Song: Weightless by All Time Low


I jumped out of the bus, closed my eyes, stretched my arms, and took in the nice summer breeze. Ah, Warped Tour 2012. I've been waiting forever for this. The rest of my band hopped out of the bus with me and started walking around. Walking around felt great. I'd been stuck in the bus forever. 

We got to the venue just in time. I saw a lot of vans and tour buses while I was with our merch guy, Trent. I walked with Trent to help set up our tent. Our tent was next to Sleeping With Sirens' tent and All Time Low's. Both bands got there a few minutes after us. 

"Trent! Trent, help me. I'm about to drop this box!" I said to Trent as he was unpacking stuff. We received a few looks from both bands. One thing about me, I'm very weak. 

"Hold on Summer! Just set the box down for a second. Hey, where is the rest of the band?" he asked as I sighed. 

"Probably talking to some other bands." I sat down on the box I was carrying. 

Do you ever have that feeling like you are being watched? Yeah, I had that right then and there. 

"Summer, stop helping me and go hang out before you have your set! This is your first time performing at Warped. Have some fun!" Trent told me as he picked me up and moved me off the box. 

"This is your first time on Warped Tour?" asked Jack from All Time Low. 

I bit my lip to keep myself from screaming and hugging him. This summer I need to act like everyone here is just a normal person. Judge them for themselves, not because they are famous. "Yeah." I mumbled. 

"Well, it's awesome. I promise you. What band are you in?" Alex from ATL asked. 

Holy crap. "Sorry We're Late. Our label is Rise Records. They hooked us up with Main Stage along with some other bands from that label." I took off my sunglasses and looked at them. 

"That's the same as us!" a voice said from behind me. 

I turned around and looked at the guy. "I know. We have the same label!" I laughed. It was Jesse, from Sleeping With Sirens.

"Hey Jesse, let's go look around…" the black-haired boy next to him said. He had sunglasses, a black and white striped tank top, and black cut-off knee length shorts on. 

Kellin Quinn. 

He kept starring at me. Not to mention his mouth was hanging open. It's like he knew me. 

"So, what's your name?" Jack asked from behind me. 

"Summer." I answered. 

"Nice name. You look familiar." Jesse said. 

"Really familiar." Kellin mumbled. 

I gave them weird looks as I checked my new text on my phone. "I'll see you guys around. I have... to go be somewhere else." I waved them goodbye and walked off. 

As I was walking care-free to Main Stage I had someone run into me, causing me to fall. The worst part is that Trent, Jack, Alex, Kellin, and Jesse were still watching me. 

"Summer!" A guy’s voice shouted in my ear as they tried to hug me. 

"What the hell?! Get off of me…" I trailed off. I got an image off who was on me. 

It was Ian, lead guitarist of my band. How did I not recognize his voice? He does sound like an insane fan though.

"Sorry, I'm just so wired!" he shouted happily as he got off and helped me up. 

"Thanks. Come on, let's go." I said. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the direction of glorious Main Stage. 


I was jumping off the walls! I couldn't stay still. We did awesome! I couldn't wash off the big grin from my face. We quickly made our way back to the merch tent to sign stuff and take pictures. All Time Low and Sleeping With Sirens were signing stuff and taking pictures too when we got there. I stood at the tent while people shouted at me to sign shirts and CDs and take pictures with them. I sighed and took off my shades. 

"You have awesome eyes!" some fan shouted.

I shot a 'thank you' smile back at them. My eyes aren't that great, so I don't see why everyone thinks they are. They were blue half the time and green the other time. I also had a bit of orange around the pupil. People say I have fire rings around my pupils. My eyes are nothing though. There are just eyes, right?

"SJ!" Blu, our bass player shouted at me. She was getting mobbed by people wanting her to take pictures. She doesn't like taking pictures with fans. By the way, SJ is my nickname. 

"Guys, Blu doesn't want to take pictures right now! And aren't you supposed to be in a line?" I told the crazy fans around her. 

"Are you new at this?" Jesse asked me as he escaped the crazy fans over at his tent. 

"No. I am always telling fans to not take pics with Blu. She doesn't like taking pictures. How is it at your tent?" I asked. 

"Same old, same old. Everyone wants pictures with Kellin." he said. 

"Oh. Why was he staring at me earlier?"

"He thinks your the girl who-" he stopped himself from talking. 

"I'm the girl who what? I've never met Kellin, and if I did then I'm sure I'd remember it." I crossed my arms and gave him a look that said tell me what he said now.

"I can't tell you. I promised I wouldn't tell." 

"Give me a hint." I begged. 

"Okay, have you ever gone by the nickname Sunny?" he asked. 

I gave him a confused look. "Yeah. Some people back in high school gave me that nick name. Why?"

He sighed and shook his head. "Sunny, huh. Well, you my friend are the one who broke his heart."

A/N: Okay, so this is my try at a Kellin Quinn fan fiction. I'm sorry if I got and or get any info wrong about him. Does anyone know his weight by any chance? LMAO!

So, I hope you will all like this! Actually, you can tell me if you all like it by commenting and telling me what you think. Thanks for reading! BTW, pic of Summer in the side bar. 

P.S. The chapters will be longer, it's just that this is the prologue; it's not supposed to be long.




Thank you and love ya!


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