Chapter 48. The Last Party (Part 2 of 2)

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A/N: Hey guys. So this is the final chapter. It's a bit short, but I'm posting the sequel ASAP. Please read the authors note that comes after this chapter BEFORE going to read the sequel. Thank you. 

The Last Party (Part 2 of 2)

Song: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by The Maine feat. Adam Lazzara (Punk Goes Pop 5 cover)

Picture: Summer's outfit (left) and Blu's outfit (right). 


"You've been sitting her for an hour, Summer! Drink, dance, smile, have fun!" Blu said, trying to pull me up from my seat at our booth. She's pregnant and having more fun than me. 

I shook my head. "I don't want to!" I whined.

"Why not? I bet Kellin is having fun at his party! Why aren't you?" she asked. 

"There's a lot on my mind right now, okay?"

She sighed and sat down in the booth with me. "Look Summer, I know it's stressful right now. Your getting married, you have a lot of stuff to do with our record company, you and Steve have to work out touring since I'm pregnant… I understand that you have a lot on your mind. But tonight is for you to forget all of that and party!"

I took in a deep breath. "Blu, I'm not stressing over any of that. Steve and I have touring figured out, everything with the record company is going great, and I'm not stressed over the wedding; I'm excited. I can't wait to marry Kellin. It's just… something came up. I don't want to dance, or especially drink," I explained. 

"Why? Tell me what's up, Summer," she demanded. "I'm you're best friend. You can tell me anything."

She's right. I can. But shouldn't I tell Kellin first? Hell, I'm not even 100% sure. I could be wrong. I doubt it though. "Well, about a half a month ago…"


"Fuck," I hissed as I looked over my iPhone calendar for the third time. A day and a half late is no big deal, right? I should just wait a couple days until it comes. 

I was trying to remember… did Kellin put a condom on when we last fucked? I don't think so. That could be why it felt so different and better. There wasn't a layer of latex between us. 

I turned my phone off and walked into the living room, where Kellin was with Scarlett. I sat down next to him on the couch. "Hey Kells?"

"Yeah?" he mumbled, smiling at the tired little girl in his arms. 

"The last time we… made love… you put a condom on right?" I questioned. 

"Hmm… I don't remember. If I didn't it shouldn't matter. You have birth control pills and morning after pills, right?"

"Well… yeah, but I could have missed a pill."

"Don't worry Summer, your fine," Kellin said. 

Yeah, fine…

*End of Flashback*

"Blu, I think I might be pregnant…" I whispered. 

She stared at me, her face expressionless. Finally, she said, "Let's get a test."

"What?! Right now? Aren't the girls going to wonder why we're gone?" 

Blu looked back at the dance floor and bar. They were all getting drunk and dancing. Except for Hailee and Brittany, who were only dancing. "They won't even notice."

About fifteen minutes later we were in CVS Pharmacy walking down an aisle with condoms, morning after pills, pregnancy tests, and lubricants. 

"What's your lucky number?" Blu asked. 


Okay, so we'll buy eight tests." 

"Blu!" I exclaimed, feeling somewhat embarrassed. Here we were, looking at pregnancy tests while we're in short dresses. My all black hair (I died the red back to black) was straighter than a pole, Blu's got a baby bump, my dress is more sparkly than Twilight vampires, half of Blu's hair is purple, our many tattoos are showing, and we look like we are twenty or younger.  


"I don't need eight tests! One will do just fine." I said, grabbing one and walking to the counter to pay. The cashier looked at us oddly. What, they've never seen a worried fiancée and a pregnant purple-head in cocktail dresses buying a pregnancy test? Actually, probably not. Well, tonight's their lucky night than. 

We got the test and drove back to my place in Blu's car. Luckily when we got there Kellin was still gone. We walked in and went straight to the bathroom, ignoring my dogs following us. Blu left me only so I can… use the test. 

I did what I had to and then set my phone to go off in five minute. 

Okay, I can handle thing. If I am pregnant then what's bad about that? Kellin will be happy, as will I. We will be bringing a child into the world! I'll be a great mom. I'm already a good one to Scarlett. And what's one more kid? Scarlett would love a little brother! Or sister. Hopefully brother though. What can I say? I'd like to have a boy. 

And what's bad about not being pregnant? Nothing. Kellin and I could always have kids later. It's not a big deal if I'm not pregnant. I kind of hope I'm not. Steve and I have planned touring so after Blu has her baby we can tour again for our new album. We're working on the album now. Also, I would like some time to just… be married to Kellin. At least a year. We DO already have Scarlett. Having a baby can always wait. 

I opened the bathroom door so Blu could come in. I checked my phone. About two more minutes. Blu looked at me. "Are you okay? I mean, with this…?" She motioned to my tummy area. 

I inhaled and nodded. "Yeah. I mean, I would like to wait awhile before having a baby… but if I am pregnant then I'll be a great mom to my kid. I'll be excited about this and happy that I'm bringing a baby into the world."

"I understand," said Blu. "I think you are going to be a great mom."

"Thank you, Blu. That means a lot. And you are-"

My phone went off, signaling that it's time to find out: am I pregnant or am I not. 

I went to the bathroom counter and grabbed the test. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes. I opened them and looked down at the test. Blu's eyes widened as I read over the test.

"Well… shit."

The End

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