Chapter 3. Answered And Unanswered Questions

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Answered And Unanswered Questions


Breathing hard, I moved the microphone away from my face. Sweat was on my forehead and was dripping down my face. My hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail to keep it out of my face. 

I looked over the crowd that was chanting our band name. Things started to spin. I was getting dizzy and losing my balance. Too many things were running through my head. 

I couldn't move. I needed to get off stage, as our set was over, but I just couldn't move. 

Is the story that Jesse told me true? Could I have really met Kellin back when I was sixteen? Was I really set up on a blind date with Kellin, being forced to watch some creepy clown movie?

I felt a hand on my wrist. It was Zack's hand. Zack is our drummer. If anyone would know anything about my past it would be Zack. I've known him the longest. Well, him and Blu. 

"Come on Summer, let's go." he whispered. He tugged me off stage. 

I needed to find Jesse. I have two concerns. One, why didn't Jesse tell me more? All he told me was how we met. He didn't tell me if we dated or anything else. Two, if it even was me why would they care. Especially Kellin. They say it happened almost ten years ago, why doesn't he just get over things?

I walked away from the rest of my band, searching desperately for Jesse. Just as I thought, by the merch table.

Before I could go over there I bumped into Jack. "Whoa. You okay there?" he asked. 

"Yeah. Sorry, I'm just kind of dizzy." I mumbled. 

He smiled at me. "Well, watch where you're going next time!" he joked. He sounded like a football player who was threatening a nerd for bumping into him. 

I laughed. "I gotta go talk to Jesse. See ya later?" 

"Of course!" he cheered. My smiled grew bigger, showing my teeth. 

We said goodbye and I proceeded to make my way over to Jesse. 

I was almost there, but then there was a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see Ian and Blu. They looked worried. 

"Yes?" I hissed, upset that people keep getting in my way. 

"We wanted to see if you were okay." Ian stated. Ian and Blu, for some strange reason, put up with me in my bad moods. And I was slowly getting into a bad mood. I don't know why, but they loved me, moody or not. 

"I'm perfect. I was just going to talk to Jesse and Kellin from Sleeping With Sirens." I turned. 

Their eyes got wide. "No!" the both shouted at the same time. 

I gave them a confused look. "What do you mean 'no'?" I put my hands on my hips. 

"We just meant that… we want you to come with us to sign stuff." Blu said. She grabbed my wrist while Ian grabbed my other. They pulled me along with them to our fans. 

~Blu's POV~

"Crap! Ian what do we do?" I asked quietly while Summer was busy signing some shirts. 

"I don't know!" Ian replied, worried. 

"She's going to hate us." I ran my hands through my hair, making it messier than it already was. 

"Maybe she won't hate us?" Ian said. He made it sound like a question. Typical Ian. 

I shook my head. "I know she will. We've kept this from her since she was seventeen. Ian, she's twenty-five now! She will never forgive us."

"Then let’s not tell her anything. If she asks then we say we have no clue about what's going on. Deal?" 

I groaned. "Deal."

~Summer's POV~

I was watching the Sleeping With Sirens set, waiting for Jesse. Maybe he would finish his story. 

"Thank you Denver!" Kellin shouted into his microphone. They then began to make their way off stage. 

Jesse came my way. His eyes caught me. "Hey shorty. What's up?" he smiled. He was sweaty, breathing hard, and putting away his guitar. But he still talked to me. How sweet. 

"I'm not short!" I defended. 

"Yes you are!" Jesse and three other people yelled playfully from behind me. 

"Oh bite me! Anyways, Jesse I need to talk to you." 

"About what?" He looked at me. 

"Well, I wanted you to tell me more." I stated. 

He shook his head. "Not today, short thing." he smiled again. 

"I'm not short! And please! I want to know more!" I begged. 

"Then ask Kellin or Justin, or your cousin for that matter." he seemed really tired. When Jesse told me the story Justin kind of helped. Kellin didn't speak even though I knew he wanted to. And about my cousin…

"I don't talk to Jessica anymore." I shifted uncomfortably. 

"Why not?" he asked. 

"It's a very long story." I muttered. 

"Well so is mine. Listen, I gotta go. We'll talk later, got it?" Jesse seemed annoyed. 

I nodded and walked away. I hate when people leave me wondering. 


"Hey Cupcake!" Trevor greeted as I walked to the merch tent. 

I cocked my head to the side. "Cupcake? Is that my new nickname?" 

He nodded and smirked. He handed me a sharpie marker and I began signing things. These fans wanted some really weird stuff signed. Sometimes it creeps me out, but you have to get used to it. 

"Hey SJ!" Blu said from behind me. She was with two girls. One of the girls had a microphone and the other had a camera. 

I walked over to them. "Yeah?" I asked. 

"Hi, I'm Tori. I work for Rock Forever Magazine. And this is Cassie," the girl with the microphone said, pointing to the girl with the microphone. "We wanted to know if we could get an interview with you and Blu." 

"Of course. Let's do this!" I exclaimed. 

The girls nodded and placed us. Then the camera turned on and the interview started. 

"Hi guys, I'm Tori form Rock Forever Magazine and today I will be interviewing Sorry We're Late. We have lead singer Summer Parker and bassist Blu Vera with us today. How are you guys doing?" she said into her mic. 

I answered first. "We're doing well. We just finished our first studio album and now we are chilling at Warped Tour and playing shows. Life is awesome right now I would say."

"That's really good! Now before we get to talking about you're new album we have a few fun things to do so we can break the ice. All you have to do is finish the sentence. If I were a superhero I would be…" 

"Wonder Woman. Duh." Blu answered. 

Tori moved the microphone over to me. "Umm… Starfire from Teen Titans. She was always my favorite." I joked. 

"Haha, that's cool! I would be Cat Woman. Next one, if I had one million dollars I would…"

"I would probably do something stupid with it and regret that I ever spent it." Blu answered. 

"Well, I would spend all of it on iTunes because that is usually what I stupidly spend my weekly allowance on." I joked again. 

"The allowance you get from your manager or from your mom?" Tori asked. 

"My mom. My manager doesn't like me that much so he doesn't pay me any money." I said happily. 

"Okay, good answers. Last one, the most played song on my iPod is…"

"Call Me Maybe. I love that song." I answered. 

Blu laughed a little before answering. "Well, mine is probably Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons or Kick In The Teeth by Papa Roach. I love me some Papa Roach."

"Wow. I would have never guessed. So, as you said earlier you just finished your first studio album. What is it like and when can we expect it to be out?" Tori asked. 

"Well, the album is called 'When & Where' and it is a mixture of post-hardcore and punk pop. It's music you can scream and bounce to at the same time, ya know? I think we are expecting it to be out after we get down with Warped. Maybe two months. That's what we are hoping for at least." I answered. 

"Cool. So I know Warped Tour 2012 just started, but who is your favorite band so far. And how have the other bands been treating you guys, since you guys are kind of new?"

"Wow, I don't think we have a favorite." I said. 

Blu nodded. "Yeah, and speaking of that I would just like to say we don't have a favorite because all the bands are full of assholes." she joked. 

Tori and I burst out laughing. "Is this true?" Tori gasped, in between laughs. 

I shook my head. "No! They are all full of sweethearts. Well, most of them anyways. Blu was just kidding. The thing I don't get is how can you say that with a straight face?" I asked Blu. 

She started chuckling. "I don't know. I really don't know."

We finished the interview and Kellin walked by with the rest of his band mates. I was about to go over to them but Blu stopped me. 

"Blu, I need to go talk to them." I hissed. 

"Why?" she whined. 

"Because I have some questions to ask them." I protested. 

"Sometimes it's better to leave some questions unanswered."

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