Chapter 41. Best Freaking Friends

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A/N: Most of this chapter with inspired by me with a couple of my friends… 

Warning: Crappy, short, stupid, useless filler chapter. I'm sorry this sucks. But, the next one with be better. Maybe the same length, but so much more interesting. 

Best Freaking Friends

Song: Duet With Myself by Charlie McDonnell AKA charlieissocoollike


Waking up to Kellin sleeping next to me is a relaxing, familiar feeling that I've always loved. We were facing each other. His left arm was under his pillow, supporting his head. His right arm was draped around my waist. My right arm was under my pillow for support as well. My left arm was reached out, my palm cradling his left cheek and my fingers twirling his hair. 

He was absolutely breathtaking. A beautiful creature. His hair was always nice and taken care of. His tattoos are wonderful and meaningful. His skin is always so smooth. He's just… perfect for me. I can't believe he still wants to be with me after all I've done. I have to live with these things, and he's still here. Unlike everyone else, he hasn't left yet. 

I slowly slipped out of bed, being careful to not wake him up. I made my way to the bathroom and shut the door. I turned the knob on the shower and waited for it to get warm. Once it was, I stepped in. 

After washing my sweaty body for about ten minutes I stepped out. I turned off the water and grabbed a towel. I dried off and wrapped it around my body. That's when I realized I had no clothes to change into, except for the ones I wore yesterday. 

I walked back into the bedroom to see Kellin awake, smiling with his hands behind his head. He was lounging. His torso was exposed, but the sheets covered his from the waist down. Damn it. 

"Morning baby," he mumbled. 

I smiled at him. "Morning to you too," I giggled. 

"The shower woke me up. It took everything in me to not go and join you. I figured you would want to get clean," Kellin explained. 

I nodded. "Oh. Anyway, I have no clean clothes to change into."

He shrugged. "Put on the clothes you have here, we'll go back to your hotel, you can change, and then we can go see the guys." Looks like Mr. Quinn had a plan. 

"Okay. I need to get back to my tour sometime today though, you know that right?" I asked as I dropped the towel to the floor and strutted over to my underwear, which wear near a corner of the room. 

His eyes followed me. He was probably staring at my legs, or my ass. Maybe both. Probably both. He sighed. "I know. I don't want you to though."

"I know," I giggled. 

I heard him groan and get out of bed. As I pulled on my underwear he came behind me and wrapped his arms around my middle. "Today, before you leave and we should probably do this soon, we need to get you the morning after pill. I forget to put a condom on last night. Sorry. I just-"

"I get it, Kells," I chuckled. I unwrapped his arms from me and walked to my bra. "I don't want to get pregnant just as much as you don't want me too."

He smiled at me. "I love you."

"Yeah, well I guess you aren't too bad yourself," I mumbled. 

He faked a laugh as I heard him make his way to the bathroom. That angel voice is something special. I'm glad I get to hear it again. "You're so funny," he stated sarcastically. 

I nodded in agreement as he shut the bathroom door. After pulling on the rest of my clothes I looked up on my phone to see when the next flight to the next venue is. 


Steve pulled into the parking lot of the venue. Again, he drove some venue's van with me in the passengers seat. On the way from the airport to the venue he was laughing his ass off. He's glad that Kellin and I fixed things, but thought it was funny how I believed that someone like Kellin could marry someone like Beth. 

But he wasn't the one I was pissed with though. Yes, it's rad that I'm back with Kellin, but why lie to me and scare me like that? I was informed earlier today, before I left, after I changed clothes and took the pill, by Kellin's band that Blu was the first one Kellin talked to about the plan. Figures, since she knows me best. 

But was I happy that Blu helped him out? No. I would have rather known the truth then be lied to. 

I got out of the van and carried my stuff into the bus. My band plays in about an hour, so I didn't miss this set. In the front lounge was Trent, River, Ian, Zack, Dylan from FAIA, and Marina from FAIA. They all smirked up at me, knowing already of the good news. They would probably want me to explain some stuff, but I didn't feel like it. So, I waved at them and smiled. I brought my stuff to the bunk and put it in there. I then walked into the back lounge and shut the door behind me. 

There, sat alone, playing on her iPhone, was Blu. She looked up at me and grinned wildly. She stood up and stretched her arms out for a hug. "SJ! You're back! Come give me a-" My fist colliding with the side of her face stopped her previous sentence and started a new one. "Ow! What the fuck was that for, bitch?!" she shrieked. That's the Blu I know. Loud, rude, and annoying. My best friend. The ring on my finger had scratched her cheek a bit. 

I glared at her. "You lied to me! You told me he was marrying Beth! Why didn't you just tell me the truth! You know how I am about lying!" I screamed. 

The boys and Marina came rushing to the back. They opened the sliding door and watched the scene before them in the doorway. They did nothing to stop us. They knew not to, except Marina, who they held back. 

Blu held the side of her face. "Yeah, cause you know all about that! You lied to us about your anorexia twice now! You lied to Kellin about a ton of things! Fuck, you even lie to yourself!" 

I scoffed. "What the fuck do you not understand about me getting better?! I don't lie!" 

"You little shit," she hissed. "I was doing something nice for you! You never would have gone if I hadn't showed you the fake text Justin sent me!"

"You could have just told me, 'Oh, hey Kellin what's to get back together', you know that right?"

"Apparently not!"

"Obviously!" I yelled. 

"You've got some real problems, you know?"

"Slut, I've know for years. I'll be twenty-seven in less than a week. So, I've been aware for about fourteen or fifteen years. Whenever my dad and brother decided died. Anything else you want to say?!"

"Yeah, I do," she grumbled. She moved her hands from her face and to her sides. She balled her hands into fists and punched me, cutting my lip. "You are never thankful! I try so hard to make you happy and I get shit out of it! You are so dramatic. Like, why the hell would starve yourself? You show off your body like it's for sale! And you love rubbing it in mine and Steve's face that you can surf and we can't. You are a short, annoying, little twat and I'm surprised Kellin still wants you."

"Oooh!" the dudes called. That's what they usually do when someone in band gets insulted and/or burned. 

I would usually be mad at someone for saying something as monstrous as that. But no, I had shit to say right back. I smacked away the blood from my lip. 

"Listen up, I'm not taking shit from you. I don't need it. If I'm dramatic, then I'm sorry, but I've been through too much to handle! I know it seems like I'm some character in a story and all this is fake, but it's not. So deal with it, because I've had to for almost my whole life now. And so what if I like showing my body or surfing?! I love the water, surfing is my sport! It's something I love. And my body is my body. Leave it alone. And you know what? You're fucked as well. You've had more boyfriends than Taylor Swift, lied to me about the crash and not knowing Kellin, and you can sometimes be a jerk! You don't think about other people's feelings a lot of the time, and that sucks! What kind of person doesn't care?! Oh yeah, you. The bassist of the band I live with ten months out of the year. The one I'm stuck seeing every freaking day. God, aren't I lucky?"

"Summer?" Blu muttered quietly. 

"Yeah?" I exhaled. 

"I'm glad you and Kellin are back together. You're meant for each other," she mumbled. She smiled at me.

I wiped more blood from my lip. She always was stronger than me. But I'm only skin and bones. She's got some muscles. "Thanks," I smiled back at her. "I'm glad that we're back together too. I've changed for him, so I'm happy he still wants me."

She stretched out her arms, giving me her famous puppy dog face. "Hug?" Blu has always been my best friend. Of course the dudes and my other girl friends, my sister, and my mom are my world, but Blu has always been there. When my dad and brother passed, she was there with a shoulder for me to cry on, and we had just became friends then! When I lost my aunt Jazz, she was there watching me, my mom, and my sister get pink ribbons tattooed on us. When I was recovering from a car crash and had to go back to school, she'd carry my books and backpack for me. Whenmy cousin Jesscia committed suicide and people said it was stupid because it was only over boys cheating, Blu was there telling me everyone was wrong and Jessica finally found piece. When I was lost and didn't know what to do, smoking a pack a day in my college dorm room with Libby, she was screaming about how our band is going to go somewhere one day. When I need her, she is always there. Whether it's just for a hug or a long talk, she is there. 

Obviously, we fought. Best friends fight. But when we fought, it wasn't pretty. But I've never been able to dislike her for more than two seconds. She's a part of me. Yeah, I can be pissed with her, but that's different than not liking her. I could never not like her. 

I extended my arms. "Yes, hug."

Our arms wrapped around each other as we embraced. This was nothing new to the boys, except Dylan and Marina. Marina was freaking out that Blu and I were being so bipolar, and Dylan was silently shocked at what just happened.

One second Blu and I were punching one another's faces and yelling. The next we are hugging. What can I say? We're weird. 

We pulled away and looked at our audience. "What the hell just happened?!" Marina yelled. 

Blu and I chuckled. "We had a disagreement. We're fine, don't worry," I assured her. 

"But you two just punched each other and regretted the other one being alive!" Dylan exclaimed worriedly. 

"We've fought like this before, chill out! We usually only fight like once a year, and when we do, this happens. It's only a couple minutes. Nothing to shit over," explained Blu. I couldn't have said it better. 

"Yeah, so don't freak. This is us," I stated proudly to them. 

Zack clapped his hands. "So, now that you've got all your rage out, you and Kellicorn are happy again, and we are on an amazing tour with For All I Am," Kellicorn? "I say let's go rock the stage!" Zack cheered. 

Blu and I pumped our fists, hers a big bloody. We all walked out of the door and started walking to stage. "Still, I can't believe that you two fist fought! Like, what the hell?!" Marina asked. 

I laughed. "Dude, don't worry. Everything is fine." True. Everything is fine. Kellin and I are back together. I punched Blu for lying, which is a great rage reliever. And I feel so good about life now. I'm not constantly worrying about what people think of how I look or some shit. I'm me. I guess hearing Blu say all those things were good. I know I'm dramatic sometimes. I know I'm moody. I know I show off my surfing. I know I like my body (that's good, right?). I know I'm an annoying bitch sometimes. I know I'm short. I know sometimes I'm not very thankful. 

But all those "flaws" of mine have shown me who really loves me. If they left, like some have, then they never did. But if they stayed, like my band, mom, family, friends, true fans, and Kellin, those people truly love me. They truly give me hope. 

Blu probably the most. She's been with me through most of it all. And, she even helped Kellin and I get back together! Even though she lied to me like how she lied about me knowing Kellin before 2012. 

She's my best friend, my sister, the bitch I have to wake up to everyday, the wannabe Taylor Swift, Blu.

A/N: Sorry this sucks. I just needed a filler chapter. But, 40+ people want a sequel, so guess what you guys get! A sequel! Yay! Anyways, tell me what you thought of this shit I call a chaptyer. Song in the side bar: Duet With Myself. XP


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