This Time I'll Hang, Close the Door

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This Time I'll Hang, Close the Door

The rising to the top band 'Sorry We're Late' has a new record label. Rise Records. Sleeping with Sirens also has the record label. The lead singer, Summer James Parker, has a past that everyone knows about… except for her. She doesn't realize that her forgotten past is a problem until she meets Kellin Quinn. She also happens to meet him during Warped Tour 2012, the tour she's been waiting a life time for. Is she going to let someone she thinks she doesn't know ruin this tour for her? Or, is she going to let him ruin it as punishment. And what happened in her past? Well, that’s for Sleeping with Sirens to know and for you, and her, to find out.

~It sucks when everyone knows something and you don't. It sucks even more when everyone knows something about you and you don't.~

Song: If You Can't Hang

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