Chapter 1. If Looks Could Kill

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If Looks Could Kill

Song: See You Again covered by Breathe Carolina


I walked over to Jesse. "Hey Jesse, let's go look around…" I trailed off when I saw who he was talking to. I felt a pang in my chest when I saw her (still) beautiful face. It's been awhile since I saw Sunny and now Jesse was talking to her?

He was talking to Sunny? He was talking to Sunny! Wait, why is Sunny here?

I looked at her through my sunglasses with my mouth hanging wide open. I couldn't hear anyone else but her. 

"Summer." she replied to whoever asked her what her name is. Summer? No wonder! Sunny must have been her nickname. 

I heard what Jesse had to say. "Nice name. You look familiar." he said. He didn't know her too much. Not like how I knew her at all, but they still hung out sometimes. 

"Really familiar." I mumbled. 

She gave us weird looks as she looked down at her phone to check her texts.  

"I'll see you guys around. I have sound check." She waved goodbye to us then walked off. 

I saw her get tackled onto the ground by someone, and I heard her shouting at him to get off. 

"Jesse, can I talk to you?" I choked out. 

"Yeah. Let's talk in the bathroom so I can pee." he said as he started walking to the bathroom. I followed him slowly. 

"Yeah?" he asked as we got there. 

"Do you remember when I was seventeen I met that one girl during summer break? She had blue eyes, with fire rings around her pupils and black hair. We all called her Sunny. She and I dated that summer, remember?" I took off my sunglasses and looked into a mirror. 

"Yeah, and she cheated on you during that one party before she had to go back to California or whatever. What about that hoe?" he asked. He was being totally blind. 

"That's Sunny!"

"No it's not!" he had disbelief across his face. 

"Jesse, I could recognize that face anywhere." I had a stone cold look on my face as I glared at my friend who was being VERY stupid at the moment. 

"Are you sure that's her? She seemed like she had no clue about who you are." he explained. 

"I'm sure that's her. Remember how Sunny had a little pink ribbon tattooed on her chest to support breast cancer awareness? That girl, Summer, had that same exact one! And plus, she has the same hair, facial features, ear and lip piercings, and voice as Sunny! Not to mention I'm pretty sure that I bought her those sunglasses." I remember everything about her. I loved her. She took my virginity and I took hers. She said she wanted to be a rock star when she got older. I told her why wait till she was older. She cheated on me with some shitfaced asshole. 

"You have a good memory. I will talk to her, okay?" he looked annoyed.  

"Don't tell her that I think she's the bitch who cheated on me!" I pleaded. 

"I won't! Stop being annoying about it! Now, let's get out of this bathroom 'cause this place smells terrible!" 

The rest of the day went on as planned. We played the show on Main Stage and signed stuff. I also caught Jesse talking to Sunny. I mean Summer. 


~Summer's POV~

'Just forget about it', I told myself. 'I don't know them', I said to myself. "They're thinking of the wrong person." I said out load. God, it was the first morning on Warped Tour and I already hate waking up on the bus. 

"Who’s thinking of the wrong person?" River, our rhythm guitarist, asked as he walked into the bathroom of the bus. He was shirtless and in his boxers. He brought me into a hug and kissed my head where I had my scar. My hair was always covering the scar though. 

You see, when I was sixteen I went to Florida to visit my cousin. I don't really remember what happened that summer. All I know is that we had a big party to celebrate me turning seventeen and the Forth of July. I was born on July the 4th so we had one big party. Then a month later when I went home I was in a car crash. My mom picked me up at LAX and drove me home at night. I woke up in the hospital with some of my memory lost. 

I always feel like there is something my mom never told me. 

"Jesse." I mumbled. 

"Who’s that?" he asked, still hugging me. Okay, no we aren't dating. He is actually gay. And insanely hot. That's why I allow him to hug me. Oh, if only he liked girls… I would wreck him. Okay… maybe not. I don't like him that way and wouldn't even if he liked girls. He's like the brother I always wanted. The insanely hot brother I always wanted. 

I sighed. "No one." I got out of his grasp and made my way back to my bunk so I could rest some more. 


"Summer! Can you sign my shirt?" some fan girl shouted. 

"Yeah, come here!" I told her to come over to me so I could have room to sign something. "Another day, another tee-shirt. Am I right?" I asked Zack, our drummer. 

"Yep." he answered as he put his arm around a fan for a picture. 

I turned away to give the girl her shirt back, but not before hearing Zack shout "Don't touch that!" at some fan. I'm guessing he got groped… again. That's like the third time today. 

I smiled and shook my head. "Here ya go." I said to the girl and gave her the shirt. 

For the next thirty minutes I couldn't help but realize I was getting death glares from all of the members of SWS, besides Jesse. I wanted to turn around to their table and tell them that they have me confused with someone else, but I didn't. I'm a nice, calm, and collected person. Not a mean girl who shouts at people she doesn't really know. 

"Hey SJ?" Blu asked me. She gave the now signed CD she had in her hands back to some boy. 


"I think you have some haters." she chuckled. "I saw Justin from SWS trying to kill you with his dagger eyes." 

"Yeah… I have no freaking' clue why, but those guys hate me. Except for Jesse." I shrugged. This is the life I chose; of course I'll have haters. 

Although, it did bother me a lot. I can't be the 'Sunny' that they are talking about. They should get over this. 

"Haters gonna hate, right?"

"Yep!" I smiled brightly at her. 


I walked slowly to the bus. I made the stupid decision to hang with the guys from All Time Low and a few other bands while the rest of my band went back to the bus. I should've gone with them. I need to rest my voice and write the lyrics for the song I was writing. 

I heard footsteps from behind me and I knew whose they were, considering they hung out with ATL too and their bus is right next to mine. 

"Hey!" I heard Jesse say from behind me. 

I groaned, not wanting to turn around to look at him or anyone for that matter. I didn't want to make eye contact with any of the boys behind him because, if looks could kill, I would be dead in seconds. 

"You should talk to Kellin." he said blankly. 

Now, remember when I stated that I'm nice, calm, and collected? Yeah… not when I'm tired. "Jesse, I have to get back to my bus to sleep and finish a song! I don't have time to talk to people I don't know or get killed by death glares," I raised my voice so all five of them could hear me. "Will all of you just please stop it and leave me alone?! I'm stressed out enough, I don't need some people, who hate me for no reason, stop me from doing something! Goodbye Jesse, I'm going to sleep!" I shouted at them and then stormed off to my bus. Not before flipping them off of course. 

~Kellin's POV~

We were walking back to our bus when Jesse noticed Summer. He ran so he could catch up to her. I just glared and shook my head. I was glaring at Jesse, not her. Although Jack, Justin, and Gabe were glaring at Summer like there was no tomorrow. 

We all kept walking and ignoring their conversation, but stopped when we heard Summer shouting.  "Jesse, I have to get back to my bus to sleep and finish a song! I don't have time to talk to people I don't know or get killed by death glares," her voice got even loader so the guys and I could hear her perfectly. "Will all of you just please stop it and leave me alone?! I'm stressed out enough, I don't need some people, who hate me for no reason, stop me from doing something! Goodbye Jesse, I'm going to sleep!" she shouted. 

She flipped us off, stormed off to her bus, and slammed the door when she got in it. 

"Dude," Justin said to Jesse. "What the hell did you tell her?" he chuckled. 

Jesse smirked. This was not a good smirk. This was a smirk that shouted 'I'm about to punch you in the neck!'

"I told her that she should go talk to you!" he pointed to me. 

"Wait, so you're mad at me?" I asked. 

"Yes, because no matter how much you all think she looks like the girl who cheated on you she isn't! She has no clue who you guys are or why you hate her! She only knows us as Sleeping With Sirens! That's all." he boomed at us, mostly me. 

I looked down and shook my head. "No Jesse, that's her. When I was dating Sunny she told me the name that she wanted her future band to have. You wanna know what Sunny told me the name was gonna be? Sorry We're Late. Isn't it weird how Summer's band name is 'Sorry We're Late' or is that normal?" I smirked and walked off in the other direction of the bus. I didn't want to see Jesse tonight. 

~Summer's POV~

I couldn't sleep once I got on the bus. Shouting at people always made me feel so hyped up on energy. I instead wrote the lyrics for the song that I wanted to finish. When I'm ready to show people the song then I will. 

Okay, I do feel bad for screaming at them. The only time I should be screaming is when I'm on stage. That's it. I SHOULDN'T have shouted, but they shouldn't have been killing me with glares. And I REALLY shouldn't have yelled at Jesse. Even if Kellin and the others have been total jerks to me. 

Oh well I guess. What happened happened, and I can't really take it back. Sue me!

I heard a knock on the bus door. Being the only one awake, I had to open the door. Hoping it wasn't Jesse or Kellin, I crawled out of my bunk and opened the door. 

It was Jesse. Why am I not surprised? And he brought followers. At least they weren't glaring at me this time. All five of them had sympathetic looks on there faces. Even Kellin, who hated me the most. 

I groaned. "What do you people want?! My band mates are sleeping right now!" I whisper-shouted.

"We just wanted to say that we're… sorry." Justin said. 

"For being jerks to me? Yeah, I know." I said as I stepped out of the bus and closed the door. 

"Can we explain everything?" Jesse asked. 

"No." I answered quickly. 

"Can you at least think about it?" Gabe asked. 

"Okay. Thinking, thinking, thinking… no."

"Well too bad. You see, our story all starts back when you were sixteen…" Jesse smirked. All the boys began a flashback that I can't remember ever happening to me.

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