoming my wife, Scarlett's mom, and Mrs. Quinn in two months. That's a huge deal! And I just realized that now!

It's not like I want to back down from the wedding or something. Hell no! It's just… so close. It actually feels like this time we are going to get married and not call it off. That's scary. On June 1, 2014 she's legally giving me her heart to keep forever. If I mess one thing up I could break what she's giving me into pieces in seconds. 

I think Summer noticed my changing facial expressions as we paid for our rings. "Kells, are you okay?" she asked. She gently ran her hand up and down my back, calming me down from whatever. 

I nodded. "Yeah," I lied. I didn't mean to lie. This is just… hard to explain. Yes, I'm fine, and I'm not sad or angry. But, I feel so stupid. We're getting married in two months, and I just figured out that having a wife is a big thing!"

She smiled and pecked her lips to my cheek quickly. "Good. Now, lets go home, shall we?"

*End of Flashback*

"Well, we are. You aren't having second thought are you?" Her left eye brow was raised as she stared me down. 

I frantically shook my head. "No. I promise. I want to marry you. I really do."

She smiled her award-winning smile at me. "I want to marry you too, Kellin. You're the love of my life, you kn-" Summer was cut off by her phone. She checked to see who it was. Her mom. 

She answered it in the blink of an eye. Whenever her mom calls she never misses it. "Hello? Yeah, I'm fine. You okay? You don't sound good… uh huh… I… what? But last time I saw him he was- I know! But… oh. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, okay. I'll be there. Two days? Okay. Bye Mom, I love you."

I stared at her, wide eyed. What the hell? "Summer… what's-"

"My Grandpa passed away earlier this morning… from a heart attack," she said. Her face showed no emotion while she spoke. Her gaze was set on her now off phone in her hands. 

My mouth was agape. I wanted to speak but I couldn't say much. I never knew him and wasn't going to meet him until the wedding, but at the same time he's basically family, right? Plus, Summer loves him. He was her father figure while growing up. 

I slowly wrapped my arms around her middle. Why say something. Right now I should just hold her. 



He's gone. 

He left. 

He wasn't even old! 

In his sixties!

Really God? Why would you do this to me? I was so happy. Everything was going great. Grandpa was going to walk me down the aisle… give me away on my wedding day. Was. 

I have so many wonderful memories with him. All of his wise words… do they even mean anything now? At least he's in a better place. He's with the love of his life, his son Rider, his grandson, Jazz, and Jess. Even KC. 

I remember when he took me to get some ice cream after I got over 600 on my Star Test in seventh grade. I asked the lady at the counter for a small cup of plain vanilla. Grandpa laughed at called me boring. Then he told the lady to cover my ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate syrup. The sprinkles were shaped as stars and hearts. 

I remember moving out of my mom's place to go to college. He helped me move into my dorm. Before he left I ended up crying because I would miss being home. Yes, I was being a total crybaby. He chuckled at me, gave me a hug, and told me that I'll be fine. He always understood how emotional I could get. Especially since I was stressed over college, my friends, and an ex already. 

I remember when he used to sing to me. It was our little secret. Whenever we were around people he always pretended he couldn't sing. But at night we would talk over the phone and he'd sing me to sleep. It was always the same song. Can't Help Falling In Love by the one and only Elvis. He made it sound so beautiful. 

That hurts. Now I'll only have memories. There will never be another goodnight serenade over the phone, or an ice cream date, or him helping me move out and onto better things. Those are only memories now. I will never get to take another picture of him. He will never get to listen to my band's new stuff. 

I will never get to see him comforting me at the cemetery, unless I look over at his own gravestone. I can only imagine what it will say on it. His name, birth and death date, and "Take my hand, and take my life too…"

That was his favorite lyric of the song. He loved singing it to me. 

Now I'll never get to hear his voice again. Hopefully he'll be singing with the angles tonight, or else I won't get to sleep. 

I've been in bed, staring at the ceiling for the past hour now. It's dark outside. Probably about 9:00 PM. After hearing the news this morning I spent about an hour in Kellin's arms, emotionless. Then I spent a lot of time on the phone with like six people. Then I ate dinner that Kellin made. Then distracted myself by answering things on twitter and tumblr. Finally, at eight, I stripped naked and crawled into bed. 

The strange thing is… I haven't cried all day. I think maybe… I've learned how to deal with death. Crying and grieving isn't something I'm unaware of, and it's also something I want to stop doing. It's always that. Someone dies, I cry and grieve, then they don't come back. 

I miss him so much, but crying wont help anything. Will it?

Grandpa always hated when I cried. He'd hold me until I stopped. He'd always tell me it's fine and it's all okay. I usually hated hearing that, but from him I loved it. 

I heard the sound of small feet. Suddenly Pursie and Buddy jumped into the bed. They cuddled into my sides, whimpering a bit. I chuckled at them. They have nothing to worry about, besides getting comfortable. Lucky little things, them…

I heard a light knock on the already open door. I turned my head to see Kellin. Why did I turn my head? Who was I expecting, a stranger knocking on my bedroom door? 

He shot me a small, sweet smile. "Hey…"

I grunted. Why use English?

"Hehe… you tired?" Kellin questioned. 

I shrugged. "I don't know."

"You want some company?" 

I shrugged. "I don't know."

"You want to talk?"

I shrugged. "I don't know."

He walked over and sat at the edge of the bed. He leaned down and pressed a light kiss to my nose. "You okay?" His breath smelt fresh and minty. He was wearing his pajamas and his hair was a bit wet. He must have taken a shower and gotten ready for bed in the downstairs bathroom. 

A smirk made its way onto my face. "Grandpa used to ask me that. I always hated when people asked me that. But with you? It's the same as Grandpa. I didn't mind when he asked. I liked it. It's the same with you," I explained. My eyes were glued to the white ceiling. What was so interesting about the ceiling?

I think I'm bipolar. One moment I'm upset, the next I'm happy he's safe and sound, and then the next I'm questioning everything around me. 

He kissed me quickly again before sliding into bed with me. Buddy and Purise whimpered once more. They leaped up and jumped down off the bed to their own doggy beds by the door. Kellin gently rolled me onto my side so he could spoon me. 

"I love you, Summer. Sleep tight, okay?" Kellin mumbled into my ear. 

I breathed in. "Love you too. Goodnight, babe."

Sleep will be good for me. My dreams will be better than reality, hopefully. I've always been a hopeless dreamer. I hope to see Grandpa in my dreams tonight.

Goodnight Grandpa. I'll see you soon tonight. One last time. Good luck on your new journey in the afterlife, stay safe while watching over me, and always remember that I love you. 

A/N: I'm not sure how I feel about this chapter. Whatever! Anyway, in case you are all wondering the name for the sequel has been decided. Congrats to @InnocentDemon69, the sequel's name is These Things That We've Done!

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