Chapter 33. Without The "Bethany"

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A/N: Hey guys! First of all I'm not sure if I have already used the song Painting Flowers for another chapter but oh well. I just thought this would be good because of the lyrics "I wanna see your face…" since the chapter has someone that Kellin wants to see. 

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Without The "Bethany"

Song: Painting Flowers by All Time Low



"Hello?" I said into my phone. 

"Hey Summer…" KC slurred. 

I sighed. I was busy getting ready for Steve's wedding in the hotel room Blu and I are sharing. Yeah, I know we live super close to the hotel and all we had to do was drive but we thought it would be fun. "KC," I uttered. "I… why are you calling?"

"I m-miss you…" KC stuttered, slurred, and hiccuped. 

My eyes widened as I put on my wedges. "KC… are you drunk?! God KC, Mia said you started drinking but I didn't think you would call me while doing so." I felt like vomiting. Whenever KC drank bad things happened. I learned that when we went out. And from the things I've hear about him lately he doesn't need to be around booze at the moment. Or at all. 

"But Summer, I need you right now!" KC whined. 

I rolled by eyes. "Yeah, and I need you to hang up and get sober." I was about to press end, but I heard his shouting on the other line. It was like I was talking to a little kid. 

"Summer, I want to see your beautiful face again. Kellin really doesn't deserve you. We shouldn't have broken up." he slurred. 

"YOU broke up with ME! Everything right now in my life is going good, don't ruin things for me. Please."

"Going good? Really? You're boyfriend is having a baby with his ex, in the pictures I've seen you look like you are starving yourself, there is a rumor going around that you started cutting, and you're still the whore I broke up with!" he shouted. 

I scoffed. "KC, don't you dare pull that shit with me. I don't care if Kellin made a mistake or not; he's happy that he is having a daughter and so am I. I'm not starving myself, I'm just eating right. I cut only a couple times, but I'm done. And if I'm such a whore than why do you keep calling?! It seems like you're the whore here. And your sister told me about the cuts. About how you had to go to the hospital to get stitches. About how you've taken up drinking. And about how the charming, handsome, smart, sane man I once knew has turned into sleazy, cut up, moron who can't get over his ex that HE broke up with!" I shouted at him. "Now if you will excuse me I have a wedding to go to." I hung up and took a quick look in the bathroom mirror. 

Why did I feel bad? Ever since Warped Tour my attitude has taken a turn for the worst. I used to be this sweet, innocent, little musician. I've turned into a rude, slutty, loud, screamer. Our songs used to be mostly singing and barely any screams. Now it's about half and half. 

I really don't like how I've become. I can't lie; KC was right. I've cut before, but I've stopped. I've stopped eating much, I'm still not too happy about Beth having my boyfriends baby, and I'm a whore. Ever since summer I've dressed like one, talked like one, and turned into one. 

I feel like one too. My emotions are running wild. One moment I'm happy, the next I'm pissed. It's been this way ever since Warped. I don't know why. 

My top three choice would be either KC, stress, or… Kellin. KC didn't start calling until I left for the tour. All this stress could be getting to my head. And ever since I've found out mine and Kellin's past I've been this way. 

No, it can't be Kellin. He's perfect for me. It could never be him. It must be KC. 

"Summer? Come on, it's almost time." River called from the doorway of the hotel room. 

"Okay, I'm coming."

*End of Flashback*

I knocked quietly on the door before entering, River, Jesse, and Jack following. "Hey guys." I said to a sleeping Gabe and a sleeping Justin. River was the only band member I told that I said yes. Although I have a feeling that Ian and Blu already know what went down. And Zack is probably still wondering where I disappeared to last night. 

Their eyes opened and they stretched. "It's way too early to be waking us up…" Justin said mid-yawn. 

River laughed. "It's ten in the morning!" 

"Too early…" Gabe mumbled and sat up in his bed. 

Justin sat up in his bed too and looked at us all smiling. "Whoa, what's up with the creepy smiles? Did something happen while I was sleeping?"

Gabe looked over at me. His eyes suspiciously trailed from my head down to my hands, where they froze. He smirked. "So you said yes to Kellin, huh?" 

Justin gasped. "Oh yeah! No wonder you weirdos are smiling like that!" He wiggled his eyebrows an winked at me. "And no wonder we didn't see a trace of you and Kellin after you two danced last night."

I blushed. "So where's Kellin?" Gabe asked. 

Jesse smiled at them. Jesse and Jack sat on the end of Justin's bed while River and I sat on Gabe's bed. "Scarlett's coming. He got on the plane at five this morning."

Justin and Gabe's jaws dropped open. "What?! This early? Did he make it in time? What about Soundwave?" Justin asked. 

Jack shrugged. "If we can't go to Soundwave then we can't go to Soundwave. That's that. Kellin now has a baby take care of. Or at least one that's coming insanely soon."

Jesse nodded while I spoke. "Kellin texted me about an hour ago saying he just got to the hospital, Scarlett hasn't come yet, his and Beth's families are there, and they might do a C-section since Scar is coming this early." I told them. 

Gabe and Justin nodded. "Oh, so why didn't you go with him? You are now his fiancée and his daughter will be your stepdaughter." Gabe asked. 

I looked down at my hands and fumbled with my ring. "I just… couldn't. It's already going to suck enough to see pictures of the three of them together, I don't need to see it anymore than that. Besides, Bethany would probably kick me out of the hospital for wanting to see Kellin's first kid."

"Summer, is it the fact that Beth doesn't like you that makes you upset or the fact that Kellin's first baby is with his ex, who played him and lead him on to believe she was sweet?"

I looked at Jesse. Honestly, it was both. But I couldn't say that. I remember back when Kell first told me about this. I remember telling him that I wanted his next baby to be with his current girlfriend. But I never said I wanted that right now. And I don't mean I would of rather had him knock me up instead of her. I would have rather him not get anyone pregnant, but if we waited a few years than it would be me. But it's Bethany right now, not me in a few years. "The first one." I lied. 

They nodded. "Why?" River asked.

I hesitated before mumbling, "Beth hates me for no reason. That upsets me. I don't know why." 

"It's okay Summy. It will all be okay." Jesse said. 

I groaned. I hated when people would tell me that it's all going to be okay. It won't. "Guys, lets not worry about it." I said, trying to change the subject. 

"Yeah. Hey, I wonder what Kellin is doing right now." Justin said. 

~Kellin's POV~

"Beth, really it's none of your business. Summer and I love each other. Let it go." I muttered while putting on the blue scrub suit the doctors gave me. The doctors were getting ready for Beth's C-section and would be back in a minute. Beth and I were alone together in the hospital room. I would be the only one going into the room with Beth for the C-section. I was trying so hard to concentrate on the fact that my baby was about to be born, but Bethany was busy picking at my personal life for me to do so. It's hard believe that I once thought I loved her. I once thought she was so sweet. 

"Kellin, you are my daughters father! You shouldn't be engaged to some girl who lives miles away, has emotion issues, and is stupid enough to say yes to your proposal after only six months of being together." Beth snickered. She looked so helpless right now, but she was talking like she was the queen of freaking England. Like she could get whatever she wanted. 

"A lot of people get engaged at six months, Beth. This is completely normal." I told her calmly. I did not want to stress her out right before what could be one of the biggest moments of my life and her life. Oh, who the hell am I kidding? This is the greatest day of my life. I spent the night with my new fiancée, my daughter is coming in less than one hour. Not even Beth's sour attitude could mess this up. 

"Yeah, and those marriages end in divorce. Good luck Kellin."

"God, when did you turn into such a diva…" I mumbled. 

She gasped as the doctor came in. He smiled at Beth and I. "Well, we've got everything set. Now Bethany, we are going to give you a spinal once you are in the surgery room. It will make everything numb. Are you two ready?"

I smiled and nodded as a couple nurses began to take Beth to the surgery room. Once we were in there he gave her the spinal and talked to her very quietly before cutting her open. "Bethany, you will feel us tugging and pushing on your chest to remove her. After that we will clean you and her off, give her to Kellin, and don't worry. Kellin is right here and your family is right outside the door." 

I stood right next to a dizzy and numb Beth as the doctor started to cut. It wasn't hard to watch even with the blood and stuff. All I wanted was to see my baby girl born. And that was exactly what I doing. 

Before I knew it a crying, pink, blood covered baby was being pulled out of Beth. My eyes widened. Forget all the blood covering her. She could get cleaned off. She was beautiful. My baby girl was beautiful. I feel terrible even thinking this, but my baby was the most beautiful thing I ever laid my eyes on. Ever. I felt my heart ache when they pulled her away from me to clean her off. All I wanted was to hold her. 

She was gently placed into my arms after being cleaned off and wrapped in a pink blanket and matching pink beanie. 

My little, pink princess was born on February 15, 2013 at 1:34 PM, weighing in at five pounds and three ounces. 

Bethany was stitched up and brought back to the original hospital room we were in before. Family members and friends came in and looked at the creation Beth and I had made. Mason smiled at her as he held her. 

While Mason was busy in the room with Beth I was busy signing papers and doing a bunch of paper work and shit. What was this stuff even for?

"Have you two thought of a name yet?" A nurse with blonde hair and a high voice asked. 

I smirked and nodded. Beth wasn't around. I was naming Scar by myself. "Yep. Scarlett Quinn Bostwick." Without the "Bethany". 

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