Chapter 34. Change

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A/N: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the A/N at the bottom. Thank you. Pic's on the side is Summer's tattoo's (top) and Kellin's new hair cut, which he hasn't been sporting lately, and his new sleeve (bottom). Summer's outfit is in the external link.


Song: Heart Attack by One Direction


"Just push harder Kellin!" Beth gasped.

"I'm trying," I groaned. "I just... can't move!"

Beth was panting and sweating. "Oh... this is never going to work!"

"Let's just keep trying," I mumbled. I was scratching at the back if my neck and trying to figure out a better way to do this without putting at the weight on Bethany.

"Well, we can go get Mason so it would be the three of us," she suggested.

I shook my head. Mason was busy watching Scar while we did this. We needed to finish our work so they could go home and I could go pick up Summer at the airport. Then tomorrow I would pick up Scar and keep her for the weekend. Beth doesn't even know Summer is coming. Good.

The way we are going to work stuff out is I get her all weekend and then Beth has her all week with me dropping by every single day.

She sighed. "Kellin, we need to finish this so she has a finished room to sleep in."

I nodded. "I know, I know. Let's just give this one last try." I pushed; she pulled. Groans, pants, and gasps were exchanged as we slowly pushed the dresser into Scarlett's room.

Scarlett's room in my house was almost done. The walls were purple with black and white zebra print curtains, pillows, and blankets. Lets just hope Scarlett grows up loving zebra print... and purple. The crib, changing table, and other things like chairs were white.

The dresser Beth and I were shoving into Scarlett's room was the final item for her room. It was surprisingly heavy. It was an old white dresser with black handles in the drawers. Perfect for my baby girl's room. It had been sitting in my guest room for the longest time now, we finally decided to move it. I had no clue how heavy it was. Probably between 400-500 pounds. Yes, it's that heavy.

Finally, the dresser was in her room. "God, I didn't think it was THAT heavy!" I breathed.

"Well, you don't think much," Beth mumbled, catching her breathe. She's still pissed about the whole name thing. So what? It sounds way better as Scarlett Quinn Bostwick than Scarlett Bethany Quinn Bostwick. And it was half a month ago! She needs to get over it.

I glared at her. "Whatever Beth. Anyways, I'm meeting up with the guys tonight," I lied. "I'll be at your place tomorrow at ten in the morning to pick up Scarlett. But right now I need to get ready to go."

She huffed. "Fine. We'll leave." She walked downstairs. I followed her. She packed up Scarlett's stuff like her milk bottle and such and put it in her bag. Mason carried Scarlett out to the car as Beth followed with Scar's things.

I leaned into her car and kissed Scarlett's tiny forehead. She whined a tiny bit and moved her arms. I smiled at her. "I love you, Scarlett..." I mumbled to her.

I swear, my princess was the most beautiful thing my eyes had ever seen. Fans still hadn't seen pictures of her yet and they only knew her name. I made it apparent on twitter that I didn't want any fans snooping around on my families social sites for pictures. This is special family time for me.

I shut the car door, said goodbye to Mason and Beth, and ran into my house to shower. Once I was done I pulled on my boxers and dried my hair with a towel. I had recently cut my hair and styled it. But, it was too much work to style it every time I did something or went somewhere so I just brushed out my hair to its normal style.

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