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Chapter 26. It's Christmas

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A/N: I'm sorry if this sucks and or is short. But please, bare with me! The drama is only getting started. Now please, read on. 

It's Christmas

Song: Wonderful Christmastime by The Ready Set


*December 25, 2012*

"Kellin wake up!" I yelled to him as he slept. Let me set up the scene for you. I was straddling him, repeatedly hitting him with a pillow, and he was trying to sleep. The clock on the night stand read out 6:34 AM as I was doing this. I know, I'm so nice. But hey, it's Christmas. 

Kellin groaned. He shifted then groaned some more, waking up by force. 

I sighed and hit him again. "Kellin! Get the fuck up! It's CHRISTMASSS!" I whined. 

His eyes opened and he glared at me. "Summer, go back to sleep. I know it's Christmas, but that's no reason to beat someone up with a pillow." he said calmly as he tried to move me off of him. 

"NOOOO!" I yelled. I slapped his hands away. 

I saw him grin a bit, seeing that he wasn't mad at me. "Summer!" he laughed. 

I lead down and kissed him shortly. "Morning Kellin." I whispered. 

He chuckled. "Your 'Morning Kellin' and morning kiss were a little delayed." 

I shrugged and giggled. 

"So," he continued. "I guess I'm not going to fall back asleep. Anyways, since we are up already do you want your present?" 

I shook my head. "No. You get yours first." I jumped off of him and the bed and basically skipped over to my suitcase. I pulled out a small black box. Inside the box was a silver cross necklace that belonged to my dad. He gave it to me when I was eleven and said that when I find the perfect person I should give it to them. And to make it extra special I had a small, cursive K engraved into in the middle of the silver cross. And the best part about it was that it actually looks manly! 

I skipped back over to the bed while he laughed. I laughed too and handed him the box. Before he opened it I kissed his cheek. "I love you." I mumbled. 

He smiled. "I love you back." He opened it a smiled wider. 

"It was my dad's so it's-"

"Really special." Kellin smiled as he finished the sentence. 

I giggled. "I guess I'm that predictable." 

He shook his head as he put it on. He sat up with me still on his lap and pressed his lips to mine. He pulled away slowly. "Thank you Summer. I love it." he whispered. 

"I'm glad you like it." 

He gently lifted me off of him and got up. He walked to the dresser and pulled out yet another small back box. He walked back over to me and handed it over.

I opened it rapidly like a six yea old and saw another necklace. This time though it wasn't a cross. It wasn't manly either. Yes, it was silver, but the charm was a diamond encrusted heart. 

He sat next to me and kissed my cheek. "I saw it and immediately thought of you and your love for jewelry." 

I smiled widely. "Oh my gosh it's so shiny!" I shouted. 

He laughed and faced palmed. "I should have expected something like that to come out of you mouth!"

I laughed too and kissed his nose. "I love it Kellin. It's beautiful." 

"Great! You can wear it when we go have breakfast with the guys and Jesse's fiancée."

I nodded. "Okay. That will be cool. When are we leaving?" I asked. 

"At ten. We still have three and a half hours to go." Kellin said.  

I smirked. "Okay. So, since we are awake what do you want to do?" 

He winked at me. "Whatever you wanna do babe."

"Well, I was thinking that we could do something that involves pillows." I said seductively. 

He raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah?" 

I nodded slowly. "Yeah. We gotta be careful though or someone could get hurt." I whispered with a wink. 

I heard him growl lowly. "So it involves pillows and it's rough enough to get hurt while doing it. I wonder what it is…" he said huskily. 

I giggled in my head as my eyes traveled lower, around the waist area. "Well, I could show you what I'm talking about if you still don't get it." I said, moving my eyes back up to his and biting my lip. 

He growled once again, probably thinking I couldn't hear him. "Please, show me." he whispered. 

I leaned to kiss him while my hands went to go find the pillow I used earlier to beat him up. Right before we kissed I smacked him with it. I laughed as he glared at me. 

"Aww! Kell, you didn't think I meant sex, did you?" I laughed. 

"You little tease…" he muttered before standing up. 

"Hey, where are you going?" I asked, still laughing a bit. 

"I'm gonna go shower." he mumbled. 

Before he shut the bathroom door I hopped to my feet and strutted over to him, feeling bad for leading him on. "Wait, I'm gonna shower with you." 

He smiled again. "Thanks babe." he winked. 


"Morning guys." I said as Kellin and I sat down at the table. We were eating at IHOP. "Merry Christmas!" I added. 

"Merry Christmas!" they all shouted back at us, making strangers from other tables give us weird looks. 

The blonde girl next to Jesse who was sitting across from me reached across the table, her hand sticking out. "Hi, I'm Ashley." 

I smiled. "Hi, I'm Summer." I shook her hand. 

"Why we're you guys late?" Gabe asked. 

I looked over at Kellin who sneaked a wink at me. "Overslept." Kellin answered. 

"Sure! Like I'll believe that! I bet you two were-" Jack started, but was interrupted by Kellin. 

"Justin, who are you texting?" he asked. 

I piped up. "Is it Blu? Did she tell you the news?" 

"What news?" everyone except Kellin asked. I had already told him. 

"CC and Blu are dating." Kellin said. 

"CC from Black Veil Brides?" Gabe asked. 

"Since when?" Jesse added. 

"Wait! I thought Blu liked Justin." Ashley said. 

"Yes, CC from BVB. And she did like Justin. She still does a little bit, but ever since the tour in the UK her and CC have been going on dates and stuff. And since they both live in LA it's easy for them to hang." I explained. 

Justin didn't care though. He was busy texting whoever. And Jack just stayed quiet. Kellin shrugged. Did anyone actually care? 

Finally Justin spoke. "I think it's good that Blu has found someone close to her. I do actually have a couple little feelings for her, but I've got another girl I'm chasing after." 

I smiled. "That's good. So, if you and this girl do end up getting together then only Jack will be single!" I realized. 

He blushed. "Ah guys! Shut it! I just haven't found a good girl yet." he said. 

"It's okay bro," Kellin comforted. "You'll find her soon. And when soon comes, you two will ride off into the sunset playing guitar together and wearing Hollister clothes." 

We all laughed, even Jack, as the waitress came to our table. She was probably in her fifties and she looked like she wanted to rip our throats out. "Hello, my name is Maggie. What would you like to drink?" he asked emotionlessly. 

We all ordered sodas except for Gabe and I, who ordered water. She came back in ten minutes with our drinks and then we ordered food, besides me since I didn't want anything. They didn't get to eat for long though because the manager kicked us out for "rude behavior, swearing, singing crappy Christmas music, and throwing our food at the others in IHOP". 

Today was actually really great. Now all I have to do is wait for all these great things to come crashing down on me. 

A/N: Thanks for all the comments on the last chapter and this time can I get 11 comments and 10 votes? Thank you if so! Also, I have yet another Kellin Quinn story on here and Quotev. The link will be in the external link thingy. So you can check that out. And don't forget to read my Alex Gaskarth story! Picture in the side bar is of Summer's name necklace and the song is Wonderful Christmastime by The Ready Set.

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