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Chapter 17. Warped Tour Prom

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Warped Tour Prom

Song: Blackout by Breathe Carolina


I snapped a picture of the insanely awesome outfits Blu and I had on. I posted it on Twitter and Instagram then slipped my phone into my bra. Blu and I were in the bus bathroom and we just finished getting ready for this thing all the bands are calling Warped Tour Prom. When we were in Florida two days ago we went shopping and had pretty cool dresses. They weren't too dressy, but still nice looking. 

Basically Warped Tour Prom is a big party with all the bands and a few more people. It sounds really fun. 

Of course I'm "going to prom" with Kellin. And Blu is "going to prom" with Justin. I have to say that it's pretty cool my bassist likes Kellin's bassist. 

Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, and my band decided to go all out and actually look like we could be going to a prom. Seriously, all the guys are wearing ties and are tucking in their shirts. Their shirts which actually happen to be dress shirts. And the shirts are buttoned up all the way too! It's weird…

Blu is wearing a simple, knee-length, purple, strapless dress. It matches her hair. She also has spiked heels on. I don't really know how to explain her shoes exactly, but she wears them all the time. Sometimes even on stage. I'm surprised she can even play bass in heels. She also had on one of her ear cuffs. It's cool looking, but I have better ear cuffs. (A/N: Outfit on the side.)

Now, I have on a simple pink strapless dress, pink and black vans, and black music note earrings that my sister bought me for my birthday. My outfit was perfect. Not too dressy, but perfect for going all out for a prom full of musicians. (A/N: Outfit on the side.)

Trent, Steve, River, Zack, and Ian were all wearing tuxedos, TOMS, and neon ties. They're seriously the weirdest people ever. 

Before we left made sure to put on my 'K' necklace. 

"Man, I can't believe Warped Tour ends on the 5th of this month!" Blu said as we all walked out of our bus and made our way to where this "prom" was taking place. 

"I know. And then two weeks later we have to go on tour." Ian added. 

"Yeah, but at least we get to your with Breathe Carolina and blessthefall. And we love those bands. They're great friends. Two more months with them isn't bad." Blu said back. 

I frowned. "Yeah, but after our tour for our album we have a UK tour with Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria for six weeks. And then I'm also staying with my friend for an extra week. After the two weeks we get off we won’t be home until November." I said. I spotted Pierce The Veil all waiting for us. They actually looked like they would be going to a prom. Insane, right?

"Yep, and then we have that awards thing in New York on January 8th of next year." Steve reminded all of us. 

We all made an "ugh" sound as we reached PTV. 

"Hey guys! You look good." Tony greeted. 

I smiled with the rest of my band. "Thanks." I said. 

After about five minutes of waiting Sleeping With Sirens appeared, dressed nicely like the rest of us. Kellin, being Kellin, still wore his sunglasses. He looked good. Okay, better than good. 

He came over to me and grabbed my hand gently. "Hey, you look beautiful." he whispered in my ear before kissing my cheek. 

"Thanks. And you look amazing. Who knew Kellin Quinn could pull off wearing a suit?" I joked. 

"I did!" Jack shouted. 

We laughed and walked into the party. We saw everyone else looking almost as nice as us. We also saw some guy in a prom dress and crown. It was really weird. 

"This is awesome! Hopefully prom will end nicely tonight, if you know what I mean." Zack grinned. He was talking about sleeping with some girl by the end of tonight. Typical Zack. 

"Yep, I'm sure that's going to happen." I exaggerated as the others left.

Soon enough we all scattered around the room. They guys in my band, besides Zack, we're taking with a couple other bands. Zack was trying to pick up some groupies. Blu and Justin were somewhere, busy talking. Tony, Mike, and Jaime were mingling. Jesse was hanging out with his girlfriend who decided to visit. She looked just as nice as Blu and I. Maybe even more. Jack and Gabe were busy eating, those pigs. They may look human, but they eat like savages. 

As for Vic, Kellin, and I we were leaning against a wall. Vic and Kellin were talking about their tour that's coming up soon. He wasn't really paying attention to me, but it's okay. He still held onto my hand, making sure I didn't wonder off somewhere. I was lost in my own world, so it didn't matter. 

I was thinking about the future. I just realized that Kellin and I just started dating and now we won't be able to see each other until December. And the fact that I live in California and he lives in Michigan sucks. When will we ever see each other? Well, we will see each other at the awards thing since both of our bands had to go. 

I felt Kellin give my hand a gentle squeeze. I looked to see both him and Vic staring at me. Why were they staring at me? Is it because I look fat in this dress? 

"Why are you guys staring at me?" I asked slowly. I gave them a confused look. 

They chuckled. "Because you’re easy to stare at." Vic joked. 

What was that supposed to mean? I laughed along with them even though mine was fake. 

"Summer, I'm gonna go get some that vodka before it's all gone. You want some?" Kellin asked. 

I nodded and he went to go get us drinks. I sighed buried my head in my hands. 

Vic frowned. "What's wrong, Sum?"

I shook my head. "Nothing yet. I'm not going to see Kellin until December, if I'm lucky! He lives far away from California. And I feel terrible because I won’t see him for a long time and we just got together." 

Vic's expression turned sad. "Summer, I'm sure we can work out something to make sure our tours will cross. And he knows how important touring is. It all comes down to you and him. Ask yourself which is more important; touring or seeing him. I already know what he would say." he said. 

Kellin came back with two red plastic cups. He handed me one and I smiled. We drank and he continued to talk to Vic. 

What would Kellin say? What would I say? If someone came up to me and asked what was more important I wouldn't have an on the spot answer unlike Kellin. He would answer right away. What would his answer be anyways?!

I finished my drink and set the cup down. I looked around the room and saw Danny and Ben. They looked like they were bored. Cool. 

I slipped my hand away from Kellin's. "I'm gonna go hang with Danny and Ben. I'll be right back." I told him before I left. I walked over to them and smiled. 

"Hey Summer! What's up?" Danny asked, his accent making me giggle a bit. 

"Nothin' guys. I'm just really bored." I sighed. 

"Aww, sorry love. Why are ya bored? Your here with Kellin aren't ya?" Ben asked. 

I nodded. "But he's busy with Vic."

They gave me dumbfounded looks. "So?! Do something sexy to get his attention then lead him somewhere else." Ben said while laughing. 

Hmm… that could work. Really well though. But it's not like I want to have sex with Kellin. But we could still do something fun together, away from all this Warped Tour Prom craziness. 

I smiled and nodded, walking back over to the boys. They were now laughing at something and grinning widely. "Hey Kellin?" I asked as I watched them laugh loudly. 

"Yeah?" he asked between laughs. 

I gently but seductively took his hand and held it. They stopped laughing and smirked. Vic raised his eyebrows then winked at Kellin, walking away slowly. Kellin just kept smirking and blushed a bit. 

"Can we go somewhere else?" I asked quietly. 

He blushed even redder as I played with his tie. "Umm… yeah!" His voice cracked. Damn! I didn't know I was that sexy. 

I giggled a bit and lead him out of the room. He followed my lead quickly and after a minute or two we were away from the venue and near the streets. I scanned the places that were still open this late at night. There was some tattoo shop called "The Walking Dead" that was still open. 

I grinned like the Grinch on Christmas. I turned to Kellin. "I want to get a new tattoo." I stated bluntly. 

He thought this over before nodding. "Okay, come on." he said as he led me to The Walking Dead. 

We walked through the doors and started browsing through tattoos. "May I help you?" some dude who was covered in ink asked. 

I shook my head at the same time nodded. "Yeah, I know what I want." Kellin told the guy. 

He was getting a tattoo? Okay then. I followed them into a small room that couple be concealed by a black curtain. I wasn't in there for long though. The tattoo artist kicked me out and apparently Kellin didn't want me in there either. He wanted the tattoo to be a "surprise." 

I browsed through some more tattoos until I heard the curtain open and Kellin walked out. I saw some tape on his left ring finger. 

He grinned at me and took off the tape, showing me the tattoo. It was an 'S'. The first letter of my name…

I smiled widely. "Aww! Kellin, I don't know what to say." 

"You don't have to say anything. I know what you mean." He put the tape back on and smiled bigger than me. 

"Well, now it's my turn." I said as I walked into the little room. 

After awhile I came out with a new tattoo. A 'K' on my left ring finger. 

Tonight was really magical. Even though we didn't spend the whole night at our "prom" thing, I still love it. Now when I miss him when I'm on tour all I will have to do is look at my hand and see that he is mine and I am his.  

A/N: Thanks for reading these past two chapters! Now, I have a question. There are two ways I could go with this next chapter. I could end the story, or I could continue on. What would you like? I don't want to make a sequel, but I have a ton of ideas for this story so instead of making a sequel I was thinking I could continue on with this. But then this would have a lot of chapters just to let you know. So what will it be? Ending now or continuing on? And I need to know ASAP because I want to post the next chapter on the 5th, which is Sunday. Pic in the side is out the outfits that Blu and Summer had on. A friend made them for me so check them out. Sorry if this was short. I hope you liked it though. I just found out that Warped Tour Prom was a real thing and it did happen. Hehe... anyhoe, comment soon please! See ya.

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