Never Date The Lead Singer

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This is not an update! Sorry, I had to get that out of the way. But, this is news about another Kellin Quinn story I'm writing (or already have been writing), called 'Never Date The Lead Singer (Kellin Quinn)'. The plot is down there and the main female in the story is a girl named Lexi Emily Scout Canter. Long name, I know.

The thing about this story is that I'd love to post it on Wattpad, but I want to know if you guys would like to read two stories about they same person and written by the same person. Right now I'm just posting it Quotev. My name on that is SecretAgentCatt. So tell me what you think about this and if you'd rather me finish this first before I post another story then be it! Comment, tell me what you think. :) The story on Quotev link will be in the external link think. 


"Recently you've went through a break up, is that correct?" the interviewer asked him. 

"Um, yes. Yeah, it's pretty correct." Kellin look down at his feet. 

"In interviews in the past you described her as 'your inspiration'. Is she still your inspiration now that you two are broken up?" she asked. 

Kellin nodded. "Of course."

"And do you think you guys will ever get back together?" 

He smiled. "Yeah, of course we will. We're just… going through a rough patch in our relationship right now." 

I scoffed. It's funny how he lied, on camera too. I promise- no, swear that we will never get back together, Mr. Quinn. You could've been there, but you weren't. Oh well. 

Never date a band member. Especially the lead singer. They get all the attention, all the girls, everything. And it's hard to just sit back and watch that. Well, it was for me, that is. I hated sitting back and watching him put everything before me. I was jealous of all the groupies and all the fans he saw every night. He'd never get with any of them, but still. I was jealous. Why? Because he was and is happier on stage then when he was home and got to see me, the "love of his life". He always did tell me that I came first. I know that's a lie though, because if I came first he would've been home me. Here I am, in Grand Rapids alone, depressed. And longing for someone to stay and talk to me. About all my secrets. Everything I've kept bottled up. Everything that I never told him while he was gone on tour. And now I never will. We broke up. I shouldn't cry about it though, I knew this would happen. That's what happens when you date the lead singer.

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