Chapter 36. I Remember

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A/N: Sorry this is short and sorry it sucks!

I Remember

Song: To Live and Let Go



"Holy crap! You're serious? Beauty school?" I laughed obnoxiously. I could never imagine the boy sitting next to me to have a passion for hair and makeup.

It was our third date. We had just finished mini golf and were now sitting in his parked car next to the beach. It was 8:30 PM and we had just finished watching the sun set. About thirty minutes ago he had just asked me officially to be his girlfriend, even though we had only known each other for four days.

As our first date we went out to lunch. It had only been the day after we met. And then for our second date we went swimming and I told him about my surfing.

Kellin and I had been telling each other our deepest secrets. He told me about his dad, I told him about mine and my brother. He told me about him loving music and wanted a career in that, I told him I wanted to be a rockstar. And then he told me that after high school he was going to go to cosmetology school.

"Don't laugh," Kellin mumbled.

I tried pulling myself together, but a few giggles spilled out. "I'm sorry! I just didn't expect it!" I defended.

He smirked. "Okay, now you gotta tell me something embarrassing about you," he ordered.

I sighed, finishing my laughing fit. "Okay, okay. Well... you are my first official boyfriend. I've never had a boyfriend before you, never been kissed, never had sex, and I've seriously only had guys in my life that are just friends," I confessed. I wasn't ashamed, but it wasn't something to be proud of either.

His eyes widened. "Wow. You seriously haven't ever been kissed before?" Kellin was clearly shocked. I had no clue as to why though. I'm only sixteen, why rush things with boys I didn't like? Kellin is honestly the only boy I've met who seemed... likable, in my eyes at least. He wasn't just a crush, either.

I chuckled and nodded. "Nope. Well, I kind of had my first kiss back when I was fourteen but I don't count that as my first kiss."

Kellin cocked his head to the side. "Why not?"

I shrugged. "Because it was kind of stolen from me. A guy I kind of knew was at the park when I went there with my friends Brenda, Ian, Zack, and Trent. I think his name was Tyler. He had a crush on me so he kind of ran up to me and attacked my face with his. I thought he was weird and the kiss scarred me for life. After about five seconds of struggling, my friends Zack and Trent pulled him off of me and check to make sure I hadn't gotten kiss poisoning from him. And then directly after they checked on me... they beat up Tyler."

He chuckled. "Ah Sunny, that sucks. And it's gross. I wouldn't call that your first kiss. That's more like rape of the mouth." He looked me directly in the eyes while we both laughed at his stupid comment. After awhile he sighed. "You know Sunny, you have really beautiful eyes. I can't get over them," he whispered.

I grinned and decided to get flirty. "That's the point, Kell." I winked.

His eyes grew wide once more as I watched his cheeks turn red in the moonlight. "Damn. You know Sunny... I can... makeup the kiss you lost from that... other boy... if you want," he whispered. His voice cracked though. His cheeks only grew redder.

I giggled, blushing as well. "Kellin, are you wanting to kiss me?" I asked. Why would he want to?

He exhaled and nodded. "I just... I feel like if I don't then... then you will forever be doomed with the terrible memory about Tyson," Kellin said.

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