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Final Author's Note For TTIHCTD

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Final Author's Note For TTIHCTD 

Song: Space Unicorn by Perry Gripp


Hello readers. I know you all probably want to get to the sequel and not read this. So if that's true then here: http://www.wattpad.com/story/5404108-these-things-that-we%27ve-done-kellin-quinn

Now, for those of you who do stick around to read this, thank you. When I first started this story I didn't know it would get this big. Over 200,000 reads? Never in my life would I have thought that I would get this honor. 

Thank you all for reading, voting, sharing, and commenting. It's going to be weird writing a new story. A story with zero reads, zero votes, and zero comments. Starting off fresh with the sequel. Hopefully it won't be zero for long though. Wink wink. 

In all seriousness, I love each and every one of you for sticking around and reading this story. I promise the sequel will be amazing! I will update more often, proofread my chapters, I will be less confusing and more organized with it, and I will make it amazing. I swear. 

I also have some individual people to thank. 

Thank you @InnocentDemon69 (cool name) for the name of the sequel. It fits perfectly. I love it. 

Thank you Alexis (@Alexis500 AKA my wifey) for helping me. Whenever I needed a decision to be made or something like that, I would go to you. Thank you for being one of my biggest fans. 

Thank you Shelby (@Shellcake16). I know you won't read this, but you're a great friend. If I ever need something it makes me happy to know that you are right there. Also, everyone go read her One Direction story! It's amazing. 

Finally, thank you everyone in my life who supports my work. I love writing. It makes my shitty life better. And thanks for putting up with my dirty mouth. Sorry I curse a lot Mom! 

This has been This Time I'll Hang, Close the Door. Summer hung around, and the door is shut. Have fun with the sequel guys. I love you.


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